How To Increase Wi-fi Speed In Laptop

How To Increase Wi-fi Speed In Laptop
  • Sep 1st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Wifi
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In this blog, we will tell you some ways that how to increase wifi speed in a laptop by cutting off all your problems that may affect your Wifi speed. 

Improving Laptop Wifi Connection:

As we mentioned before, the first step would be to cut off the problems that influence connectivity performance. These can happen because of your laptop’s ISP issue or something related to the networking equipment in your home or office.

Firstly, run an internet speed test. If you’re paying for a certain connection speed, but the test reveals that it is much slower than advertised, then contact your internet service provider and see how they help you out.

Of course, there might also be some issues related to your equipment that could slow the performance of your laptop or even intermittent connectivity problems: defective routers, bad wiring (cables), or too many appliances plugged in the same circuit at one time. 

This is usually reflected in internet outrage and maintenance work done by the ISP. If you don't see any reported outage in your area, make sure you contact your provider and report to them that something is wrong with your internet connection.


Tips to Get Better Wifi Signal to Your Laptop for Faster, More Reliable Connectivity: 

Here are a few tips on how to boost the Wifi signal on your Windows laptop, MacBook, or Linux laptop:

Move closer to the Wifi hotspot:

Your internet should perform best when the Wifi signal is full. The faster your connection, the more quickly and reliably you can be able to surf online on your laptop or tablet. 

Move Your Router:

Move your router to a more central part of your home, so the Wifi range covers all the areas. Then you can get internet signals all over your home.

Use A Wifi Repeater:

If there are still areas with poor Wifi coverage, in your home or maybe on the patio, use a wifi repeater- you can make your Wifi repeater with your mobile phone also. Connect your wifi to your mobile phone then turn on its hotspot then connect it to your laptop/computer.

Check Wifi Router:

Make sure the Wifi signal from your router to your laptop is not obstructed. Adjust how close your router and laptop lie to the walls, mirror, and other objects that may block the Wifi interference.

Change the Wifi Channel:

Change the wifi channel. Sometimes one channel can be stronger than others, and just simply switching channels from your router or laptop you’ll increase signal strength for better connectivity to the internet.

Update Your Wireless Router:

Updating the firmware of your router can be beneficial for you. Check the manufacturer’s website and make sure that you get firmware for your router. The same model of the router can have different machinery.

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How To Improve Laptop Wifi Connection:

Whether the tips above helped or didn’t help you improve your laptop’s Wifi connection, one thing is for sure: you will need to make sure you stay connected when Wifi fails.

Sure, you can switch to another WiFi connection or even connect your smartphone’s hotspot to your laptop and use its cellular data. But that takes time and those 20-30 seconds from when you realize the Internet is down until you connect to another source will surely:

  • disconnect you from any video call / online meeting you may be a part of;

  • stop the live stream you're broadcasting or watching;

  • drop you from that game you're playing online.

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So, these were some tips that can help you out in your difficult situations. Now you have sufficient information about this problem of how to improve the laptop Wifi connection.

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