Apple MacBook Fan Repair Replacement Cost

Apple MacBook Fan Repair Replacement Cost
  • Jan 4th, 2024
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Apple MacBook Fan Repair & Replacement Cost

You cannot ignore the value of a fan in a MacBook Pro. Any performance issues automatically hamper the device's functionality. As a leading MacBook Pro fan replacement agency in India, we strive to provide top-notch services to those searching for Apple's MacBook fan repair cost. We advise implementing the most significant preventative measures to keep the laptop from overheating, as this will increase the fan's longevity.

Our primary goal is to help our clients with any MacBook problems that may arise. Here is a guide for our clients to help them understand the behaviors that can result in a problem with the device and leave them with no choice but to pay the price for a new MacBook Air fan in India. We'll also provide brief instructions on how to make DIY repairs to improve the longevity of the same.

Does Your MacBook Get Exceptionally Hot Or Turn Off Randomly?

Check your MacBook for overheating issues if it overheats quickly, restarts erratically, is sluggish, or produces excessive noise. The logic board of your Apple MacBook may be damaged by overheating and unable to be repaired.

Our Diagnostic And Repair Process

Due to accumulated dust or improper fan cooling, MacBooks tend to overheat. As a result, if your MacBook overheats or runs slowly, NSS will inspect it, identify the problem, and, if the problem is with your Mac Fan, replace it with a brand-new component the same day. Our skilled engineers can locate the ideal fit for your needs from a large selection of high-quality Apple replacement fans for your Mac. We can repair all Apple models.

Fast, Reliable, And 100% Satisfaction

We provide prompt, dependable repair and replacement services throughout Delhi, ensuring total client satisfaction. Therefore, if your MacBook is overheating, contact us, and we'll provide you with a cost-effective Fan repair or replacement option.

MacBook Fan Replacement Service By NSS

Making noise or not rotating at all

Quickest Turnaround

Money is time. NSS fixes things quickly. Therefore, you only save money, right? Ok. Since we are an authorized Apple service facility, most components are frequently on hand.

Certified, Knowledgeable Technicians

The repairman's skill determines how good the service will be. The artistry is crucial!

Good Components, Warranty

At NSS, we only employ spare components of the finest caliber. There is a minimum 90-day warranty on all repairs. Not only is a functional device important, but also your mental health!

Apple MacBook Fan Replacement Cost List

A potential replacement for the MacBook fan

Model No.


MacBook Air A1369 13" 2011 & A1466 13" 2012-2017 Fan Price

₹ 1500/- 

MacBook Air A1370 11" 2011 & A1465 11" 2012-2015 Fan Price

₹ 1500/- 

MacBook Pro Mid A1278 13" 2012 Fan Price

₹ 1500/- 

MacBook Pro 15" A1286 2010-12 Fan Price

₹ 3500/- 

MacBook Pro Retina A1502 13" 2013-15 Fan Price

₹ 3500/-

MacBook Pro Retina A1398 15" 2012-15 Fan Price

₹ 4500/- 

MacBook Pro Retina A1708 13" 2016-17 Fan Price

₹ 4000/- 

MacBook Pro Retina A1706 13" TouchBar Fan Price

₹ 7500/- 

What Causes Issues With MacBook Pro Fans?

  • When operated at speeds over 6000 RPM (the maximum speed), the tiny cooling fans used within Macintosh notebooks frequently put excessive strain on the CPU or GPU. In such a situation, the blower's frequency is rather high and gradually declines, causing a loud noise or rattling of the fan.

  • The vane frequently develops issues due to improper handling of the notebook. Overcharging the device might potentially result in problems with it.

DIY Fixes For A MacBook Pro Fan

  1. Please keep it clean of dust: The fan's increased speed might be caused by dust buildup. Dust decreases the fan's effectiveness. The most straightforward approach to stop the rattling noise is to keep the area dust-free. You don't have to open it, so don't worry. To remove the dust, you only need a can of compressed air and the ability to force the air through the vents. It's simple!

  2. Keep an eye on the activity monitor — To find out which apps consume the most energy, check the activity monitor. Such applications also increase the noise level of a fan. If you close these programs, the performance will change noticeably. To stop the sound, turn off the device and restart it.

  3. Connecting external monitors also increases a fan's noise level. The only options are avoiding these connections regularly or updating your notebook if you want such high-resolution screens.

  4. Replace old fans with new ones - The best solution to your issue is to replace the old fans on your Apple MacBook. Complete it and observe the change.

  5. We are here to provide inexpensive MacBook Air fan repair in India since we realize replacement is costly. Our relief and restoration technique depends entirely on the customer's requirements and convenience. We look everywhere to assess them with cost-effective and valuable solutions. Our skilled personnel are qualified to handle the task and provide a flawless solution to a broken item.

Call our NSS Company for MacBook fan repair in India, and we will take care of it in a matter of hours while also giving you the best cost. We also provide spare parts, which you can get from our NSSKart website.

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Cost of Macbook Laptop Fan Replacement & Repair: The Leading MacBook Pro fan replacement company in India is Macbook India. Our principal purpose is to aid our clients with any MacBook difficulties that may arise. We'll also give a quick tutorial on how to perform DIY repairs to lengthen the lifespan of the same. Contact us, and we'll provide you with a cost-effective Fan repair or replacement alternative if your MacBook is overheating—the price of the 11-inch MacBook Air A1370 and A1465 fans, both from 2011.

MacBook Pro Retina A1708 13" Cost Price; Apple MacBook Pro Mid A1278 13" 2012 Fan Price. Repairing a MacBook Pro fan yourself. Since we know replacement is expensive, we are here to provide you with affordable MacBook Air fan repair in India.

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