Connect What's App To A Laptop

Connect What's App To A Laptop
  • Nov 20th, 2023
  • Ranjeet Singh
  • Computer
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Do you how to connect WhatsApp to a laptop? If not, then go through this article to make this basic skill of work updated in your mind.

WhatsApp is presently a source of talking or communication that is part of our day-to-day activity. Right? It is more than an app. Without checking your phone you don't take the whole day easy, especially status, stories, Dps, captions, and Bio of your friend, family, and loved ones. WhatsApp is not the only application that can enable features such as chats, video calls, transfer of money, etc .there are also other apps like this in the market such as telegram but WhatsApp occupies a very personal space among people. People like it more than any app that's why it is so much popular that every smartphone user chooses to install WhatsApp on their phones for online chatting, video calling, voice calling, and a better experience in communication.

Why Do We Use WhatsApp?

Many people know about WhatsApp only that it is an online chatting app but it is more than it. Do you also want to know more about WhatsApp? Then we will  explain to you,

With the use of WhatsApp, you can do fast, simple, secure messaging for free

•With the use of WhatsApp, you can do fast, simple, secure calling and video calling for free.

•  WhatsApp is easily available and accessible on smartphones all over the world.

•  You can also pay through WhatsApp.

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How To Connect To WhatsApp On A Laptop?

We will tell you the easiest way through which you can easily access WhatsApp on your laptop.

So, let's go with the way or method.

1. Whatsapp Web to connect

With the help of Whatsapp Web, you can connect WhatsApp to your laptop.

To use Whatsapp web to connect WhatsApp to your laptop follow these steps-:

Step 1. Turn on your laptop.

Step 2. Open a web browser on your laptop such as Google Chrome.

Step 3. Type and search for " WhatsApp web " in the search column.

Step 4. Download it.

Step 5. Open it.

Step 6.  QR code will be visible on the display screen of the laptop.

Step 7. Now open WhatsApp which you are using on your mobile.

Step 8. Go to the WhatsApp menu by tapping on the chat screen option.

( iPhone users can directly go to the setting from the WhatsApp menu)

Step 9.  You will see the QR code option is right next to your profile picture.

Step 10. Click on that QR option you will find the two sub-option there named " My code" and "scan code".

Step 11. Select the scan code option.

Step 12. Start scanning the code of laptop QR code from the  WhatsApp scanner of your mobile phone.

Step 13. After scanning, you can easily access WhatsApp on your laptop.

This is how you can easily connect your mobile to your laptop through the WhatsApp web.

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Is It Possible To Connect WhatsApp To A Laptop Without WhatsApp Web?

Many users are also asking this question there is any other way from which we connect our WhatsApp on the phone to our laptops? So yes, you can easily do this without any problem. So, to connect WhatsApp to mobile without WhatsApp web you can follow this method -:

You can use an android emulator such as Youwave to connect your mobile WhatsApp to your laptop.

To connect with the help of the wave android emulator follow these steps -:

Step 1 -:  Download what you have on your laptop from a web browser.

Step 2  -: After installing it, open the application on your laptop.

Step 3 -: Select the View option and take a look at the various Apps in it.

Step 4 -: Double click on Whatsapp to download it.

Step 5 -: After downloading it open and click on  Agree and continue option.

Step 6 -: After clicking on agree and continue option, enter your country code and registered mobile number.

Step 7 -:  You will receive an OTP through SMS after verifying your mobile number.

Step 8-: Copy the  5-digit OTP code and write it in the confirmation box.

Step 9: After confirmation of the code, you will be able to successfully log in to WhatsApp on your laptop with the use of YouWave.

 You can also use the YouWave android emulator to run another Android app on your laptop.


Connecting your mobile WhatsApp to your laptop is an easy task you can easily connect it with try out one of the methods above mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can connect it without WhatsApp web by using an android emulator.

Yes, you can use it.

Yes, it is safe but it is more power-consuming as well as occupies large memory space.
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