Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair Replacement Cost

Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair Replacement Cost
  • Jan 4th, 2024
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Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replacement Cost

You could not complete your assignment due to your broken Acer laptop keyboard. Since I've gone through a similar experience, I understand your suffering. Now is the moment to swap out your Acer laptop's keyboard. But what will the price be? Acer laptop keyboard replacements are available through laptop repair shops, or if you have the necessary skills, you may purchase an Acer laptop keyboard online and install it yourself. Before visiting any arbitrary laptop repair shop, read the entire article to see how much an Acer laptop keyboard replacement costs in India and some other information you could find valuable. Now let's dig into our topic of "Acer laptop keyboard replacement price."

Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair And Replacement

Laptops are practical, small, and powerful tools that travel with you on your boundless digital international. However, dealing with hardware damage may be an option, given that a limited body space can accommodate all the hardware and additives.

The most excellent portable devices are regarded to be laptops, yet daily usage of the gadget can cause several problems. The widget may have a problem, or the laptop keyboard may malfunction or quit altogether. The best course of action is to find a suitable replacement for your laptop's keyboard and replace or repair it, allowing you to relax and do your job without worrying about hardware problems.

Your laptop comprises several working parts that depend on one another for full functionality. Your laptop's functionality may be halted by damage to the Acer keyboard. A portable keyboard can be used by simply connecting to the device's drivers to get back on track, or you may need to repair or replace the current keyboard. Broken keyboards might be an inconvenience for laptop users that owners of computer devices seldom experience. The best temporary fix is thought to be buying an external laptop keyboard or getting it repaired. You don't want to carry an additional keyboard all the time when you need to take your laptop anywhere in the long term. For those who wish to know about "Acer Nitro 5 keyboard replacement cost" or any other model of an Acer laptop new keyboard price, kindly scroll below for a chart of Acer keyboard replacement costs. 

About Acer Company 

Acer is a premium China computer brand that manufactures and sells premium PCs. Acer Inc. is a global hardware and electronics company based in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan, specializing in cutting-edge electronics technologies.

The company's offerings include gaming PCs and accessories under the Predator brand, desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, storage, virtual reality, displays, phones, and peripherals. Acer was the sixth-largest PC vendor in the world by unit sales as of January 2021. Among Acer's best-selling products are the Aspire, Acer One, Acer Predator Helios, Acer Swift, and Acer Nitro.

Acer laptops are among the best in the business in terms of quality, but like any other electronic item, they are not impervious to harm from the outside world. One of the essential parts of a laptop most frequently used to input data into your device is the keyboard. It receives the most battering because it is one of the most utilized. In addition to high usage, several other factors might cause a laptop keyboard to malfunction. I've included some of them below:

Acer Laptop Keyboard Issues

  • Dust and dirt that have been trapped: Let's face it, we don't maintain our laptop keyboard as clean as it should be. It can't be done, right? Lint and other tiny dust particles can readily enter the keyboard and clog it up. This can be the cause of your laptop keyboard's malfunction.

  • Moisture: Moisture may seriously damage electronics, such as laptops. Extremely high levels of humidity might have an impact on the components of your computer, particularly the keyboard.

  • Damage from liquids: Accidents sometimes happen, and spilling liquid on your laptop might seriously destroy the keyboard. In addition to water, other sugary drinks like wine or juice can harm a computer much more. An Acer laptop keyboard replacement can be your best option in this situation.

Any of the factors above might cause your keyboard's malfunction. Most of the time, replacing the entire laptop or getting a refurbished one may not be necessary. A straightforward Acer laptop keyboard replacement could assist you in resolving your laptop problem. Nearly every laptop repair shop replaces Acer laptop keyboards. But how much does the Acer Nitro 5 keyboard replacement cost? Let's investigate!

How Much Does Acer Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost

There are several types and series of Acer laptops. As a result, the Acer laptop keyboard replacement price varies depending on the Acer laptop model you're using. Contacting our support team at 9717150098 or requesting a callback is strongly advised. Given that they know your precise requirements, our experts will provide you with the best pricing for an Acer laptop keyboard replacement. You may see a rough pricing range for an Acer laptop keyboard replacement costs in India in the table below.

Acer Laptop Series

Price Range

Acer Nitro

1000 INR to 3500 INR

Acer Swift

1200 INR to 4000 INR

Acer Aspire

1000 INR to 3000 INR

Acer Spin

1800 INR to 4500 INR

Acer Chromebook

1500 INR to 3000 INR

Acer Predator

2500 INR to 4000 INR

It's hardly rocket science to replace an Acer laptop keyboard. Anyone who possesses the necessary abilities and expertise can complete it. You only need to get an Acer laptop keyboard. On the internet, it is simple to find. NSS sells original laptop components with a guarantee from the manufacturer. You may quickly replace your Acer laptop keyboard by ordering a new one online at You can get the Acer laptop keyboard repair price here, which is entirely affordable.

It's ideal for you and your laptop if you leave replacing laptop keyboards to the experts if you lack the necessary technical skills. But is it worthwhile to get a new keyboard for your Acer laptop?

