How To Free Ram In A Laptop

How To Free Ram In A Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
  • Computer
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How to free RAM in a laptop is a topic few people know. Are you also in them? This blog is only for you, and we elaborate on this topic. But before starting our main topic of the day, do you know what the term' free RAM' on your PC or laptop is? So, it would be best if you noticed that on your computer and PC, sometimes your computer becomes slower and performs its functions and tasks with less speed. The slow rate of work done leads to less productivity and affects the laptop or PC performance. To deal with this situation, we use the free RAM method to boost the computer's speed. This is known as free RAM ( random access memory ). Do you know What is RAM? So, the complete form of RAM is Random access memory. It is a type of non-volatile storage memory in which the data or information can be changed.

• Example of RAM,


So, RAM is one of the most essential things on your PC or laptop, and its maintenance is necessary for better performance.

These are the following ways to free your PC or laptop RAM quickly.

1. Uninstall extra software and apps to free up RAM-

Many types of apps and software persist on your laptop or PC and are also unusable. They take up much space in your laptop's RAM storage memory, leading to slower performance. That's why it is necessary to eliminate these unnecessary apps and software applications and free RAM.

To remove or uninstall the extra software applications and apps to free up RAM, follow these points-:

 1. Open your laptop or PC.

2. Refresh the window page.

3. Select the Apps and applications that are unusable for you.

4. Make a list of them.

5. Select them individually and uninstall them from your laptop to free up RAM.

This is how you can easily manage unusable apps and applications for free RAM.


2. Limit Apps To Free RAM

After deleting the unusable software and Apps from your laptop or PC system, you need to limit the remaining less useful Apps and software to run a limit on your laptop when turned on. Because there are apps that run within excessive limits and take up memory space so fast.

To run these unusable within a limit, follow these steps should be taken place-:

1. In Windows 10, click on the "task manager" tool option.

2. press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to access the task manager option directly on the window panel.

3. A tab appears to view all your laptop's applications and apps.

4. To limit your desired application or App, click right and check its details.

5. Select the change limit option to change the limit of that application.

6. Then refresh your laptop again.

This is how you can quickly stop the App from running on the laptop unnecessarily and free up RAM.

3. Inserting High-Quality RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the most important things to make your laptop more capable of storing data. That's why we need high-quality RAM for it. If a high storage capacity RAM is added to your computer or PC, your laptop or PC storage won't be filled quickly. It provides more space to store high MB and GB apps and applications. You have to insert high-quality RAM into your laptop as per your use, which is the best option to not get onto the step of free RAM.

You can use high-quality RAM to boost your laptop or PC without freeing it.

4. Junk and Virus-Free Laptop

Junk and cache occupy so much space on your laptop or PC without knowing. It became a distraction in the way of notebooks or PC speed.

Install some third-party app to clear all the viruses, junk, and cache from your laptop or PC and speed up your device. This step helps free up your RAM Card quickly.


• The Windows Defender application is one of the best options for freeing up RAM.

5. Clear or Clean Cache Files and Web Browser Previous or Recent History

Clear your internet web browser history to load less on RAM. Web browser history piled up your laptop RAM space and became a permanent error in the laptop's speed.

To clean web browser history from the web browser follow these simple steps:-

• To Clean History From Google Chrome

1. Open on your laptop or PC.

2. Click on the setting icon with three dots.

3. Select "clear browser history."

4. Select the time, last hour, day, or week.

5. select the clear recent browser history and clean it.

6. Refresh the page.

This is how you can clear the cookies or data that occupy much space in your laptop RAM. You can also delete web browser history from popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Yahoo, Google, etc.

6. Restart Your Laptop

You can also power off your laptop to free RAM. It is also recommended to start up your computer with speed and Free RAM.

Sometimes, laptops heat up due to excessive running and burden RAM space. That's why you restart your computer again to get rid of this.

7. Download the third-party App to free RAM and Update App on your PC or laptop

You can use the finder free App for free RAM and update the apps.


This blog concludes with the method or steps to quickly free up RAM on your PC or laptop. This blog gives you an introduction to RAM and its features.

Mention all your suggestions related to this blog in the comment section.

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