How To Screen Record In Hp Laptops

How To Screen Record In Hp Laptops
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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A screen recorder is a must-have tool for businesses – especially for startups that want to create video tutorials. A video tutorial is more engaging and contains more information than a written one. It also allows you to track your progress and see what you have left to do, which is essential for entrepreneurs who need accountability. If you have an HP laptop, you have a built-in screen recorder. You can also install screen recorder software. Here's how.

First, Let's review how to use Movavi Screen Recorder to screen Record on an HP laptop.

Step 1: Installing Movavi Screen Recorder on Windows is the first step.

After installing the program, learning to screen Record on your HP laptop is simple. To install it on your HP, execute the installation file and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Adjust the recording's settings

The area you want to record must then be specified. By selecting the screen recording button on the right, you may configure your recording settings (or by pressing F10 on your keyboard). Then, to establish a recording window, draw a capture frame by pressing and holding the left mouse button. You can record your laptop's entire screen, a specific window, or a portion.

Step 3: Select the audio inputs.

Do you want to record audio? Click the System Audio icon in the bottom right corner of your recording area. While you're registering, this will collect the audio from your PC. You can also decide to record audio from the microphone by selecting the Microphone icon.

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Step 4: Decide which video upgrades you prefer.

By choosing the Record Keystrokes, Highlight Cursor, and Highlight Mouse Clicks icons when you're recording a presentation or a how-to video, you can improve the quality of your recording. 

You may immediately highlight what you're doing on the screen by choosing one or more of these features, saving you the time and effort of adding animations or other extra steps afterward. This can be useful for many presentations since it will let your audience see what you're doing on the screen. These effects can emphasize text, show how to complete an activity online, and enhance other aspects of your movie.

Step 5: Begin the recording.

Click on REC at the bottom of your capture window when you are ready to begin. To end the process, click Stop. The REC button turns into a Pause button during recording if you need to pause the recording. Similarly, you can use the F9 and F10 keys to pause, stop, and F8.

Step 6: Edit and save the completed video you shot.

A preview video will show up when you've stopped filming. If you're satisfied with your video, you can proceed to the following stage. You can also use the Cut option to crop, segment, and eliminate portions of your video. Just press the Delete button to erase a clip. After editing your video, click Export, give it a name, select your desired format, and click Save.

How to use an HP screen recorder that is built-in

You might be interested in learning how to screen Record on your HP laptop or desktop using the Game Bar if you own an Xbox gaming system. This program is available on all Windows 10 computers and was first released with Windows 7. It's pretty straightforward:

Navigate to the program or window you want to record in.

To begin recording, choose Capture in the Widget Menu and then choose Start (you can also use the Windows key + Alt + R).

Toggle the microphone on and off by pressing the Windows logo + Alt + M.

To stop recording once you're done, click the Windows key + Alt + R again.

Navigate to the Gallery section of the Widget Menu to access your video.

How to operate an HP laptop's OBS screen recorder

You might prefer OBS Studio for your HP screen recorder if you have an older computer or require a tool that doesn't consume many system resources. Here's how to screen Record using OBS Studio on an HP laptop:

Install, download, and launch OBS Studio. If a Scene doesn't show right away, click the Plus icon in the Scenes box at the bottom of the screen.

Next, select the + button in the Sources box (to the right of the Scenes box).

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Select Display Capture from the Options menu. Add a title for your video in the pop-up box and press OK.

Choose the display that you want to record in the following pop-up window. Then, select your output parameters.

Press the Start Recording button when you're ready. When you hit Stop, your video will be saved to your chosen location.

How to use PowerPoint to screen Record on an HP computer

You probably have Microsoft PowerPoint, whether you're using an HP Pavilion, Envy, Probook, or everything in between. PowerPoint is the industry standard for digital presentations and includes a built-in HP screen recorder that can be used to record screen activity for use in slideshows. These films can also be exported for usage elsewhere besides PowerPoint.

Select a slide in PowerPoint, then click the Insert tab. Screen Recording can be selected from the menu.

To record the entire screen, press the Windows logo key along with Shift and F. You can also select Select Area from the Control Dock and use your mouse to select the area of your screen you want to record.

Hit Record when you're ready to start recording. While recording, you can pause, and when you're done, you can stop.

Your PowerPoint presentation will include the screen recording you made.

Right-click the video frame and select Save Media As to export it. After choosing the format and destination, everything is set.

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Conclusion :

I won't say much as the blog has informed you about the How To Screen Record in HP Laptop. It is an easy process, and you can use it for various purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To start or stop screen recording, press Shift+PrtSc. The video will be instantly saved to your PC.

To begin screen recording, press Windows Key + Alt + R. On the screen, most commonly in a corner, a tiny recording widget that displays the amount of time you've been recording appears.

Windows native method The "Record" button in the app must be clicked to begin screen recording. Press the "Windows" and "Alt" keys on your keyboard simultaneously, followed by the "S" key, to halt recording. The Gambar menu will then be visible.
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