How To Enter Bios In Asus Laptop

How To Enter Bios In Asus Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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How to enter Bios in ASUS laptop

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a software package used by the microcircuit operator of a computer to initiate the performance and functioning of a computer after it is switched on.

It enables data flow and acts like a connector or bridge that links it to the attached devices like hard disk, keyboard, mouse, video adapter, and printer.

This blog will teach you how to enter Bios on an ASUS laptop.

To get access to the basic input/output system (BIOS), a small window appears as soon as you press the correct key. This particular key has variations in terms of laptop brand and model. The procedure for entering the key to access BIOS in ASUS is unique to other trending and leading brands.

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Key to enter BIOS in ASUS

In most ASUS laptops, the to be entered for BIOS is F2. Unlikely, on other computers, when going through the process of entering BIOS, the system starts booting up. However, ASUS recommends pressing and getting a hold on the critical F2 before switching on the power. Hold the key until you get the interface of the BIOS screen that appears on your display. If it does not follow the way it is mentioned here, then your laptop may not be able to identify the process of entering BIOS, and it will start over as usual.

Ways to access BIOS in ASUS

Even so, Pressing F2 is a conventional way to access BIOS in ASUS, but there are some alternative ways to get BIOS in ASUS that you might be aware of so that any of the methods may work out for the desired process.

Some Asus laptops do not support pressing the F2 key to enter bios. There is a common way, or it can be said, a shared key, to get done with the process. That key is the ‘’Delete’’ key. But if it does not work, try out the ‘’Insert’’ key; the correct key is rarely F10.

Alternative ways to enter BIOS in ASUS laptop

According to the standard F2 way. Press and hold these keys before switching on the power button; there will be a time-lapse between entering the BIOS and booting the operating system up.

It is the exact time when you have to enter BIOS. That tells why it is necessary to hold the key to access BIOS.

Instructions to access BIOS in ASUS laptop

1.    Go to the search bar in Windows, type, and find Change advanced startup options. After that, Click Open.

2.    Navigate to the advanced startup option in the Recovery section; click on Restart now.

3.    Before allowing the restart process in Windows, ensure you have saved all your work. A pop-up will appear, and then click on Restart now.

4.    After restarting the laptop, choose the option Troubleshoot.

5.    In Troubleshoot, GO FOR Advanced options.

6.    Under Advanced options, click on UEFI Firmware settings; the final step is RESTART.

7.    You now have access to BIOS on your ASUS laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some fixes given for BIOS setup: 1. Using UEFI Firmware settings 2. By fixing wrong power connector 3. Through Troubleshoot 4. By removing the BIOS Battery for resetting the CMOS 5. Fixing problems likely to happen in boot device 6. Updating the BIOS

Here are the list of BIOS keys by the manufacturer: · ASUS: F2 for every personal computers, F2 or DEL for the motherboard. · Dell: F2 or F12 · HP: F10 · Lenovo (user laptops): F2 or Fn + F2 · Acer: F2 or DEL.

Pressing the manufacturer keys while booting up the PC or laptop. According to the manufacturer, these keys could be Esc, Delete, F1, F2, F10, F11 or F12.

After restarting your computer, choose Troubleshoot then go for advanced options then move to UEFI Firmware settings and then click Restart. Your computer system will get the access to the configuration of BIOS just after the restarting.

The general way for ASUS motherboard is tapping DEL key when it is turning on. If the former process does not work then for accessing BIOS simply press TAB and after that press F2 key.

Pressing F2 key is the foremost step to enter BIOS and the key is considered as the ASUS Enter-BIOS key. The whole process is mentioned in the blog.

First just click Start and the choose settings options. Go to Update and security. Click on recovery given on the left side of the screen. Move to Advanced start-up and hit the option Restart now. Navigate to Troubleshoot, then advanced options, select UEFI Firmware settings, and again click on restart option. You will get the BIOS in windows 10.

In terms of accessing BIOS mode in your laptop, You to make sure which is your BIOS key according to the manufacturer of your laptop that includes F10, F2, F12. F1 or DEL. If your laptops starts up too quickly then try using recovery settings to access BIOS in your laptop.

BIOS of your computer defines how your computer or laptop works from the beginning to the end. It gives a solid foundation to the attached devices to work without any sort of resistance. Accessing BIOS is a process used to reverse the operating system after altering some changes in it.

Press DEL or F2 as soon as the ASUS logo appears on the window screen to get access of BIOS.

Basic input/output system, BIOS is a software that is applied by a microprocessor of the computer to start the computer system after switching it on. It handles the flow of data that is linked between operating system of computer and its attached devices like hard disk, keyboard, mouse, and printer and so on.

Before powering on the computer, just press and hold F2 key of the keyboard afterwards press power button without releasing F2 key until the BIOS display configuration appears.
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