How does it feel if you get a laptop for free of cost? Especially when you need it. It feels nice right? Here in this blog, we will tell you three ways through which you can get your laptop for free.

Laptops and mobile phones are one of the basic requirements of our daily lives, especially for students. We learned better about the use of the laptop and smartphones in the corona pandemic as everything was happening online whether it is studying, teaching, office work, or business. for communication, creating projects, presentations, graphs, paying bills, and many more we need a laptop. But as we all know how much cost a laptop is. especially for those people who can't even afford a mobile phone in this featured world. Mostly school-going students, college-going students, and job seekers need a laptop for the accomplishment of their work as all the work is done through laptops and computers.

If you are a student and need a laptop for free for study, job, etc then read out this article carefully to know the ways through which you can get your dream laptop.

How To Get A Free Laptop?

We will tell you some ways through which you can get a free laptop. Read the information related to this which is mentioned below-:

1. With The Help Of Different Organisation

Many organizations are working in this field to distribute or give laptops for free to needy people. If you are eligible then you can get a free laptop. Remember these organizations only give laptops to those who are really in a need of them. They recognize the need of a person or an individual through their application, ability, and financial status.

Such organizations are -:

·         Computer With Causes

Computer with Causes is such an organization that is continuously working in the field to distribute laptops to needy people. Their main aim or goal is "to provide a refurbished computer or laptop  an educational, future learning program, foster home, or disabled veteran in need a computer or laptop.” This organization completed its goal because of the donors who donate their laptops, computer, smartphones, tablets, etc to their charity.

To get a laptop from this trust you need to fill out an online application form from their website. Remember the organization has a strict watch on the false applications of laptops, if your profile or your background isn't suitable your application will get rejected.


Onit Foundation

IT foundation is also an organization in the line of organizations that are making the dream true of thousands of needy people who want a laptop. Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology foundation's (ONIT) goal is "to provide low-income families, school and college students with a free refurbished computer with  20 hours of computer training and ongoing support of their service offerings. This foundation is continuously working to donate laptops or computers. To date, they distribute over 2000 free computers or laptops to their applicable and eligible receiver.

Write down an application or fill out an online form on their website to get a free laptop.

There are many other organizations such as Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (ATRR), PCs for people, Freecycle, etc. You can search their sites for more information.

2. Through Government Schemes

There are also various government schemes in which the students get laptops for free. To learn more about these schemes Google gov.scheme.for a free laptop.

3. Programs In College Or University

If you are a college student, then a way to get a free laptop is to apply to a university or college for it. Various programs are run by the college or university to provide free laptops to students. But remember these programs are for the minimum time not always. Laptops offered by colleges or universities are also not free of cost they recovered the maximum amount of that laptop from students' fees.


This blog concludes with the ways through which you can get a free laptop.

If you already have a laptop but need assistance with repairs or maintenance, consider reaching out to a laptop service center. Check the list of Laptop service centers: