Asus Laptop Motherboard Repair Replacement Cost

Asus Laptop Motherboard Repair Replacement Cost

The most critical component of your laptop or computer is the motherboard. You might not have had a decent laptop or desktop work if your computer's motherboard isn't malfunctioning. We are the finest laptop motherboard repair and replacement shop in India, so don't worry if your motherboard is broken for any reason.

Every significant component, including the motherboard of your laptop and the processor, RAM, hard drive, etc. Any machine will eventually have issues if used repeatedly. Therefore, NSS Laptop Repair Center offers India's lowest Asus laptop motherboard replacement cost. You do not need a new laptop or computer if your motherboard has any issues. The idea that motherboard repair is impossible is a reasonably widespread one. However, that is incorrect. We are giving you the finest Asus laptop motherboard price in India to repair and replace the motherboard. We are open to welcoming you for laptop service at any time.

How can a damaged laptop motherboard be fixed? Read this entire blog if you have a query like this. You can learn all about what a motherboard is right here. And how much does an Asus laptop motherboard repair cost in India?

Asus Laptop Motherboard Replacement

Replacement motherboards for laptops are a very prevalent issue. For a variety of causes, including liquid damage, a burned-out graphics chip, an excessively damaged power connector, or any other number of reasons, computers may require a new motherboard.

Although motherboards are among the priciest components of a device, many laptop repairs are nonetheless worthwhile! Listed below are some details about our motherboard replacement service that you might find interesting:

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Asus Laptop Motherboard?

The Asus laptop motherboard replacement cost varies. An Asus laptop motherboard price is as little as INR 8000 or more than an entirely new computer. To give you an exact pricing quotation, we'd need to examine the laptop and the motherboard inside your computer!

Can You Acquire My Data If It's Too Expensive?

Of course! The good news is that we can nearly always recover your data, even with a dead motherboard. We will provide a price for data recovery if you feel free to drop by any moment!

Does It Make Sense To Swap Out A Motherboard?

It varies. According to our observations, around half of consumers decided to move forward with a motherboard replacement, while the other half believed it would be too expensive. Everything depends on your laptop and the circumstances. We'd be delighted to provide you with a price to assist you in making a decision. We are aware that there is a wide variety of computer repair issues. Please get in touch with us if you'd like more information about this service. Please feel free to phone us or use our Ask a Question form; one of our knowledgeable managers will be pleased to assist you!

Why A Laptop's Motherboard Matters So Much

It is among the most crucial components of your laptop, as we've already said. Your computer has a few essential features that are going to be covered below:

  1. It links all of your laptop's other parts.

  2. Take care of synchronizing multiple tasks.

  3. Control the components' power supply.

  4. Expanding hardware is handled

  5. with Bios chips in it.

  6. It contains the chip's CMOS battery.

Asus Motherboard Price List In India

Compared to all the items on the market, the price of an Asus Motherboard varies. The most expensive Asus laptop motherboard repair costs Rs. 97,099. It is an Asus MAXIMUS VII Formula - Z97 chipset LGA1150 Socket MotherBoard. In contrast, the cheapest item is the Asus H81M-CS Motherboard, which costs Rs. 3,985. Online buyers have a variety of economical to high-end items to pick from because of this pricing diversity.

Asus Laptop Motherboard Model:

ASUS Z97-DELUXE ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z97-DELUXE – Rs.89,398

Asus H61M-CS - H61 Express Chipset LGA1155 Socket MotherBoard for 3rd/2nd Generation – Rs.5,786

Z97-A ASUS LGA1150 Socket Motherboard – Rs.21,999

Asus Micro-ATX B85M-G Motherboard – Rs.11,499

H97-Pro ASUS LGA1150 Socket MotherBoard – Rs.20,990

Asus X99-Pro ATX X99 Motherboard DDR4 LGA2011-v3 Socket – Rs.38,499

Asus MAXIMUS VII Formula - Z97 chipset LGA1150 Socket MotherBoard – Rs.97,099

How To Determine Whether Your Asus Motherboard Needs Replacement or Repair

Your motherboard must have specific areas that need to be repaired or replaced. NSS is the best if you're seeking the lowest Asus motherboard price in India to replace the motherboard in your laptop.

  • The key issues are that laptops heat up and work quite slowly.

  • The laptop is either dead or unusable.

  • While using your laptop, it may suddenly freeze or shut down.

  • The laptop's display dims.

  • There is no slight activity when you click the power button, and the laptop screen is not distorted or discolored.

  • Difficulties with duplicate pictures or a black screen. A motherboard frequently has little fixable issues.

We are offering the most affordable motherboard replacement price for your laptop.

Asus Laptop Motherboard Repair & Replacement Cost

In terms of repairing and changing laptop motherboards, we have years of experience. Additionally, we are in charge of determining what Asus laptop motherboard replacement costs in India. We provide replacements for laptops from all different brands. Along with laptop motherboard repair, we offer all other repair and replacement services.

It's a common fallacy that your laptop's motherboard cannot be fixed. The claim that the motherboard of your computer may be set is untrue. Your laptop's motherboard may be compromised depending on how far the damage has spread. The setting is considerably more complex because it is one of your laptop's most delicate and complicated devices.

Your Asus laptop motherboard repair costs between 1000 and 4500 rupees in India. It considerably changes (increases or decreases) depending on the laptop model offered.

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You should be aware of the significance of your laptop in your life and keep it comfortable to prevent any harm. Don't worry if you unintentionally damaged it; we are here to help with the finest laptop motherboard replacement price in India. A crucial component is a motherboard for laptops. In any event, you must fix or replace it if it has been damaged.

We are India's leading laptop servicing center for replacing laptop motherboards. We are a dependable and well-run institute that provides post-warranty assistance for laptops. We can fix motherboard issues with your computer.

As long as you follow our guidelines, you may resolve this issue independently—those who have previously studied our website instructions. The main goal of this site is to provide the appropriate information and expertise regarding the price of the new Asus laptop motherboard in India.

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