How To Clear Computer Cache In Windows 11

How To Clear Computer Cache In Windows 11
  • Jan 6th, 2024
  • Anshu Chauhan
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How To Clear Computer Cache In Windows 11

The computer cache is a file that stores data temporarily. It is the Windows operating system's method of storing frequently used data. The file can be cleared to free up space in your hard drive. The Windows Operating System manages the cache and contains several files, including temporary Internet files, old email messages, and other programs downloaded from the Internet or installed by users. If you are having an issue with your computer, you must first check your cache. The cache is a section of your hard drive that stores data temporarily. If there is an error with the cache file, that may cause your computer to freeze or give you problems.

How Do I Clear My Cache In Windows 11?

1. Press the Win + R keys to launch File Explorer and type "msconfig" in the search box.

2. Now, click on System Configuration from the results. You will see a window. Select the System Restore tab and click Go in its right-side pane.

3. In the System Restore Wizard window, click Next to start the System restore process for Windows 11 PC/Tablet/Laptop or click Next followed by Continue if you want to continue with all options available for you according to your requirements like Safe Mode with Networking, Repair Your Computer (Recommended), etc.

4. select a restore point before installing Google Chrome Browser on your PC/Laptop/Tablet.

Where Is The Cache File In Windows 11?

The cache file is stored in the Windows folder. The default location is:


The cache file contains information the System needs to run correctly and efficiently. It is created when the system boots up and then gets updated whenever something changes on the PC. The cache can be manually deleted or edited using a tool like CCleaner. Caches are files saved by the operating System to speed up disk access. In Windows, a cache is saved in the .cache file in a particular directory on your hard drive. This file holds sensitive data that should not be easily accessible to anyone else.

How do you clear the app cache in Windows 11?

1. Open the Start menu, type "cmd" in the search box, and press Enter key.

2. In the Command Prompt window, type the following command:

Clear-AppCache C: /f (for clearing the cache of your C drive) or (for removing the store of your D drive). For example, if you have a D drive, type: Clear-AppCache D: /f (or Clear-AppCache D:). You can also use "g" (for clearing the app cache of your G drive) or "h" (for removing the app cache of your H drive). For example, if you have an A drive, type Clear-AppCache A: /f (or Clear-AppCache A).

3. Press the Enter key to execute this command and then restart your computer to complete it.

How do you clear the RAM cache in Windows 11?

To clear the RAM cache in Windows, open the Control Panel > System and Security > System.

Once you are in the System window, click the Advanced system settings link on the left side of the window.

This will open a new window with a list of options. Click the Startup and Recovery link at the top of this list.

On this page, you will see an option called "Clear computer memory." Select it, then click OK.

You will now see a screen that says "Startup Settings Changed," followed by an option to start your computer from safe mode or the last known exemplary configuration. Choose a safe if you want to start your computer with default settings for your network connection and programs or the previously known ideal design if you restart with the same settings as when you stopped it before clearing your RAM cache.

How Do You Clear The WiFi Cache In Windows 11?

Windows 11 has certain features that allow you to take control of your WiFi connection, including the ability to clear the cache. This feature is designed to help ensure that your network connection is kept up-to-date and that other devices do not impact it on your home network.

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To Clear The WiFi Cache On Your Computer:

Open Settings from the Start menu or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Click Network & Internet > WiFi > Advanced options. Select Show Advanced Options, then click Advanced Opportunity to expand it. Scroll down until you see Clear mobile data when available under Network settings and tap it. In the Clear mobile data, select Auto-clear when the window is open, then tap OK.

The clear cache command is found under the Windows Control Panel.

To search for this option, press the Windows key, type "Control Panel" and press Enter.

In the left pane of the Control Panel, click on the Performance and Maintenance link.

A new window will open. Click the Change Settings link in the left pane of this window.

On this page, click the Advanced System Settings link at the bottom.

In the System Properties window that opens up, click on the Advanced tab on top of this window.

Under the Advanced tab in the System Properties window, click the Clear Now button at the bottom of this page to clear the Windows 11 shortcut key cache memory.

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