How To Repair Hp Laptop Screen

How To Repair Hp Laptop Screen
  • Jan 4th, 2024
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How To Repair HP Laptop Screen

"A laptop display screen is important as we can not see all the activities virtually without a display screen." It is so frustrating When a laptop display screen appears black, right? Have you ever faced this kind of situation? If you have also encountered this kind of situation, it is a sign of a system failure, a troubleshooting problem, and a laptop malfunction. Laptops and PCs are essential parts and needs of our modern lives. We use PCs to do our daily tasks like online shopping, attending online classes, virtual meetings and conferences, and so much more. That's why it is essential to do regular scans of your device to maintain its performance and avoid problems with the display screen of your laptop. In this article, you will learn about all the methods to repair the screen of an HP laptop.

Different Display Screen-Related Problems In The HP Laptop?

The two central display screen-related problems that you can face on a laptop are listed below -

1. Glitches, scratches(repair scratched laptop screen), broken glass, broken bezel die to accidental laptop drops, and inbuilt display screen default are some of the major problems of a laptop screen.

2. Another known display screen-related problem in laptops is the black screen of notebooks. It can happen, generally, or it is due to system errors and failures, troubleshooting problems, and OS-related problems. Brutal force PC or laptop shutdown can also affect the system prompt. Overloading of apps and software, overheating, viruses, and malware attacks are also reasons for the blank screen of a laptop.

How do you repair a broken HP laptop screen?

Suppose a problem with the display screen is broken from outside by any accidental drop. In that case, it is best to take your laptop to a certified laptop service center for screen repair and replacement. Glass breakage on the display screen of a computer can be handled only by expert technicians.

How Do You Repair A Broken HP Laptop Screen At Home?

If you want to fix or repair the broken display screen at your home, then follow these steps -:

  • You should know about the model's basic information about your laptop. If you don't know about it, look at the manual guide before doing anything.

  • Keep a suitable tool kit to open the display screen of the laptop.

  • Shut down the laptop entirely and remove all the power connections.

  • Hold your laptop screen, and carefully open the bezel's cath suitable tools.

  • Remove the LCD screen and replace it with the new one.

How do you fix the blank screen of death on the HP laptop?

These are the following ways through which you can fix or repair the blank or black screen of the HP laptop -

Provide Your Laptop With A Hard Reset

You can also perform a hard reset on your laptop to avoid the problem of a blank screen. Hold the power button of your HPHP laptop for 3 to 5 seconds to shut it down, and then open it by pressing and holding the power button.

Restart Your Laptop In Safe Mode

 You can test the graphic card to ensure the blank screen problem. A new Windows update feature can stop the display adapter from functioning incorrectly. If your HP laptop is stuck on a black screen again, then restart your computer in Safe Mode. It will be required to safely revert the display adapter's driver from a previous version, which can solve the blank screen problem as it provides a new screen.

To Boot your laptop or PC in Safe Mode, open the Search bar and type in "Device Manager."

1. Click the Device Manager option to search for "Display Adapters".

2. Under the Display Adapter, all the current display adapters of the laptop or PC will be shown.

3. Right-click on the display adapter and click the Properties option to open it.

4. Under properties, find the Driver tab, select "Roll Back Driver" under the driver tab, and then press "Yes" to run the laptop in safe mode.

5. After the process, restart your laptop to see if the black screen problem has been fixed.

These are how you can quickly repair an HP laptop screen.

Repair And Replacement Cost Of HP Laptop Screen

Repair and replacement costs of HP laptop screens depend on three factors -:

1. The model of the laptop that you have

2. The screen variety - LCD, LED, TOUCHSCREEN

3. Condition and damage of the screen

Generally, HP laptop screens' repair and replacement costs vary from Rs.3k to 5k in India.

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This article concludes with the process and ways to fix or repair the display screen of an HP laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is the best option to take your laptop to a certified laptop service center for screen repair and replacement.

Generally, the cost of repair and replacement of Hp laptop screens varies from Rs.3k to 5k approximately in India.

Replacement is a better option in the case of a broken screen on a laptop.

Yes, the replacement of the LED screens is more expensive.
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