How To Take Screen Shots On A Laptop Dell Windows 7

How To Take Screen Shots On A Laptop Dell Windows 7


How do I take screenshots on my laptop? It is one of the most asked questions for every laptop or PC user. In this blog, we will provide you with content on how to take screenshots on a laptop using Windows 7. This is a topic that every laptop user is curious about. But before that, do you know what screenshots are on your laptop or PC?

The picture that shows the content or data from the display screen of a laptop or PC is called a screenshot. The screenshot is also known as Snapshot, screen grab, and screencap. It takes or captures recent pictures or images of the content you see on the laptop or PC.

Screenshots are highly beneficial in sharing the exact informational data you view on the laptop or PC display you want to share. Do you know the difference between a picture, an image, and a screenshot? So, the pictures or images on the laptop or PC are the captured tasks done by the camera, and the screenshot is a task done by the laptop or PC system itself. Do you know how screenshots help a laptop or PC system to become productive? Or What are the benefits of taking screenshots on a computer or PC? Here are the answers.

- Screenshots are beneficial to increase the productivity of your laptop or PC at a minimum time.

There are many jobs in which you have to write long passages on some topics, text emails, and messages, and create a new website or page that will contain the same previous data that you have written before. In these cases, you can take the help of a screenshot on your system.

• Take a screenshot of the data.

• Copy and paste to your desired location or folder.

• It takes a minimum duration, and your work will be done quickly with more productivity.

This is how the screenshot helped a laptop or PC system to become productive.

- Benefits of taking screenshots on your PC or laptop -

1. It demonstrates the exact data or information from the display of the laptop or PC. We don't need to open the site of information or data again and again as we can make a collective screenshot of them

2. It takes less time to explain something.

3. Screenshot viewed the exact position of the problem through which we can access its solution easily without wasting time.

4. Compete with oral explaining.

For example -

If an employee is new to the job and doesn't know how to register or log in to his profile in the office, explain by giving a demo through screenshots instead of explaining verbally. So we can get a lot of help with screenshots.

Today, in this blog, we will help you learn "how to take screenshots on a laptop Dell Windows 7?" These are the following methods to quickly capture screenshots on a Dell laptop running on Windows 7.

1. Through the Snipping tool

You can take a screenshot on Windows on a Dell laptop with the help of the Snipping tool application.

• Turn on your Windows 7 laptop or PC.

• Refresh it.

• Press Esc.

• Search the Snipping tool application on your laptop or PC in all program options.

• Select the image, text, and any page that you want to take a screenshot of.

• To capture a screenshot, press Ctrl+print Screen.

• From the menu of snipping tools, select your desired option for the frame size, such as free form, full screen, or rectangular.

• To modify the screenshot, you will see options such as Highlighter, pen, and eraser.

• After modifying if you want,  click on the save option.

• Save the Snapshot to your desired folder.

This is how you can use this technique to take screenshots on your laptop or PC.

2• With the help of shortcut keys-

• If you want to take a screenshot of your full-screen display page, open the page.

• Press the Alt+Print screen button to take a snapshot of the active site or page.

• You can also press the Ctrl+print screen button.

• You can save your print as a screenshot in the Microsoft Paint application.

• Press Ctrl + V to paste your Snapshot into the MS Paint application.

• Click on the file option; there, you will find the ' Save as' option.

• Save your file where you want, either as an image or file.

You can easily take screenshots on your Windows 7 Dell laptop.

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There are many methods to take screenshots on your laptop. In this blog, we are using these two methods mentioned above so that you can easily take screenshots on your laptop without any problem. Snipping tools and shortcut keys are the best options to take the screenshot most easily. You can also select Windows XP and Mac OS X as alternatives to taking screenshots, but these are a little complex.

If you have any doubts or queries related to this blog, write all of them in the comment section. Follow our page for more updates.





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