Screen mirroring has many advantages. It's a simple procedure that improves your laptop experience in all of your laptop activities. Almost any HDTV can be connected to a laptop today. You can use it to share amusing pictures or videos you've taken with your friends and family. With it, you may watch movies or play games on your laptop in an immersive manner. TVs are increasingly widely used in organizations for meetings and presentations. Mirroring of the screen has become a typical feature on TVs. You may use it if you have a laptop and an HDTV at home by taking a few easy steps. Your laptop can be connected to your TV in two different ways.

Attaching your laptop wirelessly to your TV


Here, a function known as Wi-Fi Direct or Miracast, allows the laptop to connect to the TV. In order to use screen mirroring with Wi-Fi Direct, your smart TV must support it. Additionally, your laptop must enable wireless screen mirroring. Most modern computers ought to be able to use this feature. By reviewing the specifications of the processor that powers your laptop, you can research this online. Both devices can establish a direct connection with one another using Wi-Fi Direct.

SM_Connected devices

Select Screen mirroring as the source using the TV remote. A screen showing the name of the TV will appear. Press the Windows key on the laptop and enter "Settings." Then select "Connected devices" and, at the top, click the "Add device" button. You can mirror all the devices on the drop-down menu. The laptop screen will begin mirroring the TV after you choose it. The name of the TV is also preserved in the list of connected devices, making it simple to connect the laptop to the TV in the future.

SM Add gadget

Airplay on MAc for screen mirror

AirPlay is used by Apple MacBooks to mirror the screen. However, your TV must support AirPlay. Additionally, to use AirPlay, you must connect both devices to the same wireless network. On the Apple Macbook, go to "Settings" and then "Display" to use the AirPlay feature. The procedure is comparable to that of a Windows laptop aside from that.

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Using wires to link your laptop to your TV


You may still use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to the TV if you don't have a smart TV. You can use it as a dual-monitor arrangement or as an extended screen in addition to mirroring your screen. This greatly facilitates multitasking when several applications are running on different monitors. Applications can even be moved from one screen to another using drag and drop. Use an HDMI cable to connect the laptop to the TV. Today, an HDMI port is almost always found in laptops. Full HD and 4K can be carried using HDMI cables. If your device lacks an HDMI port, you can connect it with a VGA (D-Sub) connection. You must utilize a 3.5mm audio connector to transport audio from your laptop to the TV or external speakers as VGA can only transmit video. If your TV does not support VGA, you will need to utilize an adaptor. First, use an HDMI (or VGA) cable to connect the laptop to the TV. Using the remote control, switch the TV's source to the HDMI (or VGA) connector.

Configuration of the SM screen

You may quickly open display settings on a Windows computer by pressing the "Windows key + P" combination. Another shortcut might be available on some laptops. This provides several screen configurations.

Duplicate – This functions similarly to screen mirroring. Your laptop's screen is mirrored on the television. It's best used when presenting presentations, which also calls for having your laptop screen on.

SM Duplicate

Extend - This enables you to use the TV as a second screen in addition to the laptop's screen. Windows can be dragged around the screen to change their location. It is useful while working on multiple applications at once.

SM lengthened

You can use the TV as the only screen by selecting "Second Screen Only." The laptop's display goes dark. When watching movies on a huge screen, this is useful. You may also sit comfortably on your sofa away from the laptop by connecting a USB keyboard and mouse.

After selecting your preferred settings, the laptop will begin mirroring the TV. Not only that, but you may also modify the display options to fully utilize the TV's screen and quality. On the external screen, the laptop should ideally display its default resolution, which is often 1366 x 768. You can switch it to the TV's native resolution, though, if your laptop is capable of doing so. You can increase the resolution to 4K if your laptop and TV are both capable of handling it.

SM resolution

You have a significantly greater work area when using a high resolution. For instance, if you choose a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160), your screen will be four times as big. By selecting "Advanced" under "Display" settings, you can adjust the resolution. Select the desired resolution from the list by clicking on "Resolution." Similar to attaching a Windows laptop to the TV, connecting a MacBook is also rather simple. If your MacBook doesn't have an HDMI port, your options are a tiny DisplayPort or a USB-C port. No matter what is on the MacBook, an adapter is required to connect the laptop to the TV. You may even switch the resolution and utilize the TV as an additional monitor on the MacBook. These options can be found in "System Preference" > "Display." Here are a few methods for linking your laptop to your TV. You can always think about getting a smart box or a casting device like the Google Chrome cast or the Apple TV if you don't want to utilize cable and don't have a smart TV. On your non-smart TV, you can use them to enjoy screen mirroring and a variety of other media playback features. They are also reasonably priced.

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