Yes, it is the solution. It is worthwhile to replace your laptop keyboard if it isn't too old. It is preferable to take your laptop to an authorized Acer laptop repair facility to obtain a free replacement Acer laptop keyboard if it is still brand new and covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. If you want to know if your gadget is still covered by warranty, you may check the Asus warranty status online. However, going to the approved Acer laptop keyboard repair facility might not be ideal if the warranty term does not cover your laptop. Because the authorized laptop service facility typically costs a lot to repair your laptop.

Visiting a reputable independent repair shop is preferable for a laptop repair not covered by a warranty. Reputable laptop repair shops like NSS offer high-quality repair, replacement, and extra services to guarantee client happiness. You may buy a new keyboard for a cheap Acer laptop with free shipping, device pickup and delivery to your door, round-the-clock customer care, and many other features. Call us for an accurate Acer laptop keyboard repair cost on 9717150098. 

Along with laptop keyboard replacement for Acer models, the NSS service center also provides battery, screen, and motherboard repairs for all the leading manufacturers of laptops. Additionally, NSS offers inexpensive repairs for your iPhone, Macbook, and smartphone.

Buy Acer Laptop Keyboard

Benefits Of Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair And Replacement

You will realize that it is worthwhile to repair a keyboard when considering its advantages. The following is a summary of some benefits of keyboard repair and replacement: -

  1. Enhanced Comfort - Replacing a broken Acer laptop keyboard can go a long way toward enhancing your comfort when using your laptop. This does not imply that you should continue using your computer while on the go. However, it must improve your enjoyment and, more importantly, your typing speed.

  2. Takes longer – If you often use a laptop, you will be aware that scrolling might occasionally take longer than usual, owing to regular use. The laptop's diminutive size leaves little room for a display, and you must extend out to navigate. Altering or fixing the keyboard significantly slows the process, yet the scrolling might become faster.

  3. Persistent Friction - When the keyboard's keys are worn out or damaged, your hands will start to receive a lot of exercises, and the typing motion will become completely erratic. The best course of action is almost usually to replace the broken keyboard so that you may continue working normally and efficiently.

  4. Sophisticated electricity use - Replacing or fixing your Acer laptop's keyboard might significantly increase your power. To begin with, a modern keyboard uses less electricity while painting. A new keyboard, however, also provides a far more consistent typing experience, which can improve your laptop's performance.

Why Choose Us For Acer Laptop Keyboard Replacement?

The replacement keyboards for Acer laptops are very affordable at the NSS Laptop Service Center. You find the most pocket-friendly Acer keyboard replacement costs at NSS with high-quality components. NSS produces top-notch work by utilizing the most significant subject matter experts available. Thanks to a dust-free atmosphere, round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, and original OEM parts, your device's health and safety are also properly taken care of, guaranteeing its consistent performance. So please don't delay scheduling your repair or contacting us for further information. What distinguishes us from other standard repair services is as follows:


  • Certified Engineers 

  • Professional Attitude 

  • Affordably High Quality 

  • Device Protection 

  • A Clean And Professional Workshop

  • No Charge and Prompt Pickup/Delivery

  • always available customer service

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Final Words!

NSS has a few rigid regulations; I hope you understand the Acer keyboard replacement cost. We never deliver an item without doing a thorough examination. In the Final Inspection procedure, we continuously tested each device for 24 hours before labeling the batch as "Tested." Only gadgets bearing this batch or label are considered ready for delivery. When your gadget is delivered, you can be confident it has passed all the checking criteria and won't come with unpleasant surprises. If you were looking for any specific model like "Acer Swift 3 keyboard replacement cost," you can check our sheet for keyboard cost; if the "Acer Swift 3 keyboard replacement cost" isn't mentioned there, you can call us for details about the repair cost of the Acer keyboard.

Order a genuine OEM Acer laptop keyboard from NSS immediately to save money. You may contact us via live chat or get a callback with only one click. Additionally, you may select us to receive first-rate laptop repair services for all the major brands. Schedule a repair now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Certainly. In India, NSS is a top provider of OEM laptop components for all popular laptop manufacturers. Online Acer laptop keyboard purchases are made simply by NSSKart.

We do on-site laptop keyboard replacements in the majority of Indian locations. To find out if we service your region, please get in touch with us.

The cost to repair an Acer laptop keyboard depends on the predominant problem type. Your costs would increase if the problem is serious, however, the cost of replacing and repairing an Acer laptop keyboard in India is rising. The best course of action to take is to seek a replacement if the issue is with the complete keyboard. The new laptop keyboard is introduced together with the entire worth of repairing an Acer laptop keyboard.

Your language choice can be at blame if any of the individual keys are acting up or not working. This issue can emerge because of dust in your laptop keyboards or because there may be a break in the connection between the keyboard and the computer once you have determined that the problem is not hardware, which is the first thing to examine.

Each model of laptop has a different warranty period. The OEM/original Acer laptop keyboard is backed by the full manufacturer's warranty. Discover more.

We only provide genuine OEM Acer laptop keyboards for sale. We promise to produce high-quality work for each client.
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