In fact, a failure never comes at the right time. However, the ASUS brand is very stubborn and it is easier to remedy with a few tips by the Asus service center Mumbai. If you have the hand, here are some tips to help you troubleshoot it quickly without professional help.

My computer refuses to start, what to do?

First of all, the first solution is to disconnect the power source and remove the battery. Then press the "on / off" button for several seconds. Then, replace the battery and connect the power supply. Then try to start it again! Usually, this technique is successful if your computer does not have a hardware problem as Asus service center Delhi suggested.

In addition, it is also possible that the Asus laptop battery is no longer in good condition. In this case, it would be necessary to buy it from ASUS Laptop Service Center near me. Warning! Choose original items and not compatible models which may damage your laptop.

In addition, the cable can also be defective. Sometimes the screws come loose and make it unusable. It would therefore be necessary to check them and put them back in the right place and tighten them. So you can test whether your computer works or not as ASUS ROG Service Center suggests!

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The other problems to fix by Asus service center Pune!

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For problems related to the operating system, there is only one option: to do a reinstallation with the original DVD. It will do a quick format of the whole system of the Asus laptop. Warning! This step will delete all your data, so go wrong !!! If the problem persists, then the cause of the problem may be deeper: damaged motherboard

  • defective hard drive, 

  • ram is not working

  • the graphic card is not attached properly 

  • etc.

What's more, if your computer is making noises close to a car engine, in most cases the fan is worn out. We should therefore think about changing it. However, this is a more complex task and requires professional assistance. To prevent further damage to your computer, contact Asus service center Pune experienced repairer.

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After-sales services: the rights of the customer!

Normally, resellers provide after-sales services for any product purchased within their establishment. So, don't hesitate to bring your computer to the store where you purchased it for diagnosis. However, be vigilant! Ask for a detailed estimate stating the cost of labor and the list of parts to be replaced before repair as the Asus Service Center near me explained. Afterward, if you find that the price is very expensive, you can refuse to have it repaired. 

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In many cases, reinstalling the Windows system is essential to fix issues. In other words, you would lose all data on the computer, especially the Windows system, Windows settings, installed programs and files on the system partition. To avoid this kind of problem, it is recommended to regularly back up the Windows system and create a disk image. In the event of a Windows crash, all you have to do is restore and contact the Asus Authorised Service Center near me.

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