Which Ram Density Is Large

Which Ram Density Is Large
  • Sep 1st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Ram
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Do you also want to know which RAM is higher in density? If yes, go through this post to know more about the RAM density.

What Is Ram?

The full form of RAM is Random access memory. RAM is a type of non-volatile storage memory in which the data or information can be changed. RAM is one of the most important things on your laptop and its maintenance is essential for making the better performance of the laptop.

Some Examples of RAM are-:


What Is Ram Density?

RAM Density refers to the memory density of the individual chips on the module. RAM have have 8 to 16 chips with memories. If the RAM supports ECC.

What are high RAM density and low RAM density?

RAM with Limited chips with more or large memory is called high-density.

Low-density modules have more RAM chips with less or limited memory in comparison to High-density RAM.

Manufacturers have increased the number of chips to decrease the density over the years because some older systems cannot handle the higher density chips.

Which Ram Density Is High?

Generally, low RAM density 1GB modules are made with 16 chips and 8 on each side, using a 64Mx8 device whereas high RAM density 1GB modules are made with 16 chips, and 8 chips on each side, using a 128Mx4 device.  Low-density RAM is compatible with 100 percent of the system boards, whereas high-density RAM is compatible with only 10 percent.

 If you are using a high-density RAM in a system that needs low density, then the system will recognize only half of the amount of RAM installed or it will not boot up the system.

The Ram which has less number of chips has a higher density.

For example,

The Lenovo Thinkpad T410 is based on the 1st gen Core-i series and is tested on two different 4GB DDR3 RAM modules. The first RAM module has 16 chips each having only 250MB, so low-density. The second RAM had 8 chips in total, each having 500MB which has a high density in comparison.

In comparison, The high-density RAM modules can crash the BIOS or OS system during the boot process. The low-density RAM modules work finer than high-density RAM.


This blog concludes with informative data on high-density RAM.

Frequently Asked Questions

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As compared to the working modules of both high and low RAM density. RAM with low density is finer.

Data is read after the disk rotates under the heads, A higher data density means that you can read more data in a given time. In this case the higher the density the better the performance.

Yes, High RAM density has more memory space with fewer chips.

Take a look at the number of chips if it is fewer with large memory space then you are using RAM with high density. And if the number of chips is more with less memory space then you are using RAM with low density.

The object which is having larger mass will have a large density whereas the object with a smaller mass will have the lowest density.

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