Asus Company Belongs To Which Country

Asus Company Belongs To Which Country
  • Jan 17th, 2024
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ASUS Company belongs to which country

Asus is a worldwide computer hardware that is found in Taiwan. It is a user-computerized company set in 1989 by three people who partnered with one another and used to work at Acer as hardware engineers earlier. These three partners are Tzu Heisen, Ted Hsu, and M.T Liao, but the company's chairpersonJonney Shih. Globally, it is considered a No-1 brand or label for motherboard and gaming technology, along with three top-ranking user notebook traders. It is renowned in North America and transformed the PC manufacturing scale in 2007 with the help of its Eee PC.

Asus made in which country: Taiwan.

The company is evolving a new mobile craze among people worldwide with the ASUS Zenfone production, which is swiftly growing practically and added to real-life products in addition to IoT devices and robotics technology.

Founders of ASUS are Ted Hsu, M.T. Liao, Wayne Tsiah, T.H. Tung, and Luca D.M.

Headquarters are in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. The services of ASUS are provided worldwide.

The products that fall under ASUS's manufacturing are personal computers, monitors, projectors, motherboards, graphic cards, optical storage servers, etc.

As per records, the number of employees working for ASUS is 14,700 (2020) and over 17,000. It includes unparalleled research and development executives.

Asus has a primary record of listing on the stock exchange in Taiwan.

Here, you are finding which Asus company belongs to which country as discussed; Asus is a Taiwanese multinational computer and mobile phone hardware and electronics company.

Asus is one of the top authentic equipment, apparatus, and tools manufacturers for information technology and hardware.

Asus which country – The name of the East Asian country, Taiwan (The Republic of China) is the country that gave the nativity to the

The well-known technological company ASUS.

If we talk about manufacturing the parts and products by ASUS, they are constructed in China, Mexico, and Ostrava. The answer to the query is Asus, whose country brand is Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan.

In addition, to expand the brand's presence in India, Asus will regionally assemble and produce smartphones in Andhra Pradesh.

Many people search for which country Asus is from. Therefore, people's curiosity to know the above interrogation is supposed to be completed here. Keep on reading to learn more about Asus.


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Talking about how to pronounce Asus, it is pronounced as ay. Sas and not sounds like ay. Soos.

For gaming lovers and creators, there is a special requirement to know entirely about the brand of the laptop on which they create and play games, and if they want to buy a Rog laptop by Asus, then they should know about Asus Rog company belongs to which country.

The same goes for smartphone users interested in buying an Asus phone; they may also equip themselves with the fact that the company belongs to the country.

Last, let us talk about those who want to buy the Asus Vivobook laptop, which is as excellent as its price. Therefore, they also need to know which country the Asus Vivobook company belongs to.

Asus brand is spreading its wings, covering a lot of distance all around the globe, and is becoming popular with time. Asus's devotion to manufacturing and assembling innovative products has reached an extent that people are always curious to know which Asus company belongs to which country. It is so because of the gradual and rapid rise in no time.

Having laptops, computers, smartphones, and other related devices of the brand Asus is evident for the people using them to raise more curiosity for the search Asus which country, Asus which country brand, or Asus is from which country.

The President of the Asus brand is Jonathan Tsang; the Previous CEO of ASUS was Jerry Shen, and the Chairman is Jonney Shih.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lately, we have encountered many ASUS products in our lives but are not fortunate enough to know that from where or from which country these products besides the brand that offers these products come. Many of the population assumes it an Indian company while others think it is a Chinese one. Moreover, because of this a lot of rumors and uncertainty has spread regarding to the origin of the company. Therefore, if we talk about the origin then it is not a Chinese company rather it has an official name as AsusTek Computer Inc and is a renowned Taiwan-based Multinational company. In the earlier days of the brand, the manufacturing used to be done in the US and China simultaneously. As soon as the pandemic hit the humankind, the brand had carried its manufacturing power plants to South East Asia. Asus has its manufacturing sites in china too. That is why most of the laptops by ASUS are built and assembled in China, Mexico and Ostrava.

ASUS Inc, popularly known as ASUS, is a multi-tech computer hardware and electronics company established in Taiwan in 1989.

However the other brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo and so on are on the go these days in laptop field that overpowers the purchase of products by Asus but Asus is really a good, innovative and original brand on which you can rely upon.

Asus belongs to the East Asian country Taiwan. It has many products that assembles in China, Mexico and other countries as well. Nevertheless, after many announcements, ASUS has made it clear that Zen fone range of smartphones shall be manufactured in India.

Asus might narrowly defeat Lenovo as a brand. However, both are nearly similar in terms of performance, name, fame and expenses. Also, ASUS has better hardware quality with innovative performance in the leading industry.

ASUS has the ownership of Vivo Book laptop. As per records, it is one of the finest laptops lately. It can tackle heavy-duty gaming software and have an impressive look as well. It may not be totally wrong if we could say that it can beat MacBook Pro in appearance and performance as well. In addition, it is smaller and light weight with lesser expenses.
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