How To Factory Reset An Laptop

How To Factory Reset An Laptop
  • Sep 9th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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How To Reset Windows Laptops:

Open the Windows Setting Panel via the cog icon on the start menu, then click on Update & Security and Recovery. Click Reset PC to start to proceed with reset. Windows also recommends resetting your laptop to improve the performance of any laptop that isn’t running well.

The next screen gives you the choice to remove everything or keep your personal files-essentially what you’ve got saved on the desktop and in the designated user folders (Documents, pictures, music, and so on). Don't have any thoughts that windows will know where your files are kept. This means, making sure that they are still backed up. 

Pick keep my files to reset windows core settings and files without interfering with your personal files; pick remove everything for more fine cleaning. Those files will be ready to add your files later from backup. Before the reset starts, click changes settings to choose whether the data erasure is enabled; this overwrites data on disk to make sure it can’t be recovered. By default, it will be good to turn it on if you are selling your laptop to someone else. Otherwise, you can leave it off.

Click reset to confirm, and the process will get started; it might take a long time, So, you have to be patient. When the window reappears, if you choose the remove everything option then you have to restart all set up from scratch using your Microsoft account and put all files back in their respective place.

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How To Reset macOS:

The process of factory reset on MacBook is slightly more difficult than on Windows, as there’s no option built into the main operating system interface. Once you have backed up all of your items and files, you will need to restart your Mac--Apple menu then restarts–and then hold down Cmd+R while the computer restarts, which should take you to the MacOS utility screen.

Here you can select Reinstall macOS if you just want to reset the operating system without harming any of your personal files. This process installs the latest macOS updates you are currently running, and you’ll need to select the drive where the OS is located.

You should try a basic reinstall first, but if it still doesn’t give you the performance and boost you need, you can move on to a more advanced reset of your laptop. Once you’ve made extra certain all the stuff you care about is safely backed up, you can level up everything by choosing Disk Utility. When disk utility appears, delete any drive volume with ‘Data’ labels. Typically there will be one Macintosh HD - Data entry that you need to select Macintosh HD–your main startup disk–and click Erase, then follow the prompts. Then you have to type your Apple ID and password.

Choose a name to give it to the disk once it’s been reset; “Macintosh HD” will do fine again, unless you’ve got a good reason to change it. Then accept the suggested format the utility goes to wiping the drive.

After it ends, you can go back to the Reinstall macOS option we mentioned above--choose the Macintosh HD drive, or whatever you’ve named it, as the destination drive.

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Chrome OS:

The positive point when it comes to Chromebooks is that ChromeOS is very cloud-based. It’s like everything is already stored on the web, which means there are no software programs or data files cluttering up the local disk. You might don’t need to reset a Chromebook quite as frequently as its windows and macOS counterparts, but doing so can still be useful.

You first need to log out to the main user account screen, then hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R. This brings up the reset screen. Click Restart and when the computer turns on. Choose Powerwash and Continue. Your laptop will come back to its factory settings, then you will need to register yourself again.


Factory resetting your laptop can make your laptop even more smooth and faster than before and it can remove malware and viruses from your laptop.

Hope this blog has been useful for you and clears all your doubts about resetting your laptop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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A factory reset - also referred to as a system restore - returns your computer to the same state it was in when it rolled off the assembly line. It deletes files and programs you’ve created and installed, deletes drivers, and returns settings to their defaults.

Laptops recommend factory reset by itself, reset can be a good way of improving the performance of a computer that isn’t running well.

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