How To Enter Bios In Acer Laptop

How To Enter Bios In Acer Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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How to Enter BIOS in Acer Laptop

It is abbreviated as a basic Input/output system. It is a software system that allows the computer to have instructions that it is necessary to reset or configure your computer when it is being switched on in the first place.

It helps to transform and alter the boot order. It makes the parts of the hardware system turn on or off or changes the time and date of the system.

This blog will teach you how to access the BIn an onER laptop.

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How to Enter BIOS in Acer Laptops Using Hotkeys

·       Switch off your laptop completely to shut down the system entirely by having a press and hold on the power button, which usually takes up to 5 seconds.

·       Again, press the power button to switch the laptop on.

· When the primary logo screen displays, quickly press and hold the F2 key to enter BIOS in your Acer laptop.

For Desktops

Now, if we talk about desktops,

The first two steps are the same as those given for laptops to enter BIOS, but the last step acquires one thing, which is different. Instead of pressing F2 after powering off and on, we need to press the Del button to enter the BIOS.

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How to Enter BIOS in Acer Laptops From Windows

1.    Click on the Start menu and then choose Settings.

2.    Go for Update and security.

3.    Navigate to Update and recovery

4.    Choose the recovery option on the left, then click restart afterward.

5. When the boot menu pops up, hit the troubleshoot option.

6.    In the Troubleshoot, Choose Advanced options.

7.    In the present advanced options. Go for UEFI Firmware settings.

8.    Choose and click on restart.

9.    You will get the UEFI (BIOS) into your laptop.

How to Reset the BIOS to Factory Default Settings

· First, using any of the above methods, enter the BIOS

·       Then press the F9 key to reset the settings of BIOS default

·       Now, to save the above changes, enter the BIOS, press the F10 key, and exit the system.

·       Your BIOS has reset to factory default settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you want to get BIOS without F2 then reboot your computer by pressing a key that is especially available for entering the BIOS by the manufacturer of your laptop or PC, in this method you have to save your work before shutting down the system and then simply go through it. Other way around is to press the setup hotkey over and over again until the BIOS are entered. Third way is to use UEFI settings in window to navigate the BIOS.

In order to get the BIOS on Acer Aspire 3 or on any laptop with other manufacturer, you have to enter the right key to access the BIOS into that system. The key used to enter BIOS on Acer Aspire is F2. However, the further functions to perform for getting the BIOS in Acer Aspire depends upon the model you are using.

Boot your system and enter the BIOS by hitting the usual key F2 several times. Press and hold the power button until the BIOS screen gets shutdown. While the laptop is off press the following keys in the given order: F4, 4, R, F, V, F5, 5, T, G, B, F6, 6, Y, H, N. Again hit the power button and press the F2 key a few times to get into the BIOS once again.

Tap the key F7 function key and it will lead you to the advanced mode of BIOS, as it is the main tab given for accessing advanced mode UEFI BIOS screen on the display of your laptop or any computer system.

List of hotkeys for entering BIOS by the manufacturer: 1. ASUS: F2 for every PC and DEL for motherboards. 2. Acer: F2 or Del are the main keys for BIOS. 3. Dell: F2 or F12. 4. HP: F10. 5. Lenovo (user laptops): F2 or FN +F2.

The manufacturer of acer has set the BIOS key as Del or F2.
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