How Can We Decrease The Size Of A Photo Or Picture In Kb On A Laptop

How Can We Decrease The Size Of A Photo Or Picture In Kb On A Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Welcome to our blog, readers. Here, you find all the information about laptop tools, features, etc. There are a lot of questions about "How can we decrease the size of a photo or picture in kb on a laptop ?" We are going to give detailed information about it in this blog.

Pictures are one of the most important things we look up for memories! But pictures are also a thing of our identity. For some documents and verification, we need a specific type of photo, picture, or image that fits into the paper. If a government document does not have a clear and specified photo as per the demands, it automatically leads to cancellation. It worsens when your essential document application is canceled only because of a picture. In most documents and email applications, pictures of fewer kb are needed, which is helpful in smooth verification. But what happens when we don't know How to convert large-size images to small sizes? Or in kb from Mb? We don't even know about a  small, simple thing. Right? And for this simple chore, we must run after cybercafes or anyone else who can do it.

Some apps are also available for picture or image editing, through which we can edit any photo,  its shape, size, and dimensions. You can go through these apps to resize or edit any picture. The best things about these apps are that they are easy to use, open, and affordable. You can use the free online without any glitches.

1. Lunapic App - It is a free online app.

•Download this app on your PC from the Chrome browser.

•Choose the file of an image and upload it.

• Click the editing option to decrease and increase the image size in kb and Mb.

• After resizing and editing the image, select 'Set file' and click 'Save.'

2. TinyPNG - This site is also beneficial for photo editing and resizing.

•Open a web browser and access the Tiny PNG site on your laptop.

• Upload the selected file by clicking on the photo upload symbol in the middle of the photo space.

• After upload, select compress.

• Download and Save the compressed picture.

3. Adobe Photoshop -

It is one of the most popular apps for making a picture or photo fit in any space you desire. It gives high-resolution images on the laptop, but to compress them, you can also use it

•Install the Adobe Photoshop app on your PC.

• Select the image.

•Upload it and select the changes you want.

• press compress and then select 'save.'

. Save the image or picture in your PC folder.

You can go with pixel pictures; google image resizes, shutter stock resizers, and online free resizer apps for more alternative options.

In the newer versions of the laptop, you can reduce the size of photos after following these simple steps -:

•Go to  Microsoft Picture Manager on your laptop.

•Click on the option to compress the picture.

•Select the image you want reduced or decreased in shape, size, and dimensions.

•Select the compress image option from the picture editing tool format tab.

•Choose the size in kb of the image by correcting the size of the image under resolution.

•Press 'OK' and 'Save ' to get your desired reduced image.

Under resolution for document, click 'print.'

In the older versions of the PCs (MS Office 2007-2010), you can follow these simple steps to decrease the size of the photo in kb:-

•Go to the picture option from the main menu on your laptop.

• Select the photo you intend to use for reducing.

•Insert the picture.

• Tap on the 'Compress' option.

• Compress or decrease the size of the inserted picture.

• Click 'Save' to save the changes in the picture and click 'Undo' to reset the changes.

You can use the picture for the web, email, and any document by clicking under compress for email messages, documents, and the web.

You can follow one more option to resize an image on a laptop that is running on Windows 10.

• The Paint app in Windows 10 is also very useful in changing the images' shape, size, and dimensions.

•By using the Paint app, we don't need to install any other app for this photo editing process.

• Select the image you want to resize.

• Open the selected image with the paint folder.

• Select your specified resolution of the image from horizontal and vertical columns

From about tab.

• Press 'OK' to complete the process.

• And click 'Save' to download the image in the folder where you need it

You can convert an image of Mb(Megabytes ) into Kb (Kilobytes) or decrease the size of any image.

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