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A Beginner's Guide to Laptop Repair Indore

It is a fact that you cannot afford to have a broken laptop. They are not only expensive but also annoying and inconvenient. Issues like cracked screen or other hardware problems can leave you in a fix for days. So, if you have been dealing with these issues for weeks then it is time tocontact us if you are from Indore. It is not always easy to repair your laptop yourself. You may not know the first thing about repairing laptops and how they work. If you want to get some help then look no further than NSS Laptop Service Center in India,laptop repair near me offer top-notch services at affordable rates so that you can get your broken computer back on track as soon as possible.

The Laptop service center near me trained technicians will be able to diagnose your problem within minutes of contacting us and offer the best solution for fixing it. Laptop service center Indore provides quality products and services so that your factory original parts can be used without any complications or damage occurring during installation or repairs.

Only the best technicians are hired by us at NSS, so that they are capable enough to handle any kind of problem faced by our clients. Laptop repair shop near me will never compromise on quality when it comes to repairing laptops. Laptop repair Indore is a service that provides laptop repair services in Indore. We offer a wide range of services like laptop repair, virus removal and much more. Our team of experts is well trained to provide you with the best services at affordable prices. We are dedicated to providing a flawless experience for our customers. We are here to help you get your device back up and running as soon as possible.

Laptop repairing shop near me is a leading laptop repair and service center in Indore, India. NSS laptop service center Indore provide all types of laptop services including laptop repair, hard drive repair, motherboard repair, battery replacement etc. Our work is not limited to just repairing your laptop but we also recommend new laptops for you. If you are looking for a new laptop then we can help you with that too. We have a team of professionals who are experts in their field and they can provide you with the best advice on what kind of laptop would suit your needs the best. 

Our services include:

  • Laptop Repair Services

  • Hard Drive Replacement Services

  • Motherboard Replacement Services

  • Battery Replacement Services

Select your Device Brand to Find Laptop Repair Shop near you

Select a brand to search repair centers near you. We provide service all over the India. IF you face any issue regarding your device, just call us and we are ready to help at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laptop Repair | Computer Repair | Printer Repair

Visit our NSS laptop service center, our technicians will encounter your laptop and fix your speaker problem. Call on 9717150098.

We specialize in chip-level repairs and have a very good success rate in fixing motherboards. As long as there is no history of any previous repair attempt on the motherboard, you have a good chance of getting it repaired from us.

We do offer home repair services for non-technical issues of all brands of laptop and computers but for technical issues as fixing these devices requires a set process and tools that cannot be accomplished at your home or office. You may opt for pickup and delivery service.

Acer laptop screen replacements take about 30 to 45 minutes, while pc screen and digitizer replacements take about 3 to 4 hours and you may check out our repair page for model-specific repairs, costs, warranty, and time. Contact our experts if you are unable to find your device on our website on 9717150098.

Repairing laptop hinges is not a difficult task and can be done by any person with basic knowledge of repairing electronics. You just need to have the right tools and spare parts for fixing your laptop. The cost of repairing laptop hinges will depend on many factors such as the brand of your laptop, availability of parts, location of the store, etc. If you have any specific questions about how much will it cost to repair laptop hinges in Indore , you can ask them below or read more about how much does it cost to repair a hinge on a laptop.

You can recover your data from your old hard drive, we at NSS service center provide data recovery within a span of time.

A keyboard modifier key that works like a Shift key to activate a second function on a dual-purpose key. Commonly found on laptop keyboards. Yes we can replace the laptop keyboard at customer friendly rates. Check our blog on Fn key functions for complete details.

The charges for non-technical issues depend on which type of service you want, call our professionals to get the right charges for your device.

If you are looking for assembled desktop in Indore, then you are at the right place. We have a wide range of assembled desktop for sale. You can find your desired product at the best price.

Our Repair Services

We provide professional support for your device.

Our Commitment

We provide professional support for your device.
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NSS Team is working dedicatedly 7 days to not just provide the service but the intent is to keep their device 24*7 ready to use.
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We will offer you 100% Low Price Service and Support with the utmost quality. You can hire us after cross-checking with your nearest repair shop.
Free Diagnostics @ NSS Store
We assure you that we will provide you Free Diagnostic Service If you are not sure about what’s wrong in your device.

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Laptop Repair, Replacement & Parts Updated Price List

Modal Number / Series Part Name Original Part Replacement Cost Repair Cost Onsite Diagnostic Price
Laptop Screen and Display 2516 to 8750 834 to 2250 366
Laptop Keyboard 1239to 3850 861 to 2250 361
Laptop Motherboard / Daughter Board 5591 to 17500 1459 to 6850 391
Laptop C Mos Battery 457 to 1550 Not Repairable 343
Laptop HDD or Hard Drive 1557 to 5250 843 to 2250 357
Laptop SSD or Solid State Drive 1287 to 6550 887 to 1750 387
Laptop Windos Recovery & Installation & Up grade 2561 to 4250 839 to 1750 361
Laptop Data Recovery 1277 to 3550 877 to 1750 377
Laptop Hinges 1325 to 3550 775 to 1750 425
Laptop Fan 927 to 3750 773 to 1750 273
Laptop Speaker 1385 to 3650 Not Repairable 385
Laptop Antivirus Installation & Removal 453 to 1750 447 to 999 347
Laptop Ram Upgrade & Installation 1254 to 4250 846 to 1550 354
Laptop Body ABH Parts 2554 to 6550 796 to 1250 404
  1. Price may vary depending on product availability & market price fluctuation.
  2. No Fix No Free @ NSS Laptop Service Center Store.

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