How To Edit A File On Laptop

How To Edit A File On Laptop
  • Sep 1st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Do you also want to know How to edit a file on the laptop? You can take help from here to edit a file.

Editing is very easy as well as a very complex process, but when you find a better source for editing you can edit anything in minutes. File editing is one of the most basic steps from which we interact in our daily lives, especially for students and office workers editing a file is the most basic need that they want to complete their duties.

In this blog, we will share some suggested ways through which you can easily edit any time files in minutes without any problems.

Here is the list of some apps or applications through which you can edit a file easily.

1. Adobe Acrobat editing app

You can use the adobe acrobat editing app to edit any type of file. This is one of the best apps you can download on your laptop for editing.

To use the Adobe Acrobat editing app on your laptop follow these steps -:

Step 1• Turn on your laptop.

Step2• Refresh the page.

Step3• Open an internet web browser on your laptop.

Step4• Search for "Adobe Acrobat online file editing App " on the web browser.

Step5• Open the editing app.

Step6• Select the file or PDF that you want to edit from the laptop folder.

Step 7• Select your sample file to edit and open this file in "Adobe Acrobat online  PDF editing App ".

Step 8• Select the " edit pdf" option from the menu list.

Step 9• If you want to edit the text of that file click on the edit text option.

Step 10•  You all be able to choose the edit format of the text in pdf such as italic style, font, typo mistake, replace a word, etc.

Step 11•  If you want to edit images in the file then click on the image you will be able to see the option of "Object " right after format under the edit option.

Step 12• You can edit that image or picture as per your need such as flip, crop, align, rotate, or arrange the image, light resolution, etc.

Step13• After editing the file then save the file using the "save file as" option.

Note - You can save the file in JPG format, Microsoft Word documents, Excel files, and PowerPoint presentations after editing.

This is how you can use the "Adobe Acrobat App " for editing a file.

You can also use the Adobe Acrobat Pro app on your laptop for better results in editing.

To use this application or App on your laptop follow these steps-

• Download it on your laptop.

• Open the pro editing app.

• Select the file by clicking on the add file option.

•  Edit the text or image or format of the file as you want.

• Save the file in any form such as PDf, PPT, image, etc.

There are also many other options you can use on this app such as compression of files, increasing file size, adding pages, etc.

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2. Microsoft word

Microsoft word is one of the best options you can pick for editing a file. It is pre-installed on most laptops and you don't have any need to pay extra charges to edit.

To use Microsoft word in editing the file follow these simple steps -:

Step 1- Open MS word on the laptop.

Step 2- Select the file or browse the file from the folder for editing.

Step 3- Click on the edit option.

Step 4-  Select the format in which you want to edit the text of the document or file such as bold the letter, changing color, changing style, removing words, etc.

Step 5- After editing click on the save option.

Step 6- MS word will save your file in the second substitute form after the editing process.

Note - Original file will remain the same and with editing in MS word the edit file save as a new file.

This is how you can use MS Word for editing a file.

You can also use these apps on your laptop to edit a file such as DocuPub, NeeviaPDF, and WPS premium, PDF editor, or an online file editor.

Conclusion :-

This blog concludes with the suggested apps or applications through which you can easily edit any type of file. These editing applications are easy to use with a simple process to edit a file as above mentioned. These applications are easily accessible and provide better options for editing. You only have to choose the editing format. So, You can also try out these apps or applications to edit a file on your laptop.

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If you have any questions or queries related to this blog you can write them down in the comment box.




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