How To Enter Bios In Dell Laptop

How To Enter Bios In Dell Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
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Essential Input or Output System, or BIOS, is sometimes known as System Setup. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is standard on contemporary Dell PCs (UEFI). On a tiny memory chip located on the system board or motherboard of the computer, BIOS or UEFI is firmware. It interfaces between the operating system and the computer's hardware.

The BIOS or UEFI of the computer turns on all the fundamental hardware necessary to boot the operating system, including but not limited to:

  • Processor and cache on a chip

  • RAM, or system memory

  • controllers for audio and video

  • Typewriter and mouse

  • Internal hard discs

  • network managers

  • cards for internal expansion

On Dell PCs, you can access the BIOS or System Setup by:

During starting, at the Dell logo screen, repeatedly press the F2 key.

Alternately, at the Dell logo startup screen, press the F12 key repeatedly and choose BIOS Setup or System Setup from the menu.

NOTE: Different Dell machines may have a different BIOS or UEFI interface. Consult the user manual for your Dell computer to find out how to access the BIOS.

The BIOS or UEFI interface is intended for experienced computer users only. By altering these settings, you risk losing data, the computer failing its power-on self-test (POST), and the operating system not launching.

No information on the cause is provided.

How To Update The BIOS On A Dell Computer

According to Dell, the BIOS should be updated as part of your regular update cycle. Updates to the BIOS can frequently add features, address bugs, or do both. The system software can be kept up to date and compatible with other computer modules with the help of feature improvements or modifications in the BIOS update (hardware, firmware, drivers, and software). Additionally, security upgrades and improved stability are provided by BIOS updates.

Dell offers a simple self-installing BIOS update application. Additionally, Windows Update is used to distribute crucial BIOS updates.

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Before attempting to update the BIOS, ensure you have a data backup. Potential data loss may occur due to errors during a BIOS update.

Before updating the computer's BIOS, disconnect any external USB drives, printers, and scanners.

Before changing the BIOS, the Dell laptop battery must be charged by at least 10%. Before starting the update process, Dell advises operating the laptop on AC power.

BEWARE: Before updating the Dell computer's BIOS, turn off BitLocker. When you restart the computer after not suspending BitLocker, the BitLocker key will not be recognized. To continue, you must enter the recovery key, and the computer will prompt you for the recovery key on reboot. If the recovery key is unknown, this can result in data loss or unnecessary operating system reinstallation.


  • You must be logged in as an administrator to install the BIOS update on your Dell computer.
  • Before downloading and installing the SupportAssist program on your Dell computer, you must be logged in as an administrator.

Before you start, briefly turn off Windows' BitLocker security. Learn how to use the TPM to turn BitLocker on or off in Windows. Restarting the machine will automatically restore BitLocker protection.

  • To have SupportAssist automatically detect your Dell machine, click Download & Install. To install Dell SupportAssist, adhere to the on-screen directions.

  • Alternately, enter the Dell computer's Service Tag, Express Service Code, or Serial number and click Search.

  • You can also manually choose your Dell PC from the catalog by browsing all items.

  • Decide on the computer's installed Operating System.

  • Go to Category and choose BIOS.

  • Find the most recent System BIOS.

  • To download the file to your PC, click Download.

  • Navigate to the location where the downloaded file was saved using File Explorer (also known as Windows Explorer).

  • Double-click the downloaded BIOS setup file to finish the installation procedure and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

  • The BIOS update procedure will be finished after the computer restarts.

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When the DELL icon shows, press "F2" to access "System Settings" (BIOS). reset the BIOS to the factory defaults. Press "F2" to access BIOS and "Alt+F" to restore CMOS after restarting your computer. You will hear a loud beep tone after tapping the combo key.

When the DELL icon shows, press "F2" to access "System Settings" (BIOS). reset the BIOS to the factory defaults. Press "F2" to access BIOS and "Alt+F" to restore CMOS after restarting your computer. You will hear a loud beep tone after tapping the combo key.
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