How To Make A Microsoft Account on Your Laptop Or Pc

How To Make A Microsoft Account on Your Laptop Or Pc
  • Sep 13th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Do you also want to know How To Make A Microsoft Account On Your Laptop Or PC? Let us tell you what the procedure is to make a Microsoft account through this blog.

But we proceed further do you know what a Microsoft account is? So, a Microsoft account is a free account that you can use to enable and connect to many Microsoft applications and services, such as, Skype, OneDrive, Windows, MSN, Xbox Live, Bing, and Microsoft Store. It is an account specially designed to manage all the applications from one place. You can log in to the Microsoft account from any email id such as yahoo, Gmail, (including Hotmail), etc. Microsoft account gives you a better chance to connect with people, and modify and save your pictures, documents, and pdf files with the help of different associated Microsoft platforms. Microsoft account is also known as  " windows live I'd ". One of the best things about a Microsoft account is that it provides a single password facility to log into all Microsoft services. You can also use the Microsoft store for buying office and home products.

Microsoft provides excellent service to its users that's why its popularity increasing day by day. It updated its version from time to time to maintain its place among users. Microsoft is on every laptop or computer to make the user's life efficient and better from its associated apps and services.

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Do you know what are the features of the Microsoft account that it provides to its users -:

So, here are the features listed below -:

1. It provides Simultaneous Collaboration.

2.  Facilitate with Simple Sharing of documents and files.

3. It provides integration with Skype.

4. It has different Outlook Groups.

5. It is a set-up of different types of works managed from one place.

So, the Microsoft account is loaded with all the features you wish. So make your own Microsoft accounts to get these services and features benefits.

To make a Microsoft account on a laptop follow these simple steps and carefully look at the procedure -:

1. Turn on your laptop or PC.

2. Refresh the window page.

3. Click on the Microsoft Windows page to open.

4. After opening the page, refresh it.

5. You will see the option of " create a free Microsoft account ".

6. Click on it to make an account.

7. Once you click on it you will see the column of details.

8. Fill out all your details such as first name, last name, user name, and password.

9. If you want to access your email id in the proxy of your user name then click on the " Get a new email address" right under the user name column.

Note-: select " Get a new email address" to separate a personal account from another one.

10. After filling out all the details and reentering the password click next.

11. The next page will be open to enter the captcha in the written form as well as in the audio form to make sure that a real person is creating this account.

12. After entering the captcha you will the create account option on the next page.

13. But before proceeding, read out the "Microsoft service agreement and privacy and cookies statement " which option is on the top side of the"create account" option.

14. you can also select another option if you want which highlights promotional offers from Microsoft and unsubscribe at any time.

15. In the process of creating a Microsoft account click on the create account option.

16. On the next page you have to verify your email id.

17. Click on the option of verify to verify your email address.

18. After verification, your account is ready to access.

19. You can add a picture to your profile photo, edit personal info, edit your name, can manage your sign-in email and phone number.

20. You can also go to your skype account and Xbox account from there.

21. On the top side column of the Microsoft account page will see the option

Of payment & billing, service, and subscription, devices, family, security, and privacy.

22. You can also go to the Microsoft store, product, and support.

This is how you can easily make your Microsoft account.

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Conclusion -

This blog concludes with the procedure to make or create a Microsoft account. There are very simple steps that are above mentioned to use a Microsoft account. Microsoft account comes with the best features and services. There are also many benefits to using Microsoft Office. You can use a Microsoft account for different purposes such as online chats and calls, stores, etc.


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