How To Fix Acer Laptop Startup Problem

How To Fix Acer Laptop Startup Problem
  • Aug 28th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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How to fix the Acer laptop startup problem?

Nowadays who are not working or studying on a laptop but as easily as we can do their work, in the same way, it happens many times that your system starts to have a problem or not. And your data is in the system itself, if the same thing happens to you, then you can fix it by yourself, how you will fix this so understand by reading this article

The Cause of an Acer Laptop That Won't Turn On

There are many reasons why an Acer laptop might not turn on, but the cause is usually this is thing problems

1-    An issue with the Acer laptop's boot sequence.

2-   A problem with the battery or power supply.

3-     A hardware failure.

4-      Maybe file corruption

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Now we talking about the issue with the Acer laptops boot sequence so firstly we know what is the boot menu?

What is the Acer laptop boot menu?

It’s a menu in charge of computer boot. By default, you cannot see the boot menu when starting up your computer normally.
But if you are careful enough, you will find that there is an on-screen the boot menu easily and also 
This is a process of a few
seconds that occur during the power-on of the computer, which is called the booting process, this process includes the process
from POST to loading the operating system on the RAM till the desktop screen appears. A lot of options are included in the Acer
boot menu: system information, boot device options, bios setup, etc. these options are very useful when you have special needs or
run into problems that need to be fixed by changing settings in the boot menu.

 A problem with the battery or power supply is the Check AC power input. Make sure the cord is firmly seated in the wall socket and the power supply socket. Spontaneous rebooting or intermittent lockups during normal operation.

 A malfunction within the electronic circuits or electromechanical components (disks, tapes) of a computer system. Recovery from a hardware failure requires repair or replacement of the offending part.

File corrupted means that the file got corrupted or there will be a virus problem or it has been deleted. Whenever you open the file you can see it shows a warning type of message which you won’t open it or if it’s harmful to your device still won this file. The corrupted file is the different ways like pdf, image word excel window, etc.

 How to turn on the Acer laptop when it is not on 

1.  Please shut down your Acer laptop

2.  Refresh or reset the laptop 

3.  Delete the problematic file or virus

4.  Unplug all external devices. includes external hard drives, optical drives, flash drives, and SD cards.

5.  Reset hard drives (HDD)

6.  Connect the laptop to power. Make sure your laptop is fully charged or insert the Acer desktop adaptors into an electrical outlet

7.  Try to connect an external display

8.  Leave the Acer laptop to connect to power overnight

9.  Try to access the Acer laptop's bios Press the power button, then press the F2 key repeatedly or updated the bios

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Now we talking about the Acer bios

What are the Acer bios?

BIOS is an integral part of the computer system. BIOS is a type of firmware of the PC and it is used during the booting process (start-up) process of the PC

Types of BIOS


Unified Extensible Firmware Interface 2.2 supports drives of size 2 TB or more and it uses a GUID partition table (GPT) in place of the old master boot record (MBR).


In old motherboard, we get to see legacy bios, in legacy bios we cannot use drives of size more than 2.1TB.

How to open bios

Depending on the bios and system there may be more than one way to access the bios, depending on the model of your system.

1.  Start your computer first

2.  After a few seconds on the computer monitor you will see some message here we have to use the key to access the bios

3.  press the bios setup key

4.  Go to bios by pressing the key, this key can also be DEL, Esc, F1, F12, and others

5.  Access bios configuration

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