Laptop Repair Or Replace 3 Basic Facts

Laptop Repair Or Replace 3 Basic Facts
  • Jan 11th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Laptop Repair or Replace: what should I do? This is probably the most common question that arises in everyone's mind after the laptop warranty ends. Because that's not just a matter of money but several other factors. The right question is, is it easier to maintain the old one after laptop repair, or is replacement the better option for me? When you are eager to smell a new laptop and make up your mind, the question is different. In that case, no logic applies to the laptop repair or replacement decisions, and you must go for what you want if the budget permits. But if that's not the case, let's clarify some details here.

A Cost-effective decision for laptop repair or replace: a detailed comparison.

The priority is always the laptop repair or replacement cost. So, we will dissect that point depending on several factors we face.

Replacement is the better option among laptop repair or replacement choices.

  • Serious Issue:  Search for the problem. Troubleshoot through your OS to get an idea or error message that tells you about your PC's health. If the problem is a Serious deal in the motherboard and it took down several sections along with it, it is better to replace the PC than waste time on the Repair.
  • 50% Rule: A popular rule of 50% says that if the repair charge exceeds the 50% price of the new model you desire, you should vote for a replacement. Justified. But there is a catch: it doesn't tell you properly about the hidden costs your new PC will charge you later. We discussed it later.
  • Your Location: This also plays a crucial role in it. Generally, laptop repair can take more than the usual time if some parts need to be replaced. And if you live in a remote place, this time increases more. For that period, you must check the impact of downtime on your production. Can you manage your work without your laptop for that long? If not, and if the repair budget is way too high from what you expected, you should check a new one and then compare these factors from your perspective.
  • Refurbished Laptops: You can always find authentic stores that offer you an almost new but Refurbished model similar to the one you currently have or a better one. Or you can also buy one from a trusted source you know well. Make sure you can completely trust the source. In this way, you don't have to wait for a repair or break the bank on a new laptop you are not ready to buy now.

And please don't identify the word "refurbished" with used products; they are not, at least not always; it's a half-truth. Sometimes, people return a device only for its design or some minor factors. Whatever the situation, these products re-emerge on the market only after fixing minor issues (if needed), upgrading, renovating, and then passing through tests. So, buying a refurbished laptop is always better than buying a new one. It's your little participation that reduces some of the electronic waste. Besides, some trusted stores even let you customize a new model. Great. Especially when you need some specific features but not the others coming along with it.

So, here are six points to select refurbished models over your laptop repair or replace decision:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Upgraded
  • Customizable (sometimes)
  • Under Warranty
  • Thoroughly tested and testified
  • Eco-wise
  • The Desire for a New Device: If the smell of New electronic gadgets or laptops revives you and you can't wait to experiment with the new hardware and software field, you are ready for your next-gen laptop. When you have the proper budget, why wait? But then again, I'm guessing you don't belong to that group yet. How do I know? Simple. You are reading this article to determine the laptop repair or replacement cost. Or maybe I'm wrong. Whatever, you still have another choice to meet both ends. Right? Forgot about the refurbished models already? Check out here.

When to Choose Repair among Laptop Repair or Replacement options.


  • Cheaper models may not have the required components: You can always find a Cheaper new model equivalent to your repair cost. But they will make trouble later and soon. They can't serve your purpose because they are not sturdy enough to tackle a day-long intense work pressure. Besides, they may not host the high-end features you used before.

If your current model is cheaper, your laptop repair cost will also significantly reduce compared to the high-end models. In that case, the laptop repair or replacement decision is simple. The 50% rule applies well here.

  • Check reviews before buying a new laptop: If you are about to buy a Recently launched laptop that hasn't even acquired much of a customer review, Be aware. Sometimes, a specific model comes on the market with a particular drawback, such as the company stopping production very soon. It's not a likely condition; don't buy it to avoid repairing your old one.
  • Warranty still available: If you are under Warranty, there is no confusion about the laptop repair or replacement decision. Here, the effort of waiting is worth it. Still, I must say that if you are contacting the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for a replacement laptop, it may feel eons while waiting. Without a substitute laptop or similar means, you can't survive. If you are in a hurry, you can try other service centers like ours for minor issues. It may cost you a bit more, but you must decide what's more expensive, time or money. Or, you must not leave the old laptop before using the new one for a while.
  • Extendable Warranty: If you can extend your Warranty for the present laptop, you should try to milk your device as long as you can for the same reason we discussed above.
  • Minor problems: When the problem is Insignificant. That said, after an entire diagnostic, you discovered the laptop repair cost is not such a big deal for you. In that case, you should stick with your present laptop and end the laptop repair or replacement conflict discussion.

Here, you should know three issues are more severe than the others. These are the highest-level data recovery, almost burnt out or mostly damaged motherboard and the screen. But then again, the screen can't rip your pocket off if it's not a very high-end laptop model. And there, the ratio of screen replacement to the entire laptop replacement with similar or higher specs is identical to the other cases when you have a regular model. The same is applied to the motherboard. But the data recovery is a different aspect. It can cost a lot if your hard disk is damaged or you need a RAID recovery. Other than that, you are good. Your laptop repair cost will be less than laptop repair or replacement costs.

