How To Measure Laptop Screen Size

How To Measure Laptop Screen Size
  • Jan 4th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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How To Measure Laptop Screen Size?

Are you looking for a backpack or carry case on online stores for your laptop that you like but are unsure about the size that would fit on your computer or not? If yes, and you are in such a delusion and want to know the correct size of your computer, then read this article thoroughly. In this article, we will highlight these essential points -

In this article, you will get complete information about measuring a laptop size and finding the correct size of a laptop.

How To Measure Your Laptop Screen Size

First of all, laptop size and laptop screen size are slightly different. Laptop size means correctly measuring the total area of the laptop in( length ×width× height).

First, take a measuring tape to measure a laptop size and start counting from the bottom left of the laptop screen with the corner part diagonally to the top right at the end of the right corner. That measurement is of your laptop size.

While measuring laptop screen size, you can't include the corner metal part of the laptop, which is called the bezel. Only the display screen size will count with the help of measurable tape.

Some of the typical measurements of screen size examples are listed below -:

· 11.6" / 29.46cm

·  12.1" / 30.73cm

· 13.3" / 33.78cm

· 14" / 35.56cm

· 15" / 38.1cm

· 15.6" / 39.62cm

· 17" / 43.18cm

During online shopping, the description of the laptop, such as 11.6" / 29.46cm, is the screen width of the laptop measured in standard measure inches and centimeters.

Such as -


13.3" MacBook Pro

13" Dell Inspiron

13.2" Lenovo Thinkpad





But for proper measurement, all the dimensions of the laptop( length ×width× height) are essential. So, first, measure the length, then measure the width and height, and you will find the correct measurement of your laptop size and laptop screen size.

To measure length,

Hold or place the measuring tape vertically across your laptop from top to bottom.

To measure the width,

Hold or place the measuring tape horizontally across your laptop from left to right. This is called the width of the computer.

To measure height,

Carefully measure the laptop from top to bottom.

This is how you can easily measure the size of a laptop and the screen of a computer.

How do you find the laptop screen size from settings?

If you want to find the correct screen size for a laptop without the use of a measuring tape, then follow these simple steps -:

Step 1- Select Start > Settings > System > Display

Step 2- Go to the "my device" option for information.

Step 3- Get the information about your device from the device description.

How To Find Laptop Screen Sizes?

These are five methods listed below through which you can find laptop size and laptop screen size-:

Method 1 - Check The Model Number

You can check the model number from the laptop bill, where all the specifications about size are listed.

Method 2 - Perform An Online Search about your laptop model

If you haven't paid the bill for your laptop, you can effortlessly search for your laptop model size.

Method 3 - Make Use Of A Software Application to find the size

You can use different online software to get the correct size of the laptops with dimensions.

Method 4 - Read The critical Manual of the laptop

You can also read the laptop's manual, which gives you all the details about your computer.

Method 5 - Check The Bottom Of The Laptop or case for information

In some models, at the bottom part, there is a little description of the brand, battery, and size. So, check there once.

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This article concludes with the procedure and methods to measure laptop screen size.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can take the help of a laptop manual or bill or search for your laptop model.

By the use of a ruler, scale, and measuring tape.

Screen size doesn't include the corner metal part of the laptop which is called the bezel.

Laptop size means the correct measurement of the total area laptop in( length ×width× height).
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