How to make your laptop last longer

How to make your laptop last longer
  • Jun 24th, 2022
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Computer
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If you have a question in your mind about how to make your laptop last longer, then you have landed on the right blog as this post will inform you how can you increase the lifespan of your laptop.

Examine each word carefully to know how to make your laptop last longer, what shortens the life of a laptop, can a laptop last 10 years and how long should a good laptop last.


Whenever anyone buys a new laptop, then what shortens the life of a laptop and how to make his laptop last longer thoughts like this also occur in his mind. With time, laptops have helped us operate more efficiently and quickly. Laptop performance has increased as technology has progressed. Laptops have become a vital part of our lives as their speed, functionality, and accuracy have all increased. So to maintain their speed and performance read this post about how to make your laptop last longer. You will get all your answers here just be attentive and read every word discreetly to know Do more expensive laptops last longer.

Fast speed means fast work in less time. After some years people always think of buying a new laptop as their current laptop starts giving trouble after a long period but why waste money when you can increase the device's speed and make it fast by just following certain tips. Now a question will arise in your mind, by following certain tips can you increase the lifespan of your laptop as this is the work of an IT technician. So, an answer is "yes" you can increase the life of your laptop just by following certain tips in this post,

Further, in the post, you will get a piece of detailed information about how you protect your laptop battery and what is the longest lifespan of a laptop. Don't leave the post in between otherwise you may skip an essential piece of information about how long a good laptop lasts.


Ram is a content writer for whom his laptop is an essential part of his work as his work is to always write articles on word documents and save them to send to his boss and for future reference. One day, his laptop started malfunctioning which interrupted his work so he decided to go to an IT technician to provide better treatment to his laptop. His heart started sinking thinking about the large sum of money that he would spend on the treatment of his laptop. Midway he met with me and I suggested the same tips which you will read in this blog about how to stop malfunctioning and increase the lifespan of laptops.

Sometimes small tips are so useful that big ways fade off and Ram followed these small tips and made the laptop faster and last longer without spending his hard-earned money. So let's read further about how to make the laptop last longer.

What Shortens the Life of a Laptop?


There are several reasons which shorten the lifespan of laptops, some of them are given below.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Placing the laptop on your lap shortens the life of the laptop

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Never shutting down your laptop shortens the life of the laptop

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Always plugging the laptop shortens the life of the laptop

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Holding the laptop by its top shortens the life of the laptop

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->The lifespan of the laptop is shortened when it is kept in a loose bag

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->When you turn on your computer, too many apps startup which shortens the lifespan of the laptop

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Your data is never compressed

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->You forget to install antivirus software which leads to shortening the lifespan of the laptop

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->You constantly have a tonne of open tabs

    You have not yet attempted to reset your computer



 ●     <!--[endif]-->Placing the laptop on your lap shortens the life of the laptop- Do not place the laptop on your lap just because it is called a laptop. The computer's lifespan can even be shortened if it is placed there too frequently. The computer's "brain," or CPU, requires a place to exhaust the heat it produces since it gets hot. Frequently, the laptop's bottom, where there is some airflow, is where the fan is positioned. However, your laptop might overheat or dust could start to collect inside if that vent is blocked by your jeans or a blanket. The laptop may occasionally be able to be restored to perfect condition with the help of canned air, but it may also sustain internal damage that needs expert assistance.

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Never shutting down your laptop shortens the life of the laptop- It's simple to just close your laptop's lid at night so that it starts up quickly the next morning, but if you leave it on all the time, your computer won't receive the updates it needs which affects the lifespan of the laptop.




<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Always plugging the laptop shortens the life of the laptop- You have been instructed to disconnect gadgets during a storm for a reason. If lightning strikes near your home while you're plugged in, your laptop will undoubtedly get bolted and shorten the laptop's lifespan.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Holding the laptop by its top shortens the life of the laptop- Grabbing an open laptop by the top, where the screen is located, is simple, but it might be harmful to your machine. Your laptop's plastic casing is held together by metal screws, which may be loosened by pulling on them. If it bends too much, it will ultimately crack or become loose to the point where it begins to disintegrate since metal is naturally somewhat stronger, and moving it puts stress on the plastic. Instead, pick up your laptop from the bottom to be nice to it.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->The lifespan of the laptop is shortened when it is kept in a loose bag- If you must carry your laptop with you, place it in the laptop slot, if your bag has one, or place it inside a protective case before placing it in your bag. In this manner, the computer inside will be cushioned if you drop your backpack or just drop it on the ground.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->When you turn on your computer, too many apps startup which shortens the lifespan of the laptop- To see a list of all the programmes that launch when your laptop boots up and how big of an influence they have on startup time, go to the Start-up page. If there are any apps that you don't use frequently, select "Disable" from the context menu. It merely means you have to manually start. The next time you restart, you should see that everything is more prepared than before.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Your data is never compressed- Your laptop's data may eventually become fragmented, which means that files that ought to be near to one another aren't. If you have a Windows laptop, you may "defrag" your computer to compress and reassemble that data so that it won't have to work as hard. Basically, it arranges your hard drive's data in a way that is more effective for the laptop, according to Eiland. The holes are being filled and the data is being sorted, she said. Just enter "defrag" in the search field, and your computer should automatically launch a defragmentation utility.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->You forget to install antivirus software which leads to shortening the lifespan of the laptop- Antivirus software is crucial for preventing bugs from entering your system, which hopefully goes without saying. In the event that malware or a virus is installed on your laptop, it may become overheated and malfunction completely. Most should automatically install updates, but choose a reliable brand the first time.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->You constantly have a tonne of open tabs- Your laptop can probably manage your habit of having a lot of tabs open at once, for the most part. However, forcing it to work harder to keep all those sites running might be stressful if it isn't properly vented. The longer your processor has to work, the more heat it will produce, which will ultimately reduce the lifespan of the laptop.


