How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop

Before you start

Make sure that the volume level on the PC is turned up. Position your gadget no further than one meter (three feet) away from the computer. Ensure the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) Bluetooth profile is supported on your PC. The drivers for your device, which are required to connect it to a computer, are already included in the operating system.

If your computer needs a Bluetooth driver, you should contact the manufacturer of your computer. Bluetooth drivers can be downloaded from the VAIO® website if you are using one of their computers. Downloads that assist your model are available on the page.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop Windows 10

To enter the pairing mode on your device, push the button labeled "POWER."

Note that the power settings could differ depending on your headphones or headset. You can find the manuals for your model on the support page.

If this computer is the first Bluetooth device you've ever paired with your device, you need to press and hold the button for two seconds.

If this computer is the second Bluetooth device you're trying to pair with your device, you need to press and hold the button for seven seconds.

1. To open Windows on the computer, press the Windows key.

2. Choose Settings from the menu.

3. Choose Your Devices

 4. Choose Bluetooth & other devices, and then move the toggle switch beneath Bluetooth to the "On" position to activate the Bluetooth feature.

5. Click the Add Bluetooth or other device link in the section labeled Bluetooth & other devices.

6. When the Add a Device window appears, select Bluetooth from the menu that appears.

7. select the device's model from the drop-down menu.

In this illustration, we used a pair of Bluetooth headphones, DR-BTN200.

8. When the Bluetooth connection is successfully established, a notification window will appear


       ●      If prompted for a passkey, type 0000 into the box.

       ●      After the Bluetooth connection has been successfully established on some devices, you may receive an alert stating that Bluetooth is connected.

       ●      If the model number of your device does not appear on the computer, you will need to start the process over from step 6.

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How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop Windows 7

 1. enter pairing mode by pressing the POWER button on your device.

     ●      If this is the first Bluetooth device you've ever tried to pair with your device, you'll need to press and hold the button for two seconds.

●      If the computer is the second Bluetooth device you're trying to pair to your device, you'll need to press and hold the button for seven seconds

●      Please be patient and allow the computer approximately 20 seconds to detect your device.

●      Following the installation of the driver, the computer will add the device to its list of connected devices once it has finished detecting your device and has moved on to the next step of installing the driver.

 2. double-click the name in the device list to identify your device's model.

      ●      A window that presents the following choices appears

      ●      Take in some of the tunes.

      ●      Calls Made on VoIP Can Be Forwarded to Handsfree

 3. Select Take in some musical sounds.

     ●      After a successful Bluetooth connection has been created, a checkmark in green will display next to the message that reads "connection established."

    ●      It's possible that you'll need to make them the default speakers on your device before you can hear sound coming from it. Proceed with the following instructions even if your equipment is not producing any audible sounds.

 4. Right-click the icon to access the volume mixer, depicted as a speaker in the system tray.

5. Choose your playback devices from the list.

 6. To connect your device, right-click it on the list of available devices.

7. Choose to Make This My Default Device.

8. Hit the Apply button.

9. Select the OK button.


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How to connect two Bluetooth headphones to a laptop

In today's modern world, wearing headphones is practically an everyday occurrence. One can find many improved models on the market, each of which can link with any gadget. You can quickly and conveniently connect numerous pairs of wired headphones to a laptop using a splitter.

 What if you wish to switch to wireless connectivity?

 To put that another way, that isn't an impossible task, but it can be not easy.

 Because of the development of technology.

 When playing action-packed games with a friend, you need to connect two headphones simultaneously to connect with two individuals on the same call in an enterprise environment or with two people simultaneously.

However, it is always aggravating to discover that merely connecting the devices is not the only step involved in the process.

 What's the upbeat report?

I am going to share some helpful advice with you.

Please have a look at them.

Employ the Services of an Explicit Bluetooth Signal Emitter

It's possible that the Bluetooth device that came pre-installed on your laptop isn't powerful enough to connect two headsets simultaneously while maintaining good audio quality.

A decent approach would be to go out and get an external signal emitter.

This approach works perfectly with any smart device that has a headphone port built into it. There are a variety of Bluetooth signal emitter devices on the market today; therefore, when shopping for one, you should be sure to select one that has low latency and is compatible with at least two different sets of headphones.

Choose the option with the lower latency to avoid experiencing delays in the sound and to take advantage of improved sound quality. After purchasing the device, you should immediately update the Bluetooth drivers on your laptop to avoid any possible software complications.

You are finished after you move the slider on the side of the device into the TX position, which stands for the transfer mode.

Put your gadget into the AUX (auxiliary) mode on your laptop to connect it to your computer. This can be accomplished by using a different slider on the other side of the device. You'll need to physically connect the transmitter by plugging the auxiliary cord into your laptop.

The following step is to set both Bluetooth headphones into pair mode by simultaneously holding the buttons down. After turning on the signal emitter and entering the pairing mode, you must wait for the transmitter and headphones to synchronize.

Congratulations! Just now, your Bluetooth headphones have successfully connected to your laptop.

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You can get a Virtual Audio Cable by downloading it from MediaFire.

Downloading a virtual audio cable is an additional quick and straightforward method that may be used on a laptop to connect two sets of Bluetooth headphones simultaneously.

     ●      After downloading, you can move the file to a more convenient location, such as the desktop, by dragging and dropping it.

    ●      Launch the setup.exe file after you've opened the file. Proceed through each of the reasonably easy steps

   ●      You will notice two options within the file, x64, and x86; select the one that best suits your needs.

