What Does CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B Do in Windows?

If you are having concerns regarding the screen, pictures, images, icons, logos, basically all about the graphics and many more then you need to press CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B in windows to compel the windows to come into play. This quicker way aware of the system ultimately leads to a restart of your video driver.

Basically, it resets your video driver. A video driver is software that connects the operating system to specific graphic display cards.

When you use this shortcut, it results in a blank screen for a while with a beep sound. It restarts your graphic driver and discards the desktop exterior buffer. Refurbish the allocation and prevents the black screen.


It is like an accelerator for windows and makes it faster. It has the potential to refresh the graphics on the system and make it possible to return to its real and original form. When the computer is frozen or has display errors and visual effects, use this combo of keys to fix it. If you are playing games on your system, use this combination CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B, the process will come down into pieces and the game will automatically quit or hang up.