How To Check Generation Of Laptop

How To Check Generation Of Laptop
  • Jan 9th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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The term "generation" refers to the CPU's age. The frequency, power consumption, lithography, amount of cache, number of cores and threads, supported instructions, used slots, supported RAM, PCI-fast channel number, integrated graphics, and voltage control can vary between generations—the development of the device, etc. The performance is unique but not what anyone was anticipating.

Every generation uses energy more effectively, produces less heat, etc. Thus, the seventh-generation laptop will be significantly thinner than the fourth-generation one.

Two Windows 10 methods for determining your computer or laptop's generation

Here, I'll demonstrate two distinct techniques you can use to determine the laptop or PC's generation.

1. How to Determine Your Laptop or PC's Generation Using Its Properties

Check Generation Through Properties

The steps listed below can be used to check the Intel processor generation on a laptop or desktop running Windows 7 or higher: 

Simply right-clicking on My Computer and choosing Properties will summarize the hardware and operating system as they are now set up, allowing you to inspect or locate it. The processor you use is mentioned in this literature, but its sales or marketing name refers to it.

My Computer or This PC can be selected by right-clicking, then Properties.

Now that you can see your processor, the generation of your laptop or PC is indicated by the first number following the i3, i5, or i7. For instance, the i5, a 7th-generation chipset, is what I currently have. in the section titled "System." The number shows the generation of my laptop or PC after the i5 in the screenshot below, which is 7.

using PC Properties to check the generation

The range for this number is 1 to 9. Your generation can range from 1 to 9, according to this.

2. How to Use the Task Manager to Determine a Laptop or PC's Generation

Use the Task Manager to Determine a Laptop or PC's Generation

You can find specific CPU details like the generation in Windows 10's CPU information. To access it, right-click on your taskbar and choose "Task Manager"; alternatively, you can open it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Select "CPU" under the "Performance" tab. Here, your computer's CPU's name and speed will be displayed.

Here's how to use Windows 10's Task Manager to determine your laptop's generation:

Right-click your taskbar and choose Task Manager to get started.

Then click CPU under the Performance tab. The specifications for the Intel Processor and Generation are available here. For instance, the generation of my laptop or PC is shown by the 7th number after the i5 in the screenshot below.

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These are 2 ways to find or check the generation of your PC or laptop using the PC Properties and Task Manager. You can get detailed information about your PC and laptop. Knowing about Intel's processors and generations would be helpful, especially if you want to buy a PC or laptop or add general information about your computer.

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Look under the system section for "processor." It will read "Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-3520M CPU 2.90GHz," for example. The generation of the processor in your laptop will be indicated by the number following this bolded 3.

Press the Function (Fn) and Escape (Esc) keys simultaneously on an HP laptop. You should see the HP System Information window on your screen. On some devices, this window could look different, but it will often display product details like the product name and serial number.
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