How To Fix White Screen On HP Laptop

How To Fix White Screen On HP Laptop
  • Sep 14th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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How To Fix White Screen On Hp Laptop

Without clear display screening, we can't do anything on a laptop or computer. When a laptop display screen appears white it is a sign of a system failure, a troubleshooting problem, and a malfunction of the computer. As Computers and PCs are an essential part and needs of our modern lives. We use PCs to do our daily tasks like online shopping, attending online classes, virtual meetings and conferences, and so much more that's why it is important to do regular scans of your device to maintain its performance and avoid problems like a " white screen". In this article, you will get to know about all the methods through which you can fix a White screen on a hp laptop.

What Is A White Screen On A Laptop Called?

The white screen on a laptop is also known as the white screen of death. It happens when a computer or laptop is stuck on a blank, white plain display screen without visuals. The commands, BIOS, or button prompts do not work, and the laptop or PC becomes unresponsive.

What Is The Reason Behind The White Screen Of The Laptop?

There are many reasons why this problem of the black screen can happen, generally, it is due to system errors and failures, troubleshooting problems, and OS-related problems. Hard-force PC or laptop shutdown can also affect the system prompt. Overloading of apps and software, Overheating, virus, and malware attacks are also theism reasons for the white screen of a laptop.

How To Fix The White Screen Hp Laptop?

These are the following ways through which you can fix or repair the white screen of the hp laptop:-

  • Check the external defect in your laptop

First, you should try to detect or scan the actual problem of your hp laptop. If there is a problem with the wire connection such as an adapter broken wire, a charger broken wire or any display glass glitches then fix them.

  • Provide Your Laptop With A Hard Reset

You can also perform a hard reset on your laptop to avoid the problem of a blank white screen. Hold the power button of your hp laptop for 3 to 5 seconds to shut down and then open it by pressing and holding the power button.

  • Update Windows Os

Update the applications and software programs on your hp laptop to maintain the performance of the laptop which will avoid the problem of hanging the screen. You can update windows by clicking on the update option under Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > advanced option.

  • Protect Your System From Malware And Virus Attacks

Stop the unusual apps on your laptop from the run. Keep the antivirus software running on your laptop to prevent virus attacks and system failure.

  • Restart Your Laptop In Safe Mode

If your hp laptop is again stuck on a white screen, then restart your laptop in Safe Mode will be required to safely revert the display adapter’s driver from a previous version which can solve the problem of the white screen as it provides a new screen.


Follow these instructions to solve the white screen of death problem on your laptop:-

Step 1- To Boot your laptop or PC in Safe Mode, open the Search bar, and type in “Device Manager.”

Step 2- Click on the Device Manager option, and search for "Display Adapters".

Step 3- Under the Display Adapter, all the current display adapters of the laptop or PC will be shown.

Step 4- Right-click on the display adapter and click on the Properties option to open it.

Step 5- Under properties and find the Driver tab, under the driver tab select "Roll Back Driver", and then press “Yes” to run the laptop in safe mode.

Step 6- Once the process is accomplished, restart your laptop to see if the white screen problem has been fixed or not.

Remove All The Connectors From The Laptop

Sometimes the reason for the white-screen problem in the laptop is not the screen. The white screen problem fibs in the HP connecter design of the screen which allows the connectors to move slightly the slight movement oxidates increased at the connectors and cause the white screen problems that's why it needs to check all the connections properly.

Repair And Replacement Cost Of Hp Laptop Screen

Repair and replacement cost of hp laptop screen depends on three factors:-

1. The model of the laptop that you have

2. The screen variety - LCD, LED, TOUCHSCREEN

3. Condition and damage of the screen

Generally, the cost of repair and replacement of Hp laptop screens varies from Rs.4 k to 7k approximately in India depending on the model and version.

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This article concludes with the process and ways through which you can fix the white screen problem of a hp laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laptop Repair | Computer Repair | Printer Repair

Remove connectors and battery, Run antivirus, perform a hard reset, and Protect your system from Malware and virus attacks.

White screen problem caused by the hardware connecter issues, system failure, etc.

Yes, a white screen can be fixed perform a hard reset, startup repair, running antivirus, etc.

The white screen problem fibs in the HP connecter design of the screen which allows the connectors to move slightly the slight movement oxidates increased at the connectors and cause the white screen problems that's why it needs to check all the connections properly.

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