  • Longer time to replace: Not only repair but, in some cases, laptop replacement may take a longer time than you think. Suppose you need a high-end laptop or a customized one unavailable nearby. In that case, you must wait for the manufacturer to build and send it to you. It takes even more time when you live in some remote areas. Now, you must decide if the time is worth waiting or if you should choose Repair between laptop repair and replacement.
  • Repair service warranty: Before choosing any laptop repair service, check if they protect at least 30-90 days of confirmation. Otherwise, no one knows how it will sustain even after the fix. Therefore, always choose a service that takes some responsibility for your laptop; otherwise, don't.
  • Good customer Review about quick services: it's a no-brainer. Unless a large group of customers testifies to the service quality, you can never know the quality of service. Ask them about the time they need to fix your device. Because time is the most expensive commodity, it plays a pivotal role in determining a laptop repair or replacement.
  • Ask for a free quote and check the service provider's knowledge: That is also important. You must ask for a free quote before you decide anything. Any reputable repair service provider will give you a precise estimate and the reasons so you can determine whether to go for a laptop repair or replace it immediately.

And check how knowledgeable they are in this field and if they are updated and trained regularly or not. Because the electronic world is advancing every second, more sophisticated machines are being created daily. So, without proper knowledge, your service provider may even harm your device more than fix it. Confidence is not enough. It would be best to ask them how maintenance could extend your device's life or what would be a better suggestion for your laptop's current condition. If the repair cost is higher, you shouldn't ignore these questions before indulging in service directly. You can even ask at least two to three places before deciding the best option. After all, without proper knowledge, how could you expect to make the right decision between laptop repair or replacement?

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  • Check the resale value for the future: That's another thing, yes. It would be best to learn about the device's resale value in the future before you invest in repairing the machine now. You must add all these in your calculation to how long it can last and how much you can return. After you get the whole picture, calculate the laptop repair or replacement cost and decide.
  • Check DIY Tips: sometimes, you can fix your device with help. But that's always a risky way if you are experimenting for the first time or so.
  • Keep Data backup: After your research ends and you decide between laptop repair or replacement options, there remains more work for you to finish. It's data backup. You must check if the service provider does the same or not. But it's always better to keep your data in your hands rather than letting others do that.
  • Hidden expenses of a new laptop: Yes, many of them exist. Let's look at them so that you can get the complete idea to decide on laptop repair or replacement:
  • Virus or Malware attack: If you don't check what's preventing your laptop from running fast, you may end up ruining the fun of enjoying a new laptop. Some viruses or malware may be slowing down your old device. In that case, before taking any expert advice, if you purchase a new device and pour all the old data into it, the harmful viruses may work the same as in the old one. Therefore, we recommend a propisiagnget osis before concluding the laptop repair or replacement argumereplacemente-consuming: Pretty much everyone knows about it. You may need a day or two at least to configure a new device and make it work for you. Firstly, you need to install all the required software, then the data you were using on the old one, and also it takes a lot of time configuring external devices such as routers and printers to start working as before.

Besides, if you are doing it for the first time without help, who knows how long it will take before you get frustrated? Before you reach that point, asking for help is better. Not available? Then, it would be best if you had professional assistance. Right? That is not only time but some more bucks you may have to shell out Again. Are you ready to shell out all these resources? Please think before you jump into a decision on laptop repair or replacement. 

  • Activation license: When buying a whole new PC, you already know that most software licenses won't work on that as they did on the old one, including the OS. Do you still have them? If not, be prepared to buy them, including the savings for all the necessary hardware upgrades (if any), accessories, and shipping and tax charges. It's better to add them all before deciding on laptop repair or replacement.
  • Required specifications: Yes, you must have already thought about it. If you don't have a sufficient budget to purchase the new model with enough specs you used before, no cheaper model can help you in the long haul. Are you thinking about upgrading it later? Well, think again. How long can you hold it back before saving some more bucks? And if that's the idea, why don't you check for a more uplifting version of the old one? If it's not too old to sustain them, you may not have to worry much about the laptop repair or replacement cost.

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The age decides if you should run for a laptop repair or replace it.

Age is another crucial factor that impacts your decision on laptop repairs or replacement. Let's discuss it through some questions.

When to Replace

  • Too old to repair: How old is it? Below 5 years or more than that? Although 5-7 years is the average lifespan for most laptops or computers, you should know that it doesn't fall for the same rule in every situation. Sometimes, age is just a number if you have used it cautiously. It doesn't work alone unless you add up the usage pattern. A very hectic regular use may eat up the efficiency soon, and occasional use can do the same. But every machine slows down with time and reaches its expiry date. But it depends on how you treat it for the entire lifespan.

Generally, high-end devices last long as they are built to work hard anyway. But if you are some tech-savvy guy already attached to the device, it's a common trend for you to upgrade the machine as long as you can. However, there remains a risk, as well. After 7-8 years, you may not find supportable components for the old one, or it may whine in so many ways that it's better to let it go than postpone the decision of laptop repair or replacement. Otherwise, you can 'Frankenstein' it if it cooperates with your speed preference. Try a factory reset, SSD upgrade, RAM upgrade, advanced OS installation, virus or malware removal, or anti-malware installation. Then, check the speed. Who knows, it may work better than some newer whining machine with many issues!

  • Older ones can't support the new software: Too old means no compatibility with your required latest software. Even if you force that one, it may slow down the system at a significant level. So, if you are confused, it's better to ask for expert advice about the right decision. Don't have enough budget? There is a solution again. Go for a refurbished model from a reputed store, and you may get all the features you want under your current savings.
  • At least two more features in the new one: If you are willing to give up the old companion for a shiny new one, you should check the features before that. It is generally advised that at least two more features in your new partner are worth the expense. Otherwise, you may not even feel it as unique as it looks.

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When to Repair

  • Less than 5 Years old: When it's less than 5 years old, there are plenty of chances that you can upgrade it better than a new one. After all, it's your preference. But whatever you choose, choose wisely. Even your new model may not last very long. So, it's better to squeeze the juice out of the old one before giving it up. However, if your research tells you that the performance may not gear up much, it's time to replace it rather than get any more headaches on laptop repair or replacement decisions. Please do not buy an OS license or anti-virus for the old one unless you know it will work better.
  • Hardware or software upgrades increase the resale value and speed: Once again, based on the age, check the total price of your hardware and software upgrade and then calculate the resale value of the old device. If it seems better than purchasing a new laptop right now, you must fix it rather than focus on the shiny label anymore.

The purpose of a laptop is to tell you to go for a laptop repair or replace it.

The purpose matters. Because hard-core computer or laptop users always need the best performance and speed, everyday users may not need to think much if it's just a media center or ordinary internet surfing you are concerned about. 

When to Replace

  • Require new software compatible with modern hardware: As we discussed, you can bite the bullet and replace the device when your required software demands contemporary resources. But that also happens after 4-5 years at least.
  • The professional work is slowing down performance: Have you been promoted recently, or has the workload doubled? Whatever it is, your laptop can not pace with your work speed. Or maybe a day-long work schedule is ending up in sluggish performance or even slowing down the boot-up process. Check if any upgrade is available for that or not. You may need a new laptop if you are older than 5. It is better not to waste any more time making up the laptop repair or replacement decision.
  • The new one is offering subscriptions for your professional software: Now, you are in a situation where you need an expensive subscription for your work, and a new model is luring you to that. Moreover, your old one is whining here and there. Should you wait for a laptop repair or replace it immediately? Ok, check the age of your current device. Check the total repair expenditure and add it to the subscription cost. How long will it sustain the old one? Do you have any idea of the resale value of the old one? If Repair + Subscription - Resale Value is less than 50% of the new laptop price, you should still think of a repair; otherwise, not. After all, holding back for 1 or 2 years is also more reasonable than engaging it before that. Aren't you going to count the return from that for 2 years? That would be a proper financial decision.

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When to Repair

  • Regular ordinary work: If it's a media center for you or you rarely use it for some email checking, internet surfing, or video streaming, one or two minor fixes are worth spending. Think about it. Why would someone want to spend on a whole new laptop if you are not getting any return out of it? Again, you have money and desire to collect new electronics; ok, take the plunge! No one will stop you on the laptop repair or replacement argument anymore.
  • Still, have the activation codes for your programs? Have you recently bought some software or an OS license? Now, your laptop has started acting weird. Do not buy a new device until you can use the old one's license without investing more. Get a quote. And if your license can be replaced too with the new laptop, go for it. Then stay cautious not to misplace it, eh? Whatever you do, always check the price of the Repair and the age of the old one, and then calculate the new laptop price before concluding on the Repair or replacement discussion.
  • Clean the machine: Use Windows Troubleshooter or free software like CCleaner to check the health status of your old laptop. Take some help if needed; that won't cost you much. The health condition will tell you whether a computer is repaired or replaced, which is the better option. If possible, update the drivers, the OS, and the browser to see the performance and decide.

Cleaning fans and others may stop the excessive heat build-up you blamed on the laptop's age. That said, you must be assured that the computer isn't in any condition to last for long before you add your precious companion to the trash.

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Final Thought

I wish I could tell you precisely what to do. But that's not possible unless you know the detailed condition of the old laptop and the owner's budget and other preferences too. So, it's always a complicated decision depending on so many factors. It's the same as diagnosing a patient's critical condition, right? The only difference is that there is no replacement for a human being, whereas you can decide whether you want it on a laptop repair or replacement. 

We have tried to solve your confusion here with three basic ideas, but you must let our experts know the complete situation for an exact solution. We are confident in providing the right suggestion to return your smile to your face. Come to us with all your queries and advice, too. Let's try together, shall we?

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