How To Connect CM Delhi Free Wifi In Laptop

How To Connect CM Delhi Free Wifi In Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ans. Make sure you are sharing your android’s data connection. Use hotspot app. Navigate to settings, shift to wireless connection, Choose tethering and portable hotspot. Press on the Wi-Fi option followed by a password, enter it in the space field and press the save option. Turn the Wi-Fi hotspot option on and the free data connection is ready to get shared with your laptop.

Ans. Of Late, DMRC has launched a free WiFi with high speed at all of its station under the Yellow line.

Ans. You can use free Wi-Fi in Delhi at public places as a free Wi-Fi scheme by the CM of Delhi provides free data since Dec 16, 2019 till now. Keep your KYC done and you will get an OTP on your number via text message, enter that OTP and get your free Wi-Fi connection activated.

Ans. Navigate to wireless network connections, choose available network by ensuring that your Wi-Fi is switched on. Now choose the option showing WCGSCHOOLS network. Enter your identity details and password fields. Tick all the advanced options. Choose the type of proxy and related name of host and the port. Hit the save option.

Ans. Go to your Wifi settings. Choose “OUI DMRC FREE WIFI”. You will asked for your phone number and email id, followed by a text message showing an OTP, put the OTP. Check the box for terms and condition. Hit the connect option and enjoy browsing even outside your home with a free yet secured data connection.

Ans. Public places like airport, coffee shop or any other sites provide free Wi-Fi but their login screen does not show up many a times. Generally, you do not need a password for using public Wi-Fi as you can directly browse with the public hotspot, but you will have to make an account or just keep the code entered from the given receipt before full experience in browsing. Another option for a safe Wi-Fi connection is to use encrypted Wi-Fi that needs a password to be accessed. These secured Wi-Fi connections just need the log in and once you put the correct password you will get your free Wi-Fi even in public places.

Ans. Firstly, try finding free WiFi in public by using a WiFi USB Dongle. Make sure you have a mobile router. And there is another option of having a CM Delhi free WiFi by entering your details and received OTP, save it and start using. Do it after confirming that your area falls under the free WiFi provider zone.

Ans. The process is same, as we have mentioned repeatedly in the blog. You need to have your KYC done, enter the OTP that reached your text message app and use that code for having a free Public Wi-Fi connection on any of the devices be it on your Laptop.

Ans. New Delhi is the first south Asian city of India that avails you free Wi-Fi connection at all of the yellow line sations.

Ans. Yes the Wifi is free in metro station, but will only be accessible at yellow line stations.

Ans. CM WiFi is a scheme of providing free internet in many of the residential areas, markets, airport, hospitals etc that is launched by CM of Delhi, Kejriwal, it has started in Dec 16, 2019 for the first time in some areas of Delhi and after a victorious breakthrough the scheme is still in the process of running and many Delhites are having the benefit of free WiFi in public places.
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