Which Type Of Rom Is Popular In The Latest Version Of The Laptop And Pc

Which Type Of Rom Is Popular In The Latest Version Of The Laptop And Pc
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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"Looking for the best ROM for your PC or laptop?"  Or which type of ROM is popular in the latest version of the Laptop and PC. First, we must understand  "What is ROM?"  and its uses.

 This blog will help people search for the best ROM version for their laptops and computers. This blog will try to answer all questions about" Selecting the best version of ROM(read-only Memory) for your Laptop or PC."

Those who use laptops or computers ever think about "What is Memory"? And what type of work does a Memory chip perform on your PC or Laptop? So, First of all, we need to understand the concept of MEMORY in PCs and laptops.

Two kinds of the Memory in the Laptop or PC are -

• Primary Memory

• Secondary Memory

Primary Memory is directly linked to the CPU. RAM and ROM are the two kinds of Memory.

Secondary Memory is directly related to the processor. It transfers the file from itself to primary Memory.

The two types of primary Memory are-

1. RAM ( Random access memory)

2. ROM (Read-Only Memory)

• RAM stands for random access memory. It contains or stores data temporarily on the Laptop or PC. It is volatile.

• ROM stands for read-only Memory. It is a type of acronym. It contains or stores permanent and semi-permanent data as a small memory chip. It is non-volatile. ROM works like a permanent memory container on a PC or Laptop. ROM is one of the most essential parts of a computer or Laptop.

Type of Read-only Memory (ROM).

-PROM stands for (Programmable read-only Memory). It is a type of Memory that the user can program. But the data which will be stored cannot be changed further.

-EPROM stands for (Erasable Programmable read-only memory). It is a type of Memory that the user can reprogram to change and delete the data that was stored previously on the Laptop or PC.

-EEPROM stands for (Electrically erasable programmable read-only Memory). It is a type of Memory that can be deleted or erased by applying some electric field on the portion of memory chips.

-MROM stands for (Masked read-only Memory). It is a type of Memory that can be programmed and stored during manufacturing.


These are the following advantages of ROM in a laptop or PC:-

• It doesn't lose data when the Laptop is switched off or shut down.

• It is comparatively faster than RAM (RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY ).

• It is cheaper than RAM.

• Data can exist permanently and is not erasable in ROM.

• Data stored in binary pattern.

• It is used in USB flash drives, MP3s, and other electronic devices.


Demerits of ROM are listed below :

• ROM is capable of reading data only.

• Once the information and data are stored, the data cannot be changed.

We have all the detailed information about the ROM, as mentioned above. But do you know the latest ROM used in the newest Laptop? Here is the answer.

The position of the ROM is located on the motherboard of a computer system. The ROM proceeds with its functions with the saved instructions that have to be followed by the computer and Laptop after "turning on." There is some basic coding for computers and laptops to complete the starting procedure. This basic coding is known as firmware. The other name for the BIOS system is firmware. BIOS stands for Basic Input and Output system of a computer system. In the latest laptops or PCs, the position of the ROM is on the BIOS chip. But the BIOS chip is also directly attached to the motherboard.

CD ROM stands for compact disc read-only Memory. It is also another type of ROM which is not able to change. Data remain the same as we feed in this CD ROM. In the latest version of the Laptop, ROM is attached to the BIOS chip.

In the boot process of the Laptop, ROM plays an important role. On turning or powering the computer, you hear an odd sound from your Laptop or PC.Do you ever wonder why it only comes when we power on the Laptop or PC? This is because the BIOS chip activation enables the CPU to start, and the ROM directly comes into the process. This format of activating each other leads to a better performance of a laptop or PC. So, the types of ROM, such as PROM,  EPROM, EEPROM, MROM, and CD ROM, are used in the latest laptops.

This is all about what is ROM.

The latest ROM used in the newest Laptop,


What are the advantages of ROM functions in a computer system?

What are the Disadvantages of ROM? 

And can I change the data of ROM in the Laptop?

I hope this blog helped you understand all the things about ROM. Drop down all the queries regarding this blog in the comment section. Follow our page for updates.


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