   ●      When you pick x64, the first file will be called "audio repeater." Choose it, then drop it on your desktop using the mouse.

   ●      Select the playback devices using the right mouse button on the speaker's tab.

   ●      Choose the "Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable" option, and make sure the default is selected

   ●      Double-click the file that contains the audio repeater.

  ●      From the wave in section, choose "virtual audio cable 1" in the first window and "virtual audio cable 2" in the second window.

  ●      Now, in both windows, navigate to the wave out area and choose your "Bluetooth headset devices." Then, press the start button on both of the windows.

 Congrats! You have two headphones connected to your laptop, and you intend to listen to audio from both groups simultaneously using your Bluetooth headphones.

 Utilize Audio Mixer Software from a Third Party

Choose a third-party program or software if you're looking for a solution that lets you connect your Bluetooth headphones quickly and easily. A few applications and servers for audio mixing can be downloaded and installed on your laptop and smartphone. You merely require a strong WiFi connection to complete the process.

You can organize multiple sounds simultaneously while combining them into different channels using audio-mixer software. You can listen to your preferred music or audiobooks on your laptop while strolling around the house if you connect your two headphones to the device seamlessly. A few excellent examples include Soundwire, Ultimate Ears, Ultra Mixer, and Just Mixer 5 respectively.

The necessary software may be quickly and easily downloaded on your laptop, and you and your friends can enjoy watching Netflix together.

 Invest in a Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Take advantage of listening on several devices by following these easy steps:

    ●      Put the Bluetooth adapter for your laptop into your computer.

    ●      Start pairing your headphones by turning on the Bluetooth function on them.

    ●      Navigate to the settings menu, then click the "Bluetooth" button. Additional choices for Bluetooth > Make Bluetooth devices available.

    ● Double-check whether your Bluetooth headphones are correctly associated with your laptop. If not, you might want to look into it. Important Reminder: If you are having trouble pairing the devices, follow the instructions provided by your system.

Invest in Wireless Headphones that Have Adapters Built Right In to Avoid the Chaotic Mess

Put away those auxiliary splitters and invest in intelligent headphones to share music with your friends. These headphones have an innovative broadcast capability that enables users to share audio with an unlimited number of adjacent Bluetooth devices.

    To connect your Bluetooth headphones, please follow these procedures in order.

       ●      To turn on the headphones, move the power switch to the middle position. Once turned on, the headphones will begin the pairing process automatically.

       ●      After successfully connecting this Bluetooth Speaker to your laptop, you may play the music you want to hear.

      ●      After associating the headphones with your laptop, hold the broadcast button for five seconds until the LED indicator changes from red to green.

     ●      Repeatedly pressing the transmit button briefly will result in a rapidly flashing LED light.

     ●      Now, get your second Bluetooth Procast headset and check to see that it isn't already associated with any other electronic gadget.

     ●      Turn it on, and then proceed through the same steps again to gain access to the broadcast button. Do this until the LED indicator changes color to white.

     ●      Maintain a brief push of the transmit button until the white LED begins quickly flashing.

     ●      Hold both headphones close to each other and wait for a few minutes or until the LED light on the second set of headphones turns solid white.

You are good to go. Two Bluetooth headsets can improve their sound quality to a higher standard when connected to a single laptop.


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How to connect JBL Bluetooth headphones to a laptop

The procedure for pairing a Bluetooth device with a JBL product is virtually the same regardless of whether you are using one of JBL's wireless speakers, JBL's headphones, or even one of JBL's soundbars. Please proceed in the following manner:

To connect your JBL device, activate the pairing mode.

Locate your JBL device on your mobile or computer and pair the two.

Confirm successful pairing

Determine what's wrong with your Bluetooth connection.

1. Put your JBL device into pairing mode by turning on the pairing function.

 When you power your speaker, headphones, or soundbar, if it has never been connected to a Bluetooth device, it will immediately begin pairing (you should notice the LED light blinking). Suppose you have successfully linked your device in the past. In that case, you can manually put it in pairing mode by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for at least three seconds until the LED flashes (usually, JBL speakers include a control dedicated solely to the Bluetooth function). In most cases, the " Power " button also serves as the "Bluetooth" button on JBL headphones.

 2. Locate your JBL gadget on your mobile device or computer and couple them together.

Android. Navigate to the Settings menu and activate Bluetooth. Select "Pair new device" from the Bluetooth menu. When you see your JBL device appear in the list, tap it, and your phone should automatically begin to pair with it. iPhone. Navigate to the Settings menu, and then select Bluetooth. Bluetooth must be activated. Look in the "OTHER DEVICES" section to find your JBL device, and then tap on it to connect.

macOS. Select Bluetooth from the drop-down menu that appears after selecting the Apple menu > System Preferences on your Mac. Click the Connect button after choosing your JBL device from the list that appears. If prompted, click the Accept button.

Windows 10. You can open "Bluetooth & other devices" in the System Settings by clicking on your Bluetooth button in the toolbar and selecting "Show Bluetooth devices." Alternatively, you can directly open "Bluetooth & other devices" in the System Settings. If the Bluetooth button has been concealed, you can locate it by clicking the arrow pointing upwards on the taskbar at the bottom of your display. 

 When the window to add a device appears, select "Bluetooth" from the menu on the left. Locate the JBL device you wish to connect by looking through the list and tapping on it. You might also try searching for "Bluetooth" in the search box provided by Windows. When the window for Bluetooth & other devices appears, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. After that, click the "Add Bluetooth or another device button and choose your device from the list that appears.

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