Today's job demands multitasking, which is only achievable with the usage of a laptop. The way we use computers on a daily basis has an impact on our productivity. As a result, they require frequent updates to ensure that a laptop runs smoothly and efficiently, making our job easier and more productive. To get comprehensive details about how to Download and Update Acer drivers Online, you must read the entire text carefully. You'll also find detailed instructions for Downloading and Updating the Acer Driver online.

What Do You Know About Acer?

 Acer is one of the world's major computer manufacturers, competing against well-known names like Dell and HP. Acer is a Taiwanese computer company situated in New Taipei City. It was founded in 1976 under a different name and renamed Acer some years later.

 What Information Do You Have About the Drivers?

 A driver is a collection of data that allows one or more hardware devices to interface with a computer's operating system. A driver is sometimes known as a device driver or a hardware driver.

The computer would be unable to send and receive data to hardware devices such as a printer or camera without drivers.

What Are Some of the Most Common Acer Driver Issues?

 One of the most typical driver issues you may encounter is that your device is not recognized, refuses to begin, or crashes without notice. These are frequent symptoms that your Acer product has a driver problem. If you have the original CDs, you may attempt reinstalling these drivers, or you can use Driver Downloader to get Acer drivers automatically. This will automatically update all of your drivers (not just your Acer drivers) and guarantee that the correct driver is loaded for the correct device.

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 How Can an Acer user Download and Update Drivers Online?

 A friend of mine, Rahul, who is a working professional spends nine to twelve hours each day on his laptop, which necessitates a regular upgrade to ensure that his laptop runs smoothly and quickly, making his job easier and faster. He uses an Acer laptop, which necessitates an understanding of the laptop's operations. He was having trouble with his Acer laptop a month ago, so he went online to download Acer drivers online by following the steps given below, and guess what he upgraded his Acer laptop drivers online successfully. 

Many Acer users like him struggle to download and update Acer drivers online so this blog is for them. In this blog, people will read about the various methods and steps to download and update Acer drivers online. Follow the steps given below and update your Acer drivers online.

 Method-1.How to Download Acer Drivers Online Manually by Acer Support Website?

1) To get device drivers from the Acer Driver Support Website, you'll need to know your laptop's serial, SNID or model no. The laptop’s serial, SNID or model no. maybe located in the MODEL area on the back of your laptop.

2) First of all, go to the Acer Support Website.

3) There you will find two methods to update Acer drivers online on your screen.

In the first method, you need to enter your serial, SNID “XXXXXXXXX76” or model no. of your system,  and in another one, you will see three options where you need to select a category, series, and model of your system. It's up to you which method you want to choose.

4) In the first method, after entering serial, SNID, or model no. of your system you will have the option of Find. Click on that option.

5) In the second method, you need to select the category, series, and model no. of your system.

6) Then you will see the two options windows 10 64-bit and  windows 10 32-bit under the operating system

7) After that you need to select Windows 10 64-bit and then the Drivers option.

8) You will see the list of supporting drivers where you need to download or update the drivers according to the requirement of your device.

9) Finally, you are successful in updating Acer drivers online.

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 Method-2.How to Update Acer Drivers in Device Managers?

Step 1: To launch the Device Manager program on your Windows 10/11 PC, press Windows + X and pick Device Manager.

Step 2: Select a device category from the drop-down menu. Select Update Driver from the context menu of the target device.

Step 3: If you've already downloaded the Acer driver, choose to Browse my computer for driver software and then Choose from a list of device drivers on my computer. To install the driver on your computer, navigate to and pick the driver file. If you didn't download the driver, you can use the option to search for updated driver software automatically. Windows will automatically search for, download, and install any updated Acer drivers that are available.

 Method-3.How to Download and Install Acer Drivers With Windows Update?

Step 1: First of all, go to the option of start.


Step-2: After then go to the setting option.

Step-3: Thirdly, go to the security option.

Step-4: Click on the windows update option. 

Step-5: To check for current updates for your Acer laptop or desktop, click the Check for updates button.

Note - If Windows detects any newer updates, you may opt to download and install them.


 I hope that this article has helped you find a way to download and update Acer drivers online. Visit the NSS Laptop Service Center if you have any questions or need to upgrade your system. They are the best in the business, offering exceptional service and following through on their commitments.

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