Jio Book Laptop

Jio Book Laptop
  • Sep 2nd, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Jio Book Laptop - Price & Specifications 2022

Jiobook is getting ready to launch its incredible notebook, the Jiobook Laptop, and compete in the laptop industry. The needs of professionals, businesspeople, and students have all been taken into consideration when designing this laptop. You can take advantage of a slick look and excellent performance with a Jiobook Laptop. What are you still holding out for? Book your Jiobook laptop today to discover all of its incredible features.

Jiobook, another incredible device from Reliance Industries, is a much-needed low-cost laptop option. A Snapdragon Processor and 2 GB of RAM are also features of the Jiobook Notebook applications, which you should be aware of.

JioBook Laptop

Reliance Industries consistently donates to the nation simple, affordable devices that are available to all of India's common people. You should all be aware that Mr. Mukesh Ambani pledged last year to provide access to laptops for every middle-class candidate in India. To fulfill this wish, he will introduce the Jiobook Laptop, which will be the most affordable laptop available in India.

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This laptop has a tonne of goodies, including a smart processor called the Snapdragon, a 14-inch IPS display, and 128 GB of storage. With storage options ranging from 128 GB with 2 GB of RAM to 256 GB with 4 GB of RAM, there will be two variants available. You should also be aware that the price of the latest Jiobook laptop will start at Rs 15,818.

About JioBook

The JioBook laptop is another amazing device from Reliance Industries with low-cost affordability. It is available on online reliance digital stores. You can check all JioBook Laptop specifications and special features here -:


General Description -

Company - Jio

Model - NB2112QB

Price - Rs 15,818

Display size - 11.6 inch ( 24.46 cm)

Display Type - HD

Resolution of the picture - 1366×768

Color available - blue

Processor and OS description -

Processor - Qualcomm

Processor supported by - Snapdragon

Operating system - JioOS

RAM and GPU description -

HDD ( Hard disk drive)- eMMc

RAM storage capacity - 2GB

Available RAM storage capacity slot up to - 128 GB

Graphics card powered by -  Qualcomm and Adreno

Connectivity description -

Blue tooth availability - yes

Wifi availability - yes

LTE availability -  yes

Speaker availability - Stereo speaker

Web camera - 2.0 MP

USB port - 2

Battery life - up to 8 hours

Warranty -

Warranty Available - 1 year


1. It is thin and light to carry.

2. It is integrated with jio 4G LTE and wifi which provides a better connection nationwide.

3. It has a wide-screen display which provides sharp and clear visuals.

4. It has an inbuilt Jio operations system that is optimized for supreme performance.

5. It has passive cooling features with a heatless and noiseless device facility.

6. It has all multi-leading apps and software for entertainment and management purposes.

7. New features include an HDMI mini jack.

8. Affordable.

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Price Of Jiobook Laptop In India 2022

Below is a list of Jiobook laptop prices in India. Jiobook, a new company, is offering high-quality hardware and creative designs at a reasonable price. This laptop is ideal for college students, professionals, graphic artists, content creators, and others. The Jiobook laptop's latest hardware makes it faster, smoother, and more responsive than comparable laptops in its price range.

The price of this Jio laptop is Rs 15,818. According to Reliance digital, the JioBook laptop cost Rs 15,818. The cost of a Jio laptop varies according to the model and storage capacity. It is expected to be less than INR 35,000 because it appears that people will buy laptops for online classes and internet browsing. The price of a Jio book laptop varies according to the model and storage capacity. No official information has been released as of yet.

JioBook Laptop Design 2022

The JioBook laptop has previously been seen online on numerous occasions. We can conclude from the legal and illicit images that JioBook has a design that is comparable to any other affordable and cost-effective laptop on the market. Fortunately, the placement on the government's marketplace has made key computer design details public. The chassis is made of ABS plastic and has metallic hinges; the form factor is described as "standard." The screen will have thick bezels, a chiclet keypad, and a large trackpad, among other features. The JioBook will be available in a dark blue color with no additional information.

Features Of The New Jio Book Laptop

Customers can select from a variety of novel and previously unseen features on the Jiobook laptop. It has a long battery life—up to 22 hours! It is also the world's first flying laptop, making it ideal for light travelers. People who want to take their laptops everywhere will appreciate the Joybook Laptop's ultra-slim design. As if that weren't enough, it has wireless charging and a 360-degree camera for taking photos and videos. So, what's keeping you waiting? Get a Jiobook laptop right now!

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Conclusion :

I won't say much as the blog has informed you all about the Jio Book Laptop - Price & Specifications. it is an easy process and you can use it for various purposes.

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