Remove Virus From Laptop

Remove Virus From Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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Cleaning or removing viruses from the laptop is one of the most necessary tasks that you have to do to protect your laptop or PC from damage. Through this post, we will discuss some ways to remove this virus from your laptop or PC.

What Are Threats? 

There are some Threats to Computer Security -:

• A threat is known as the potential violation of security

• When a threat is executed on a laptop or PC, it becomes an attack.

• Those who execute actions or cause them to be executed are called attackers.

These Common threats in laptops or PCs are -:

• Viruses (Worms, Trojans)

• Spyware

• Adware

• Spamming

What Is Exactly Virus?


• Computer viruses are vicious programs that cause damage to data and files on a system or laptop and PC

• It can attack any part of a computer system, like the boot block, OS, system areas, files, and applications.

• Two other identical programs that stimulate virus-like effects are -:

• Worms

• Trojans

What Are The Methods To Clean Or Remove Viruses From Laptops

There are many ways to remove viruses from your laptop or PC.

1. Remove viruses without antivirus.

2. Remove viruses using antivirus.

To remove viruses from your laptop or PC without antivirus, follow these steps:-

1. Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys.

2. Click on the option Processes heading in task manager.

3. Right-click on the suspicious program you wish to close.

4. Click on the end task to stop the suspicious program.

5. Restart your laptop or PC

6. While it is restarting, enter safe mode by pressing the F8 key.

 Now, it enables the Windows Defender firewall.

7. Click on the window Button.

8. Locate and select Control Panel and open it.

9. Click on the option System and Security.

10. Select the Windows Defender Firewall option.

11. Select Turn on Windows Defender Firewall.

Now, use the command prompt to remove viruses from the laptop.

12. Press the window button and type cmd in the Search bar, then right-click on cmd and choose the option Run as administrator.

13. Type F: in cmd and press Enter. This command will replace drive letters with "F."

14. Then type attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.* and press Enter in the command prompt

15. Then type dir and press Enter in cmd. This command will load all the files in the directory.

16. If you find such suspicious file extensions like("autorun" and ".inf"), then type del autorun .inf to remove the virus.

Now, restart your laptop again.

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To remove any virus from your laptop using antivirus follow these steps:-

1. Open your laptop.

2. Open any internet browser.

3. Download any antivirus from the internet.

4. Open the antivirus app on the laptop.

5. Select the option scan virus.

6. It will auto-delete suspicious files or viruses.

Now, restart your laptop.

Conclusion :

This blog concludes with the methods to remove or clean viruses from laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it is safe.

Follow the above-mentioned methods to remove the viruses from the laptop.

Yes, they are dangerous.

Both come under computer viruses

Sometimes crashing of sites happens because of internet server failure but sometimes it happens due to virus errors and attacks also.
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