Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost In Iit Powai Mumbai

Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost In Iit Powai Mumbai

A Motherboard is the most crucial part of your Laptop or computer or a tricky part of the Laptop or monitor. If your laptop motherboard does not function properly, you might not be satisfied with the performance of your computer. There is no need to worry if your laptop motherboard is damaged by whatever cause. We are here to help you. The best laptop motherboard repair in Mumbai; if you are looking for laptop motherboard dealers in Mumbai or the best laptop motherboard in Powai, we are here at the best laptop motherboard repair in Powai. In this article, we'll determine what a Motherboard repair cost or laptop motherboard replacement price is in Mumbai. So let's jump into it to find out about the Motherboard's role in the computer, and if that gets damaged, what cost do we have to pay to repair it? 


Every significant component, like the processor, RAM, hard drive, etc., is built or connected to your laptop motherboard. If you continuously use any device at a later time, it will cause some trouble. So, NSS Laptop Repair Center Mumbai provides the best laptop motherboard replacement cost in Powai Mumbai. If your Motherboard has some problem, it does not mean you must purchase a new laptop or computer. There is a widespread misconception that motherboard repair is impossible, But that is a complete myth. We are providing you with the best reasonable rates for repairing and replacing the Motherboard in Mumbai. NCR System Solutions is always here to welcome you for your laptop service.

Laptop motherboard Powai;

How do you service a dead laptop motherboard in Mumbai? If you have a question like this, read this entire article. Here, you will find all the information about what a motherboard is. Why is it so important? And what is the replacement cost of a laptop motherboard in Powai? What is the best laptop motherboard repair at IIT Powai?  

Laptop motherboards are also available at Mumbai's NSS laptop repair service center! A motherboard is one of the most essential parts of a computer; it is the core circuit hub that connects all the computer's components and peripherals. Motherboards allow all the details, including the CPU, graphics card, hard drive, and memory, to get power and efficiently perform all functions. Choose from a wide range of motherboards at the laptop repair store in Mumbai based on your requirements, and take advantage of fantastic bargains, discounts, and offers.

What Is The Motherboard?

 A laptop motherboard is an internal part of the Laptop; it is the primary printed circuit board. It contains the essential components that make a computer or laptop function. Most computer cases are of similar size and use similar configurations, allowing them to use the same types of motherboards. But when it comes to a laptop, there are various motherboards available for notebooks because of variations in laptop devices. A motherboard, sometimes called a system board, is included in all laptops or computers. The Motherboard contains sockets, chips, memory slots, firmware chips, a power connector, and other various components of the system.

After this, there are several key objectives in laptop-like-

  • central processor unit( CPU).

  • chipset.

  • The main random access memory area.

  • Numerous other chips.

  • connectors

A laptop motherboard is the main circuit board of your machine that connects all your laptop components for the Laptop to function correctly. It allows them to work in sync with each other. NSS repair center provides the best price for repairing and replacing laptop motherboards in Mumbai. If you require a  laptop motherboard repair in IIT Powai, we are here to help you by providing the best laptop motherboard repair service in Powai, Mumbai. 

Why The Motherboard In A Laptop Is Critical!

As we already said, it is one of the most critical components of your Laptop. It has some essential features in your computer, which are going to be discussed below-

  • It connects all other components of your Laptop to function correctly. It combines all the internal and external parts of your computer. The Motherboard is filled with critical components, such as buses that carry signals from one piece to another. Modern motherboards do not have these north and south bridges separately.


  • Control synchronization of various tasks. Located on the Motherboard is a tiny quartz crystal. This part acts as the system clock on your Laptop. Like clocks, only it sends all the indications or information after a set interval. It ensures that all the other components are synchronized, too.


  • Handle hardware evolution: A laptop is nothing without hardware enlargement. For that, Motherboard is very much responsible. Your brand laptop motherboard controls the evolution capacity. We are offering the best replacement server for HP laptop motherboard replacement costs in Mumbai. The enlargement capability partially depends on two ways, i.e., the PCIe interface and the SATA interface.


  • It controls the power supply to the components. You are the leading power supplier for all other parts of your Laptop. The power supply is essential for your computer to function correctly. And a motherboard controls that. If you want a laptop motherboard replacement in Mumbai, we are offering the best replacement cost for your laptop motherboard in Mumbai. This allows all the board subsystems and other connected comments to access power.


  • Motherboard Contains Bios chips. This is one of the most common reasons behind the malfunction of your laptop motherboard. To get the best price for replacing your laptop motherboard in Mumbai, contact our experts at Powai, Mumbai. BIOs transfer all the necessary commands and settings for the computer to boot. 


  • The Motherboard Contains the CMOS Battery chip. The CMOS battery is an essential component as it helps keep the CMOS battery chip that maintains the system's design. NSS laptop repair center provides HP laptop motherboard replacement costs in India.

Does your Motherboard require Repairing Or Replacement?

If you are looking for the best laptop motherboard replacement cost in India, the NSS laptop service center in Mumbai is the best laptop motherboard repair center in Powai. If you are thinking about how to know when your Motherboard needs a replacement and what the chances are of repairing it without replacing the Motherboard,

 The indications are-

  • Slow operating system and overheating.

  • The laptop functions are wholly dead or won't boot up at all. 

  • Laptop freezing or sudden shut down while you are using your computer.

  • It dimmed the laptop screen.

  • When you press the power button, distortion or discolorations on the laptop screen, black screen.

  • Duplicate images, blank screen issues, and image errors are tiny problems in a motherboard that can be fixed.

We provide the best Toshiba laptop motherboard replacement cost in Mumbai, India.

Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair Powai 

We have years of experience in repairing and replacing Dell laptop motherboards. We are also responsible for India's best Dell laptop motherboard replacement cost. We are providing Dell laptop motherboard repair in Powai. Apart from laptop motherboard repair, we offer repair and replacement costs. At our service center, we do laptop motherboard repair in Powai. We also provide screen repair for all laptop brands and technical– and non-technical issues. 


Dell Inspiron 4030 motherboards

Rs. 6000

Dell Inspiron n7720 motherboards

Rs. 7000

Dell Inspiron n4110 motherboards

Rs. 6800


Asus Laptop Motherboard Repair Powai

Generally, there is a misconception that your laptop motherboard can not be repaired. No, it is not true that your laptop motherboard can't be fixed. Based upon the evolution up to which risk your laptop motherboard has been damaged. Yes, it is much more difficult to fix that. It is one of your Laptop's most critical and complex components. We at NSS can do Asus laptop motherboard repair in Powai. 

The Asus laptop motherboard repair cost in India is about 1000rs to 4500rs. Based on the provided laptop model, it significantly depends upon market availability and demand.


The price of a motherboard depends on parts availability, market fluctuations, and the choice of places.

Acer Laptop Motherboard Repair Powai, Mumbai

Compared to other cities in India, Mumbai provides the most expensive repair services for laptops. The Acer laptop motherboard repair in Powai, Mumbai, costs about 1500 Rs. to 4500 Rs. only at the NSS laptop service center in Mumbai. Motherboard price depends on parts availability and market fluctuations.


Acer aspires to v5471

Rs. 5650

Acer aspires v5571

Rs. 5600

Acer Travelmate P643

Rs. 5700


HP Laptop Motherboard Replacement Cost in India.

The HP motherboard replacement is widespread in the NSS Laptop Service Center. We are providing the best HP laptop motherboard replacement cost in India. The Motherboard is considered the most expensive and vital hardware of a laptop, and the motherboard replacement cost of an HP laptop generally comes between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 15000 for a laptop.

The HP laptop motherboard replacement cost in India depends upon the laptop series's variety and models. The HP laptop m, motherboard replacement cost in India usually starts between Rs. 1500 in the case of a regular r laptop. And it can be up to 2500 Rs. as well.


HP ProBook 4430 motherboards

Rs. 5700

Hp 4441s motherboard

Rs. 5850

HP Probook 6560B motherboard

Rs. 5450

Hp 4540s motherboard

Rs. 5700


Toshiba Laptop Motherboard Replacement Cost in Powai

The Toshiba laptop motherboard replacement cost in Powai can be an expensive service for you. Always carry your Laptop with care to avoid complications. In Mumbai, the Toshiba laptop motherboard replacement cost in Powai differs from any other laptop brand. But it is pretty less than the others like Mumbai. The Toshiba laptop motherboard replacement cost in Powai comes between 3000 Rs. and 12000 Rs...

Lenovo Laptop Motherboard Replacement Cost in Mumbai.

As we all know, Mumbai is a costly city, so the Lenovo laptop motherboard replacement cost in Mumbai can be more than in other states or cities.

Compared to other states in India, Mumbai services are the most expensive laptop repair services. The Lenovo laptop motherboard replacement cost in Mumbai is around 2500 Rs. to 22500 Rs.

Lenovo laptop motherboard replacement costs in Mumbai depend on parts availability and market fluctuations. 

Causes behind damaged Laptop Motherboard

There are some reasons why your laptop motherboard needs replacement. Here, we pin some of the most common causes for your laptop motherboard failure.

  1. Surges or electrical sparkes 

  1. Dust, vet hair and debris, smoke

  1. Aerosols and perfume. 

  1. The overheating issue in Laptop.

  1. Impact or spill water can cause damage. 

  1. Manufacturer design defect.

It can be a defect of your laptop malfunction as well. So if you avoid or prevent that problem, try to avoid those reasons or causes of happening.



No matter how advanced or expensive your Laptop is, having trouble after a while is common in notebooks. If you accidentally damage your computer by dropping it or smashing your Laptop, it might cause motherboard failure; overheating is another reason for motherboard fault. Don't worry; the NSS service center in Mumbai is here for the best laptop motherboard repair in Powai, Mumbai. The laptop motherboard is a vital part. In any condition, if it has been damaged, you must repair or replace it. We offer the best services and customer-friendly rates for laptop motherboard repair at Hiranandani Gardens IIT Powai, Mumbai. Our service center also facilitates free pickup and drop service.  


Our service center is the best Laptop Servicing Center for your laptop motherboard replacement in Mumbai. We are a laptop service center, a trusted and private institute that fixes your laptop motherboard issues all over Mumbai. The main objective of this article is to give the right amount of information on laptop motherboard replacement service and experience with laptop motherboard replacement costs in India.


NSS can support your Laptop at any time 24*7 and servicing a lottance. But you might face consequences if you mishandle your computer or make your laptop fall. But don't worry, it can happen; we are 24*7 at your service to guide you on how you can tackle such problems. NSS laptop service center provides the best laptop motherboard repair in Mumbai. If you want Mumbai's best laptop motherboard dealers,  visit our repair company. The Laptop Service Center is always at service to provide you with the best service around the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you are right, the motherboard is very critical for your laptop. But if you can find the best professional and experienced institution you can repair it, otherwise, you should replace it with the best laptop motherboard Powai.

Yes, we can. A window can be installed on any motherboard. However, if you have a digital license of windows, then the same should be recovered or backed up before replacing the motherboard.

No, not at all. You would not lose any data while replacing your motherboard. Your data will be safe after replacing the motherboard.

The variation in cost is because of the available and the fluctuating market demand of needed components. But we are known as the best laptop motherboard dealer in Mumbai for reasonable prices.

In short, I can say, a laptop motherboard is just like the brain of a human body. If your brain is damaged your body will automatically be damaged anyway, easy peasy.
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