Laptop speed and performance

Laptop speed and performance
  • Jun 25th, 2022
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Computer
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Are you also worried about your laptop speed and performance? Is your laptop or PC isn't working well? We will give you detailed information about the methods and techniques through which you can boost your laptop speed easily.

Slower work at a slow pace with less productivity leads to the destruction sometimes, especially in the case of highly developed and featured devices we don't expect this kind of slow rate.

If your laptop buffer sometimes gets the hang, get a stop or pause then it highly demands a speed boost up. When a laptop or PC doesn't upload or download the software, apps, or game application at a good speed it may have some technical issues. These issues affect your productivity and the task that you have to submit on time. So, to avoid these kinds of issues and problems follow these methods to increase your laptop speed.

1. Remove or uninstall the extra software and apps from your laptop or PC -

There are many apps and software that remain on your laptop or PC which is not usable for you. They take up a lot of space in your laptop storage memory which leads to slower performance. That's why it is necessary to get rid of these unnecessary apps and software applications.

To remove or uninstall the extra software applications and apps follow these points-:

 1. Turn on your laptop or PC.

2. Refresh the main page.

3. Check the Apps and applications you don't use.

4. Make a list of them.

5. Select them one by one and uninstall them by right click on your laptop or PC.

This is how you can easily manage the apps and applications you don't want and give a better to your laptop or PC.

2. Give a suitable limit to run to software and Apps

After deleting the unusable software and Apps from your laptop or PC system, you need to limit the remaining less useable Apps and software to run a limit on your laptop when it is turned on. Because there are apps that run within excessive limits and take up memory space so fast.

To run these unusable within a limit follow these steps should be taken place-:

1. In window 10, click on the "task manager" tool option.

2. Or you can press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to directly access the task manager option on the window panel.

3. A tab appears to view all the applications and apps that your laptop has.

4. To limit your desired application or app click right and check the details of it.

5. Select the change limit option to change the limit of that application.

6. Then refresh your laptop again.

This is how you can easily stop the app to run on the laptop unnecessarily.

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3. RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is also one of the most important things to make your laptop more capable to store data. You need high-quality RAM for it. If a high storage capacity RAM is added to your laptop or PC the storage of your laptop or PC wouldn't be filled easily. It provides more space to store high MB and GB apps and applications. You have to insert high-quality RAM into your laptop as per your use. 

This is how you can use RAM to boost up your laptop or PC.

4Junk and virus free. Keep your laptop or PC 

Junk and cache occupied so much space on your laptop or PC without knowing. And became a distraction in the way of laptops or PC speed.

Install some third-party app to clear all the viruses, junk, and cache from your laptop or PC and speed up your device.


•Windows defender application is one of the best options you can pick.

5. Clear cache and web browser history

Clear your internet web browser history. Web browser history piled up your laptop memory space and become a permanent error in the speed of the laptop.

To clean web browser history from the web browser follow these simple steps:-

• To Clean history from Google chrome

1. Open on your laptop or PC.

2. Click on the setting icon with three-dot.

3. Select "clear browser history".

4. Select the time last hour,  last day, or last week.

5. Select the clear recent browser history and clean it.

6. Refresh the page.

This is how you can clear the cookies or data that occupied much space in your laptop memory. You can also delete web browser history from popular browsers like internet explorer, Yahoo, Google, etc.

6. SSD startup

If you are looking for deep cleaning and have to increase the speed of the laptop internally and then you can go for Solid State drive start up.

7. Reboot or Restart your laptop or PC

You can also power off your laptop or PC for some time. It is also one of the recommended ways to start up your laptop with speed.

Sometimes, laptops heat up due to excessive run. That's why you need to reboot or restart your laptop again.


There are some necessary steps to increase your laptop speed. You have to clear extra apps, limit them, install high-quality RAM, SSD start-up, etc. Increasing the speed of laptops is necessary for better laptop performance and productivity. In this blog, we helped you out with the above-mentioned method or techniques to increase your laptop.

Write down your comments and suggestions regarding this blog in the comment section.



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