Authorised Laptop Service Center Benefit

Authorised Laptop Service Center Benefit
  • Jan 11th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Reading this article means you are looking for an Authorized Laptop Service Center in your area. You are welcome! And let me tell you that you are on the right path. Let's admit it: the days are gone for the old-school bulky desktops, and more portable devices like laptops and hybrid tablets have already taken place in your lives. Further, according to Statista, the coveted cult of stats, the global sales volume of laptops is rising, with a steep downslope in the Desktop/PC sales volume.

The result? It's simple. With the increasing number of laptop devices, more laptop repair service centers are popping up daily. And it's acceptable from the user's point of view. Right? However, there's a fundamental problem, as there's a real difference between an ordinary laptop service center and an Authorised Laptop Care Center. Let's find out what's exactly that. Before we move to that issue, we need to understand better why you need to go to a laptop repair service. Frankly, there are many reasons. Maybe your laptop is old enough and encountering hardware-related glitches frequently.

Further, you can face problems when your computer experiences an accidental drop. Lastly, any of the hardware elements can fail at times. That's why each computer manufacturer offers you a warranty, not a guarantee. Buddy, get this straight: ensured durability of an electronics card that houses a sea of temperature-dependent SMD elements can be anything but a reality. No one can provide it, not even the best laptop manufacturer on this planet.

But on the other hand, the failure rate of the electronic components of any laptop is pretty low. Now, I have some data assembled from different global laptop manufacturers, and these data sets can be pretty vocal to support this point. The standard failure rate of varying laptop parts:

  • Motherboard – 1.90%
  • Power Supply Units – 1.50%
  • SSDs or Solid State Drives – 1.27%
  • HDDs or Hard Disc Drives – 1.07%
  • RAM – 0.76%

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Data Source: Laptop discovery The idea? If we go with this data, around 2 motherboards fail within 100 motherboards. Similarly, less than 1 RAM or physical memory stick fails within 100. So, it's a real issue, and these sudden failures will push you to an authorized laptop service center. Further, how you treat your laptop is a significant issue here. The better the care, the longer your laptop's lifespan will be. Added to the lot, there are other reasons, too. Suppose your OS has crashed, and your computer acts like a dead brick. Moreover, the laptop screen may get damaged. Battery charging issues may come, or accidentally, you may drop your coffee-filled mug on your laptop, and this list goes on. So, the reasons can be many, but the solution is a single–authorized laptop service center. Right? Ok. It's time to move to the cardinal point of this article.

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Authorized Laptop Service Centre: What does that mean?

An Authorised Laptop Service Centre points to those laptop service centers with official authorization from a particular laptop manufacturer to repair laptops. To understand it a bit more, let's consider that you now reside in Mumbai and own a specific brand of laptop; let's assume it is HP. Now, if you face some issues with your computer, then there is a high chance that right now you are googling for this particular search phrase:

It's a reality. Likewise, if you own a different brand of laptop device, then you might be searching for similar phrases like:

I bet I made my point here. Moving to the focal point of this article,' 'Why is going to an Authorised Laptop Repairing Center beneficial?', you need to understand a few basic things. Let's move to that.

Get access to a group of skilled laptop-repairing professionals.

Authorized laptop repair centers or service centers have this edge. Laptop manufacturers are keen to value their customers, and it's how they add the proper weightage to their brand value. Now, skilled laptop repair personnel know their craft strongly and do their job with surgical precision; that's the level of professionalism you look for. Coveted laptop manufacturers like Dell, HP, and others hire sterling technicians and train them to turn them into experts when they get their hands on your device. So, it's like you are going to a better doctor for your precious laptop. And it's always fair to do that.

Better and optimized tools scientifically do the job.

An authorized laptop service center means your laptop will get treated scientifically. Tools are essential when it comes to Laptop Repair in India. Although most of Mumbai's regular Laptop repair centers are equipped with professional tool sets, still having the right tools and using them skillfully are two different things. Indeed, an experienced pair of hands can handle proper tools better.

Under the warranty period? It's always FREE!

Yes. It's the best part of the whole story. If your laptop device is under the warranty period, it's 'happy hours! You can get a professional Laptop repair service in Thane without making a hole in your pocket. It's always great.

Last words.

Having said all of the good sides of an Authorised Laptop Service Center, there is a wrong side too. And that's your valuable time. We know many such cases, even if the laptop is under warranty. What happens is that, let's say, your computer's HDD or SSD somehow has failed. As I have said earlier, there may be many reasons behind such issues. Followingly, you would take your laptop to the Authorised Support Center, and they would tell you that the HDD or SSD would get replaced. And you do not require any bucks for that. Now, up to this point, the story goes so well. But the story does not appear suitable. The report does not seem promising when you receive your repaired laptop after a long time. Right? Yeah, we are on the same page, and believe me, it happens. And there is no solution to this. I bet it's hard to consume. Lastly, in our 'always on our toe' type of lifestyle, the single most valuable thing is time. Thankfully, some Laptop Repairing Services in Navi Mumbai have rolled up their sleeves to kill this problem and are doing great. And, personally speaking, being a part of this laptop repairing industry for the last 8 years, we are confident enough to say that we are ready to help you with your computer fixing issues. So, feel free to bug us anytime with your problems. We will be happy to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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At HP, we offer special HP Care Pack with your device purchase, comprising of various services for PC repair, extended warranty and support for you. HP Care Pack isn't just warranty coverage – it's 24/7 tech support, pickup of damaged devices, in-home service for select devices, and coverage for multiple incidents.

5-10 business days Repairs generally take 5-10 business days. Use the HP Repair Status web site to track the progress of your repair. Due to parts back orders, shipping issues, or circumstances beyond HP's control your repair may require additional time.

one-year warranty

HP's standard one-year limited warranty covers for repairs or replacement of parts that are deemed defective. Some of the issues or damages covered by the limited warranty include: The hard drives (or SSDs) of HP laptops are covered against failure during the warranty period.

More efficient: IT experts say that a laptop loses 30% of its efficiency every year if not serviced. Without servicing, it can accumulate dust and dirt which reduces its efficiency. During the annual check-ups, the air vents are cleaned to make sure the air your laptop breathes is clean.

Obviously the answer is big NO. It is always better to send your laptop or PC to a trusted and certified repair center. A bad intentioned repair person can install spying tools or install malware software and can even find out your private information.
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