Reduce The File Size On Your Laptop

Reduce The File Size On Your Laptop
  • Sep 13th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Laptop
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Are you also finding a way to reduce the file size on your laptop? Or you also want that your file becomes the size fit to share and detach with specific MB or Kb with any important documents So this blog is only for you. PDF files are an important too thing to manage too many sheets or pages together. We have to submit online assignments, school work, college work, and presentations in the form of PDFs. That's why making a PDF is one of the most basic steps to make make your work manageable, specific, clean, and in order. There is a limit to every pdf sharing platform up to this MB so, to submit the pdf file within this or that limit we need to compress them. Compression reduced the size of the pdf file and become capable to share from any platform like WhatsApp, Google classroom, Google assignments, E-mails, etc. So, in these cases, it becomes more necessary to learn How to compress a pdf file on your laptop or PC to maintain a work-life balance. 

Windows 10 laptops are loaded with a lot of new features.  In addition to these new features now you can also see an option of print to pdf. This feature can convert documents to pdf but is not manageable in size.  That's why we need to download or install a third party to fulfill this requirement.

Here are the ways through which you can easily reduce or compress the size of Pdf on your laptop or PC.

1. With the help of the Adobe Acrobat  PDF compressor App to can easily compress the size of a pdf file in minutes.

To do this with the help of the Adobe Acrobat  PDF compressor App follow these steps -:

power on your PC or laptop.

refresh it.

• open any web browser of your choice like Google Chrome.

• Search for "Adobe Acrobat online  PDF compressor App " on the web browser.

• Open App.

• Select the file that you want to compress from the window library.

• Move and open this file in "Adobe Acrobat online  PDF compressor App ".

• select the compress option from the menu list.

• if you want to reduce its size more then compress the file once again.

• After the reduction process, download the compressed file.

•  locate the file after save in your laptop library folder or where you want.

This is how you can use  "Adobe Acrobat online  PDF compressor App " for reducing the size of the file.

You can also use the Adobe Acrobat Pro app on your PC or laptop for better results of compression.

To use this application App on your laptop follow these steps-

• Download it on your laptop or PC.

•locate your selected file for compression.

•  Compress in your desired size.

• save and rename the file and move it to a folder.

Many other modifying options are available on the  Adobe Acrobat Pro app, use them and modify your pdf file as you want.

2. With the help of the "free PDF" compression app

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You can also take help in the compression of a file from the app named Free PDF. It is an online app.

To use this app follow these steps-

open an internet web browser on your laptop.

• Search for a Free PDF app.

• Once the search is done tap on the result.

• after opening the app, select the file to reduce in size.

• there you will have the option of PDF profiles, including eBook, High Quality, Medium Quality, etc.

• for compression click on the edit configuration option under profile editor.

• choose the quality, resolution, and size of the file. Such as medium quality/High resolution/10MB.

• download the changed file after compression.

•to save the file click on the "Save as " option.

• save the share the compressed file where your want.

Note-: Press Ctrl+P to use the free pdf as a printer or to print any document or file.

This is how you can easily compress your file.

You can also use some other alternative apps through which you can convert your large-size file into a compressed one.

DocuPub,  NeeviaPDF, and WPS, PDF squeezer are also the best alternatives for the work of pdf compression.


Pdfs are our daily basic needs in online learning and teaching, jobs, exam forms, etc. We need to know how to compress a pdf file and the format to create a pdf file. Pdf files in compression are easy to share. It takes up less space in the memory card on the mobile phone, laptop or PC. You can install or download a third-party app on your PC or laptop and get more compression features. This blog concludes with these kinds of apps through which you can create your reduced file size as above mentioned.

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