MacBook Pro Not Turning On

MacBook Pro Not Turning On
  • Feb 14th, 2024
  • Sharan Reddy
  • Macbook
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If you worried about why your MacBook Pro Not Turning On? Do not worry this article surely helps you to resolve your MacBook issues.

We have written this article on very practical, and also on years of laptop repair experience. We have mentioned some steps on how to turn on your Macbook and we do follow the same steps while doing a laptop diagnostic in our MacBook Repair Center.

Also, we did a comprehensive search on this topic and analyzed why this problem occurs and what are the factors that cause the problem. Let's dive deep into the steps.

MacBook Pro won't turn on? As we analysed these are the main reasons

  • Components failure

  • Power surges

  • Software Issues

  • Liquid Spills

These cause failure in the motherboard, due to any reason the motherboard is not working then the laptop may be dead.

Make sure that the power is connected 

The first step is, you ensure that the power cable is connected so that it turns on. Then it still also not turning, it might be the battery is dead, plug the cable and charge it for a while (20-30 Minutes). If this is also not working then we need to replace the battery

Check the power cable and adapter is working

Often it is not necessary that the laptop may be defective or the battery is dead, the times charger or adapter is also defective or damaged. Check your cable and adapter condition some items may have dents or cables may tangled and damaged, if both look good from our side need to check where working or faulty.

Check your screen

Once you turn on the device you should make sure the screen is also visible you can see a circle with a line through it, notable light on the screen, the screen remains blank, or anything else you can see on the screen, in that case, your Mac is turned on and it is not maybe has a software issue. 

In this case, you can contact Apple Care for warranty support and get it repaired, or if the warranty has expired then we will help you, contact us: at +91-9717150098 or Whatsapp us at 91-9717150098

Remove all accessories 

If you performed all tasks still not working then you need to do this basic task, if you have connected other devices like a printer, USB hubs mobile devices, and other connections then press and hold the power button (Touch ID) on your Mac for about 10 seconds and release, if it works that is okay if not follow the next steps.

Reset the SMC (System management controller)

SMC (A chip on the logic board of Intel-based Macs) is responsible for power-related issues such as a battery not working, cooling fans, and power button issues.

MacBook Press the Shift Ctrl Option Alt keys

  • Turn off the MacBook.
  • Unplug and then reconnect the power cable.
  • Press the Shift + Ctrl + Option/Alt keys and the power button at the same time.
  • Now release all those keys and the power button at the same time.
  • You may see the light on the power cable flicker.
  • Restart the MacBook.

Perform a Power Cycle

It is a very simple and effective task this sample step may help you to start your Mac. Simply you can connect the cable to the power press 10 Seconds release the power button and wait for a few seconds. Again press the power button as usual, if it is under on that is your luck! still your MacBook Pro Not Turning On then you need to visit the repair store read next for more details.

Contact the repair store 

The above-mentioned steps help fix the issue successfully for others, if you have followed the steps and still the MacBook Pro Not Turning On then mostly your Mac is dead and you need to contact the repair store. If you would to repair it at the minimum cost and hassle-free?

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