What Does Ctrl Win Shift B Do In Windows

What Does Ctrl Win Shift B Do In Windows
  • Jan 11th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
  • Windows
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What Does CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B Do in Windows?

If you have concerns regarding the screen, pictures, images, icons, logos, basically all about the graphics, and many more, then you need to press CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B in Windows to compel the windows to come into play. This quicker way to be aware of the system ultimately leads to a restart of your video driver.

It resets your video driver. A video driver is software that connects the operating system to specific graphic display cards.

When you use this shortcut, it results in a blank screen for a while with a beep sound. It restarts your graphic driver and discards the desktop exterior buffer. Refurbish the allocation and prevent the black screen.

It is like an accelerator for Windows and makes it faster. It can refresh the graphics on the system and make it possible to return them to their natural and original form. When the computer is frozen or has display errors and visual effects, use this combo of keys to fixing it. If you are playing games on your system, use this combination: CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B. The process will come down into pieces, and the game will automatically quit or hang up.

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Navigate to the control panel, go to accessibility options, and double click on it, then click on the keyboard tab after that just click on the settings in the section of filter keys, Click the Use shortcut and tick the box to choose it, Click OK twice.

After unplugging, the keyboard press and hold the ESC key. While keeping the hold to the ESC key plug the keyboard back to the PC, Have a hold on ESC key until the keyboard starts flashing up. Again, unplug the keyboard and plug it once more.

It can be called helpful when a technician is working over the system but for a normal user, it might take a while to understand the depth of this combination. Overall, it cannot be called completely safe for a regular user.

This shortcut performs 83 programs from which we will describe a few; warping or blending in Blender, selecting all adjacent wall surfaces in Unreal engine, correcting the word in Alacrity, and more.

It simply makes the font bolder and easy to catch the eye of the viewer. If the text is already knitted in bold then this shortcut simply unbolds the text.

It is used to italicize and Un-italicize the written format. Used as a shortcut for italicizing the format.

It compels the windows to take action and reset the graphic and video driver. What does the keyboard shortcut ctrl + b do? As we have discussed earlier, it simply bolds and unbolds the written format.

If the shortcut Ctrl+B suddenly stopped working in google documents, slides, and many more options, then it might be a hardware-related problem.
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