You have not yet attempted to reset your computer- You don't reset your laptop timely which also shortens the lifespan of the laptop.


How Can You Increase the Lifespan of Your Laptop?


How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer?


What Makes Your Laptop Last Longer?


The issue related to how to make your laptop last forever may be managed simply with the aid of using the following few top-notch tips to preserve your laptops far from harm and cause them to function properly. Here is a listing of pointers for the ones those who need to know what makes your laptop last longer: -


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Prevent your pc from the direct sun

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Try to keep away from leaving the laptops in cars

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Do now no longer position laptops on beds, couches, or sofas whilst working

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Install the applications of the heat processor

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Clean the laptop’s fan

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Give a break to your pc

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Do now no longer position strain at the CPU

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Buy pc cooling pads

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Do now no longer position your laptops in your lap.

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Do now no longer use the laptops for any purpose

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Use laptops in air-conditioned areas

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Buy heat-protector pc covers

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Put your laptops on a flat surface

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Clear the applications which are not needed.

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Charge the pc fully

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Pay attention to your pc

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Don`t put your pc wherein the liquid is kept

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Don't put your laptops wherein the eatables are kept

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Work with tidy hands

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Clean the laptops with your old toothbrush

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Close the pc properly

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Carry the pc properly

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Update & restart

Excellent Tips to Make Your Laptop Last Longer


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Prevent your pc from the direct sun: - Hot summertime approaches warm everywhere, and the sizzling warmth of the sun is likewise there, so work in that private area of your home wherein the daylight cannot contact your pc and is cooler than different components of your private home. If daylight touches your pc, it's going to harm the battery and hard disk of your pc. Although the fans within the laptops can simply blow out the air inside them, outside warmth cannot be blown out, so it's far recommended to preclude your pc from direct daylight, otherwise, it could paint a poison on your laptops and kill them.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Try to keep away from leaving the laptops in cars: - When we drive, cars produce warmth, and lots of times, sunlight additionally reaches the laptops with the assistance of automobile windows, so strive now no longer to hold laptops, or if you want to hold your pc, flip them off and cover them in order that daylight cannot contact it in order that in addition harm may be avoided. The warmth of the car can melt the sensitive components of the laptops, so it's far recommended now no longer to hold your pc in cars.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Do now no longer position stress at the CPU: - Take the obligation of now no longer pressuring the CPU of the laptops. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It is the mind of the computer that saves applications, data, documents, shows etc. The human mind additionally has a restriction on storing facts. If we pressurize it via means of storing needless facts then it slows down the method of questioning and running because of which the human mind feels inactive and doesn`t produce appropriate results. The equal is going for the CPU. If we pressurize it via way of means of storing vain applications, data, documents and shows, then it's going to begin providing you with trouble, close down all at once and sluggish down the rate, so it's miles beneficial to keep away from storing needless facts for your computer to paintings efficiently.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Buy computer cooling pads: - If you're a non-stop computer consumer then you definitely want to shop for a cooling computer pad that cools down the warmth of the system. Cooling pads assist the laptops to maintain warmth and offer them relaxation, so it's beneficial to shop for cooling pads for the laptops to lessen the impact of heat.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Do now no longer position your laptops on your lap: - Many humans don't recognize that while working they need to know no longer position their laptops on their lap. They make this massive mistake each day while working, which blocks the distance for the air to enter, and laptops begin generating heat, so it's miles beneficial now no longer to apply the computer for your lap whilst running.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Do now no longer use laptops with no cause: - Do you understand that a computer works greater than an individual as all of the work is done on a computer now. Coronavirus compelled everybody to work on laptops as there has been a lockdown withinside the complete world so everybody began working from home. People began working from home, and college students started taking classes from their houses, and this became possible with the assistance of laptops. Working from abode is likewise turning into an increasing number of famous nowadays, and those are working from the comfort of their houses simplest with the assist of laptops this means that they may be the usage of laptops greater and above that, in the event that they use laptops with none cause truly it's going to have an effect on the rate of the tool. If you need to watch a film or play video games then do those sports for your smartphone, so it's beneficial now no longer to use the computer unnecessarily in order that your tool may have a protracted life.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Use laptops in air-conditioned areas: - It is certain that not everyone can afford an air conditioner, however, if you have an air conditioner at your own home, it's miles beneficial to work on the computer in that room of your house. If you don't have an ac at your own home then no need to fear you could additionally look for a cooler place in your own home and work there on your computer peacefully.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Buy heat-protected pc covers: - To guard your pc against enemy warmth you want to shop for warmness-blanketed pc covers, so it's really helpful now no longer to shop for everyday pc covers. If you want to provide a long lifespan to your laptop then don't be stingy and invest in heat-protected pc covers.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Put your laptops on a flat surface: - Many humans don`t understand that even while operating they have to place their laptops on a flat surface. They make this big mistake each day even while operating and decrease the lifespan of the pc. This causes heat inside the pc and does not offer an area for air to go into the pc, so it's really helpful to apply your pc on a flat surface.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Clear the past application: - If you leave apps running on your device, then please forbid doing this to save your pc from overheating, so it's really helpful to clean the historical past packages while now no longer in use.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Charge the pc absolutely: - Charge your pc absolutely, do not take out the charger is among if your pc isn't absolutely charged, or it is able to have an effect on the lifespan of the battery and overheat the system, so it's miles really helpful now no longer to unplug the charger if the pc isn't absolutely charged.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Pay attention to your device: - People frequently have the tendency to leave their laptops on charging for an extended period of three to four hours, and it ends in overheating. Laptops get charged absolutely in an hour, so it's really helpful to price them for an hour, now no longer for 3 or 4 hours.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]--> Don't surround your pc in which the liquid is kept: - Use your pc in which such things as a moisturizer, creams, Dettol, and savlon are positioned even as operating. By mistake, they can be placed on your pc and harm it, so it's really helpful to paint in empty places.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Don't surround your laptops in which the eatables are kept: -Use your pc in which the eatables are positioned even when operating. By mistake, they can get placed on your pc and harm it, so it's really helpful to paint in empty places.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Work with tidy hands: - It is certain if you use your laptop after lunch then wash your hands if you may now no longer wash your hands and begin operating in your pc then the spots of oil without a doubt harm your pc, so it's advisable to clean your hands earlier than begin operating at the pc.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Clean the laptops with your old toothbrush: - Clean the elements of the pc frequently with an old toothbrush in order that air makes the area settle down the warmth which is produced withinside the pc, so it's really helpful to clean the laptops with an old toothbrush.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Close the pc properly: - When you finish your work on the pc make sure to close it properly.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Carry your pc properly: - Carry your laptop correctly by holding onto the base to prevent damage to the screen.


