Microsoft Surface Book Keyboard Cost - Replacement Near Me

Microsoft Surface Book Keyboard Cost - Replacement Near Me
  • Feb 7th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Are you having issues with the keyboard on your Microsoft laptop? Avoid battling with your broken laptop keyboard and think about Microsoft keyboard replacement. If you have the necessary technical know-how, you may think about Microsoft keyboard replacement. These keyboards are available online if you want to buy them.
Imagine how your pockets will feel. We won't let you down or force you to a Microsoft keyboard replacement. I've included all the information in this article that you might need, including the Microsoft surface replacement keyboard Price in India, so read it now before visiting a random laptop repair shop. Let's get started.

Microsoft is changing the laptop industry with its capacity to offer innovation and inventiveness. Any flaw might cause the laptop's operation to be problematic. Keyboard issues are unpleasant and need to be fixed right now. Software-related problems are usually simple to set, but big problems can occur when hardware-related difficulties require professional attention. NSS is the greatest in the business, so get the job done with us.

Get Microsoft Keyboard Replacement

Think about a laptop with a damaged keyboard. No, because the keyboard is a critical interface between a user and a computer. If a keyboard malfunctions, it becomes difficult for the user to operate their computer and to do their task efficiently.

You should go to the shop for a replacement for a Microsoft laptop keyboard since a laptop is useless if the keyboard is damaged. Other keyboard issues include the keys sticking, becoming unresponsive, or becoming loose. In rare cases, the Microsoft Surface laptop keyboard will switch off, or the backlight may malfunction.

You can locate our laptop service center if you're seeking a nearby laptop repair shop that will give you hassle-free assistance with a replacement keyboard for your Surface Book. Here, at the NSS Center, we deal with all issues and provide the best solution for any laptop problem. You may schedule a repair with us, and we'll give you affordable doorstep repair service at your house.

What Is The Microsoft Surface Keyboard Replacement Cost?

You must be considering where to go to get your laptop keyboard replacement. If you are considering replacing the surface book keyboard and looking for a service facility nearby then consider NSS Center.

Technically speaking, there are two options: The approved service center, the Laptop service center, and the unofficial local repair center. Moving on to the Microsoft Laptop keyboard replacement cost, you will be charged a significant sum if you visit the laptop service center to replace your keyboard. They may insist that you return it with the original item, but there is no way for you to locate it.

However, the quality of the repair will be significantly worse since the roadside businesses don't have the essential repairing equipment for dealing with a laptop keyboard. You may do it for much less if you want to replace your keyboard from a local repair shop.

Our facility offers the most excellent assistance available in this instance. We provide clients with the original product and perform repairs at authorized service locations for the most significant outcomes.

So, if the Microsoft keyboard repair price worries you, we want to assure you that our prices are reasonable, in line with your budget, and that we offer a comprehensive guarantee since we care about our clients.

Where To Get The Microsoft Surface Laptop Keyboard Repair And Replacement

Have you been looking for the finest location to obtain a Microsoft keyboard replacement or repair? We have held the No. 1 spot for the finest laptop repair shop. We are a reliable online shop where you can have any laptop, MacBook, Desktop, notebook, etc. repaired. If you have a problem, leave a note in our Comment, and a support staff member will get back to you immediately.

If you're having problems with your laptop, Macbook, Palmtop, or Notebook, such as a broken or damaged screen, a dead battery, RAM problems, a damaged body, or motherboard problems, don't rush to us because, unlike other service centers, we offer free door-to-door pick-up and delivery and around every "street," "gully," and "locality" nearby your place.

We provide the best quality, certified, and ensured services for practically all laptops today, including the Microsoft Surface keyboard replacement, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 6, and Surface Pro 7.

Laptop Series And Models - Microsoft Surface Laptop Keyboard Repair

We are the most excellent laptop repair facility, and we don't only work with one brand or model of laptops; we offer incredibly affordable repair services for almost all sorts of notebooks, as well as the replacement of any necessary spare components.

In India, we have skilled technicians who can repair or replace the keyboard on a Microsoft Surface laptop quickly and effectively. Additionally fixed here are many Microsoft Surface laptop series and models.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Microsoft Surface Pro 7 D
Microsoft Surface Pro X Microsoft Surface Go 2F
Microsoft Surface Book 3 Microsoft New Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Microsoft New Surface Laptop GO

How Much Does Microsoft Keyboard Replacement Cost In India?

Microsoft offers a variety of models and series of Surface laptops. As a result, depending on the Microsoft Surface laptop model, the cost of a laptop keyboard replacement varies. You should call our support staff at +91 9717150098 or ask for a callback immediately. Our experts will provide the best quote for Microsoft keyboard replacement’s price since they know your particular requirements. The cost of a new Microsoft surface keyboard replacement in India is estimated in the table below.

List Of All The Microsoft Surface Keyboard Replacement Cost In India

Microsoft Surface Laptop Series

Price Range

Microsoft Surface Pro

2000 INR to 3500 INR

Microsoft Surface Studio

3500 INR to 5000 INR

Microsoft Surface Go Keyboard Replacement Cost

1500 INR to 3000 INR

Microsoft Surface Book keyboard replacement Cost

3000 INR to 4500 INR

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Keyboard Replacement Cost

10500 INR to 12500 INR

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keyboard replacement Cost

3500 INR to 5500 INR

Microsoft Surface 2 Keyboard Replacement Cost

14000 INR to 16000 INR

Microsoft Surface 3 Keyboard Replacement Cost

15000 INR to 17000 INR

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Keyboard Replacement Cost

11000 INR to 13000 INR

Microsoft Surface Book 2 replacement keyboard Cost

14000 INR to 16000 INR

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Keyboard Replacement Cost

15000 INR to 17000 INR

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 keyboard replacement Cost

8000 INR to 10000 INR

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 keyboard replacement Cost

13000 INR to 15000 INR

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 keyboard replacement Cost

13000 INR to 15000 INR

Microsoft Surface Pro X Keyboard Replacement Cost

19000 INR to 21000 INR

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Keyboard Replacement Cost

13500 INR to 15500 INR

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 keyboard replacement Cost

13000 INR to 15000 INR

Microsoft Surface Book 2 keyboard replacement Cost

12000 INR to 14000 INR


If your laptop is still covered by warranty, you should go to the Microsoft-authorized service facility first to acquire a free new keyboard for your Surface laptop. Use the fast Microsoft checker to verify if your contract is still active.

To save money, visit a reputable third-party laptop repair shop rather than an authorized Microsoft Surface laptop repair facility if your laptop is no longer covered by warranty.

Reputable third-party laptop repair facilities, like NSS, provide excellent repair and replacement services at competitive costs without compromising quality since they exclusively use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components.


We not only repair laptops of all makes, models, and series, but we also offer first-rate pre- and post-sale assistance that works in unison with our skilled experts around the clock to bring the products to your door. Then take a seat and enjoy your day since our delivery person will pick it up from your door and deliver it to your door after fixing your issue, both FREE of charge.

If you have any problems, please get in touch with us on 9717150098. In addition to treating other laptop issues, we provide the best Microsoft keyboard replacement and repair services.

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