How To Install Whatsapp On A Laptop Without Bluestack

How To Install Whatsapp On A Laptop Without Bluestack
  • Sep 9th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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A common question that is always up to the mark that how to install WhatsApp on a laptop without Bluestack? Or how can we use WhatsApp on our laptop or our PC without Bluestack?

We will guide you on this topic through this blog. In this blog, we will discuss this topic and give you a way how to do this.

WhatsApp is a name that everybody knows and it takes place in a popular corner of the market over the years. The reason for its popularity is its features and service. WhatsApp is a good platform to reach out to people online through chats, and video calls to connect with them. Now it also introduced the facility of online payments.

Bluestack is an android emulator, to use this to run WhatsApp is easy but it takes a lot of space in memory as well as is more power-consuming. That's why we need to find an alternative to it.

Follow these instructions to use WhatsApp on your laptop or PC without bluestack-

1. With the use of Whatsapp Web

With the help of Whatsapp Web, you can run WhatsApp on your laptop or PC. It is one of the best alternatives to bluestack.

You can install Whatsapp web through an internet web browser or download it with the official site.

To install Whatsapp web on your laptop or PC follow these steps-:

1. Turn on your laptop or PC.

2. Open the google chrome web browser on your laptop.

3. Search for  WhatsApp web there.

4. Open it.

5. scan the QR code of WhatsApp.

6. After scanning the QR code of Whatsapp on your laptop, open WhatsApp on your mobile

that you use.

7. Go to the WhatsApp web menu from the chat screen option.

( if you are an iPhone user then go to setting from the WhatsApp menu and if you are a window phone user then click on the go-to option from the WhatsApp menu)

8.  You will see the QR code right next to your profile picture.

9. Click on that you will find the option of my code and scan code.

10. Click on the scan code option.

11. Start scanning the code of laptop QR code from the  WhatsApp scanner.

12. Now you can easily access WhatsApp on your laptop.

This is how you can easily run WhatsApp on your laptop or PC with the help of the WhatsApp web without bluestack.

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2. Opera browser

Opera browser is loaded with a lot of features and preinstalled apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc.

You can use WhatsApp on your laptop with the help of the Opera browser, follow these steps -:

Download the latest version of the opera browser on your laptop.

•Open the Opera browser on your laptop.

•Open WhatsApp in the opera browser.

•Opera will ask about an option to open WhatsApp in a handy panel and then pin the sidebar in a downward direction. Click on the Whatsapp icon from the sidebar.

• you will  WhatsApp chat screen highlights  QR code to scan.

•with the help of the WhatsApp phone app scan the QR code. To do this follow these steps,

• select WhatsApp to open on your mobile phone.

•Click on the Settings option and open WhatsApp Web.

•Put your mobile phone to the QR code to scan and capture the code.

• your phone Whatsapp will automatically log you in on your laptop.

This is how you can easily activate WhatsApp on your laptop device without bluestack.

3. Youwave

Youwave is another Android phone emulator like bluestack but it is less power-consuming and lighter as compared to bluestack.

 Follow these steps to use Whatsapp with the help of youwave on your laptop -:

Step 1 -:  install youwave on your laptop.

Step 2  -: After downloading the youwave, open it on your laptop.

Step 3 -: Go to the View option and take a look at the Apps in it.

Step 4 -: Double click on Whatsapp to download it.

Step 5 -: After downloading it open and click on  Agree and continue option.

Step 6 -: After clicking on agree and continue option, enter your country code and registered mobile number.

Step 7 -:  You will receive an OTP through SMS after verifying your mobile number.

Step 8-: Copy the  5-digit OTP code and write it in the confirmation box.

Step 9: With that step, you can now successfully log in to WhatsApp on your laptop with the help of YouWave.

 You can also use the YouWave android emulator to run other Android apps on your laptop.

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This blog concludes with the methods and techniques through which you can run WhatsApp on your laptop with the bluestack android emulator.

Follow our page to get more informative blogs, If you have any questions or queries related to this blog write them to down in the comment section.

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