How To Raise Volume In Laptop

How To Raise Volume In Laptop
  • Aug 31st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Laptop
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In this article, you can learn how to increase your laptop volume. If you’re using a Windows desktop computer instead of a laptop, you may need external speakers at most to turn up the volume of the computer.

Method – Window Operating System:

1.    Use the volume button on your computer or speakers. All laptop has volume control buttons on the keyboard panel: Pressing the “volume up” button (which most often has a + sign on or near it) will increase your computer volume.

·      Desktop computers usually have speakers attached, so if you’re using a desktop computer, you’ll usually need to use the dial or “Volume Up” button on the speaker assembly.

2.    Consider using a keyboard shortcut key. If your laptop keyboard has the volume icon on or above the function key (for example, F12), you’ll need to press the right-most volume key to increase your computer’s volume.

·      On some computers, you may need to press the (Fn) key to release the Volume Up key.

·      If the monitor has built-in speakers, desktop users do not need to use keyboard shortcut keys to adjust the volume.

3.    Use the “Volume” slider. If you have a laptop, you can increase your computer’s volume by clicking the icon in the taskbar. To do this, click the volume icon in the lower–right corner of the screen. Then drag the slider that appears in the pop-up window to the right. However, those using desktop computers are not able to do so.

4.    Click the Window logo in the lower-left corner of the corner.

·      If you are having trouble adjusting the volume of the computer and hearing the audio by following the steps mentioned above, then it is necessary to follow the steps given below.

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5.    Open the sound menu. Type sound in the search bar, and then click the sound option at the top of the result that appears in the search window.

6.    Click the Playback tab. This tab is at the top of the sounds window.

7. Select your computer's speakers. To do this click the speaker "Speakers" option.

  • Depending on your computer's speaker, you'll see the speaker name of the speaker option.

8. Click the properties option. You'll see this option on the lower-left side of the window screen. 

9. Click the level tab. This tab is near the top of the pop-up window.

10. Drag the slider to the right. Doing so will increase the volume of the speaker.

If the volume slider is at 100%, your computer's volume has increased as much as it can. 

11. Save any changes you made. To do this, click the OK button at the bottom of both open sound windows. Your laptop's volume will now have increased.


  • Verify that the set volume is set to the maximum volume in the application you are using. When the volume in your device setting is already at maximum, setting in that application can help to increase the volume even more. For example, if you're watching a video on YouTube, verify that the volume slider button is the highest setting

Hope this blog helped you to understand all things about how to increase the laptop. Drop down your all queries regarding this blog in the comments section. Follow our page for more updates. 

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