How To Repair HP Laptop Keyboard

The accidental drop may cause a lot of harm to the keyboard and if the keyboard's keys are not functioning well then the system performance of the laptop or PC gets automatically affected. Have you ever tried to fix your laptop keyboard at home? If not then don't worry because in this article we will let you know about the best ways through which you can repair or fix all keyboard-related problems.

What Are The Reasons For The HP Keyboard Not Working?

These are the different reasons that can be behind the malfunctioning of your hp laptop's keyboard take out look at these reasons -:

  • Major damage to the keyboard due to accidental drop

  • A locked or frozen keyboard can cause the keyboard dysfunction

  • Not upgraded drivers.

  • Defaulted keyboard

  • Assembled dirt between the space of keys

  • Interface connection between another device keyboard.

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How To Repair The Keyboard Of An Hp Laptop

Take a look at these easy methods to fix the problem of the hp keyboard not working -:

Method 1 -: Fix Your Keyboard With A Hard Reset

Fix Your Keyboard With A Hard Reset

Sometimes there is a problem with the operating system itself which can occur a malfunction of the keyboard. Whatever you press on the keyboard operating system will not input it in this case. This may be due to the overheating of the device, driver's update, system failure, viruses or malware distractions, etc.

How To Fix Hp Laptop Keyboard Keys Not Working With A Hard Reset?

To fix hp laptop keyboard keys not working with a hard reset follow these simple steps -:

1. Press and hold the power button on your laptop for 3 to 5 seconds after shitting it off.

2. Wait for a while, then refresh it and check whether the keyboard is working or not.

3. Hard reset boosts the boot process and gave the operating system the to break and process.

Method 2 -: Unlock The Locked HP Keyboard

If your laptop is locked, then it is also the reason for the keyboard not working properly. In this case, you need to unlock the keyboard.

How To Fix The Locked Keyboard On A Hp Laptop?

To fix the locked keyboard on the hp laptop follow these simple and easy steps -:

1. Different hp models have different patterns of locking and unlocking the keyboard but generally if you are not able to run your keyboard properly press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys on the keyboard at a time and then press the Esc button on the keyboard this combination will help you to unlock the hp keyboard.

2. Secondly, you can also press and hold the Right shift key for 5 to 8 seconds to unlock the hp keyboard.

Method 3 - Clean Your Keyboard Properly

Clean Your Keyboard Properly

Sometimes there are dirt particles struck between the spaces of the keyboard keys and keys lose their function. In this case, you need to clean your hp laptop keyboard properly with the help of a microfiber towel and laptop cleaning solution.

How To Fix The Hp Laptop Keyboard After The Water Spill?

Water spills and cause a lot of harm to your laptop keyboard if it can't be tackled seriously at the time of the spill. To fix the hp laptop keyboard after the water spill follow these instructions -:

1. Turn down your laptop from the backside to wipe out all the excess water.

2. Take a cotton cloth or a microfibre towel and with your help, it wipes and cleans all the water collected over the keyboard.

3. Dry out your hp keyboard with the help of a dryer or fan.

4. After all the water dried up, turn on your laptop and check whether the keyboard is working or not.

Method 4 - Disconnect The External Keyboard Connection

Sometimes the in-built keyboard and external keyboard don't sync with each other which will lead to the problem of the hp laptop keyboard not working. So, remove the connection of the external keyboard set-up.

Method 5 - Enable The Touchscreen Keyboard Setting

One reason can be the default keyboard settings if your keyboard is not working properly. You have to enable the touchscreen keyboard settings to run your laptop keyboard properly.

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Go to the windows, click on the settings under settings go to the keyboard setting area, and enable the touchscreen keyboard features if it is active.

Method 6 - Fix Your Damaged Keyboard

If there is not any kind of internal problem inside the system or the keyboard then check out for external damages. If your keyboard keys are broken or stuck then fix them to run your keyboard properly.

How To Fix HP Laptop Keyboards Keys?

Fix HP Laptop Keyboards Keys

To repair broken or stuck keyboard keys on a laptop you always need to have a proper toolkit for this operation. If the keyboard is damaged majorly then it is more suitable to replace it than repair it. If the damage is minor then you can also fix it at home with the help of a proper toolkit and the parts required. But as the keyboard operation is also crucial that's why it is preferable to take your keyboard to a certified laptop service center or contact us at +91 9717150098.

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This article concludes with the methods through which you can fix or repair your hp laptop keyboard.