<!-- [if !supportLists]-->●     <!--[endif]-->Update and restart: - It is recommended to upgrade your laptop frequently to make it operate more efficiently since new features are occasionally added.




I expect that after reading this blog, all your problems will get resolved about how to make your laptop last longer. In case, you are unable to fasten your laptop then give a call to NSS Laptop Service Center.  It will help you to resolve all your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laptop Repair | Computer Repair | Printer Repair

No, a computer can't last for 20 years, they can last for five to eight years.

Yes, certainly a laptop can last ten years if you take good care of it.

As previously said, a variety of factors will affect how long your laptop will function before it becomes outdated or unsuitable. The hardware of your computer is the first of these variables. The hardware of higher grade has a longer lifespan than that of lesser quality in laptops.

Mid-range gaming laptops often last three to four years, although high-end models can last six to eight years.

When it comes to high-end gadgets, the projected average lifespan of HP laptops is between 5 and 6 years. However, budget-friendly and low-cost HP machines often last 3 to 4 years. If you can manage HP products with appropriate care and maintenance, these laptops will live longer than anticipated.

According to research, a laptop less than $700 will survive 2-4 years, while those costing between $700 and $1,000 would live up to 5 years and those costing over $1,000 might last up to 7 years.

The majority of specialists believe that laptops last between three and five years. It could last longer, but as the components lose their ability to execute complex programmers, their usefulness will be constrained.

In the first two years after purchase, new computers lose around 50% of their value. So, it is certain that six years is too old for a laptop.

10-year-old laptop ranges between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8000 as their features and battery is old, and speed is slow.

Install the applications of the heat processor, Clean the laptop’s fan, give a break to your pc, Clean the laptops with your old toothbrush and Update & restart follow these steps and make your laptop faster for gaming.

Invest in a new hard drive, select a removable drive, Switch to an SSD from your present HDD (hard disc drive), To cloud storage, upload files, purchase a Pen drive and to remove pointless files, use a disc these steps will certainly provide more storage to your laptop.

It is not advised to fix a computer that is seven years old unless you really have to.

Every person thinks that an old computer has a slow speed as it is old but A computer that is eight years old is just 6% as speedy as one that is brand new.

No, if you do this then you are decreasing the lifespan of your laptop.

Your device will be sleeping for 3 months and will take a little time to restart after 3 months. Nothing will happen to your device.

The longest lifespan of a laptop is three years but if you take good care of your device then your device can run for a long time.

Right now, Apple MacBook Pro and HP Pavilion are the best laptops in the market. As the customer demands the best, the technicians also produce the best machines. To know in detail Best Laptop Brands in India

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