Currently, all printers can connect via Wi-Fi to the device and especially when it comes to Hp printers. Due to the ease of Wi-Fi, we can easily take print images or documents.

There are two different ways to connect a printer to Wi-Fi, depending on your preferences: with the WPS button and through the computer’s settings. Do you want to know how to connect your Hp printer or any other printer via Wi-Fi?  To get the answer to this question, you just have to keep reading this.

How To Connect The Printer To Wi-Fi?

One advantage of current printers compared to a few years ago is that we can save on cables and keep our space clean. But Wi-Fi has more merits, and that is we can print from multiple devices.

You no longer necessarily have to use the computer. This opens up a very field of possibilities for us. Printer our choice, for this we have two options.

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Connect The Printer To Wi-Fi With WPS Button

WPS Button In Printer

The WPS connection is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This type of connection makes it easy to access the network without requiring a password. Based on the previous configuration of the router, we may be asked for a PIN, However, in other cases, it may be asked nothing and it will be processed automatically.

To connect the HP printer to Wi-Fi via WPS connection we need the following:

  •  A Hp printer or any other printer that supports Wi-Fi and WPS functionality.
  •  A router with WPS buttons.
  •  A wireless network with a WPA or WPA2 password.

We don’t need a computer to connect our printer with this method, just the printer and an active Wi-Fi network.

What we have to do is hold down the WPS button on the printer (which is an icon with an antenna and curved signals on the sides) until it blinks. If the printer does not have this button, we need to enter network configuration, where we will find the WPS option. Then we will click on “Start”.

Once we have done this in our printer, we have to go to our router and press the WPS button until the light starts blinking. After this, the printer should connect to Wi-Fi, although it may take up to 2 minutes to complete the connection.

Afterward, all we need to do is install our printer’s software on the device we want to print from, which can be a smartphone, tablet, or computer. And you are ready to proceed with printing.

Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi Through PC Settings

HP Printer Connect Wirelessely

The next way to connect a printer to Wi-Fi would be through the configuration of our computer. For this we have to go Control Panel; in Hardware and Sound, you have to click on the device and printer we want to connect to Wi-Fi.

Here have to select the option to add a printer and we will wait for the device, in this case, a PC to find the model of the printer.

Once our printer appears in the list, we have to select it and click on Next. The device will need to install certain files required for the printer to operate and then confirm that it has been installed correctly.

This is a very efficient way to connect our printer to Wi-Fi if we want to use it with our computer right away. After installation, the device will give us the option to print a test page to verify that the printer works correctly. We accept it to be checked and once finished, we give it to finish.

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We hope that now you must have come to know about how to connect your Hp printer to Wi-Fi. If you want to ask us any questions regarding this post, then you can comment with us.