How To Create A Password In Windows Laptop Computer Apple Macbook

How To Create A Password In Windows Laptop Computer Apple Macbook
  • Jan 12th, 2024
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Privacy is the primary concern these days. We must save our data as we keep our other accessories & gadgets. Here, we will show you some privacy-related necessary steps:

 How to create a password in Windows 7

If you have Windows 7 on your PC and want to protect your data and maintain the privacy of your system by having a password on your essential folders, then yes, you are at the right place. Here is the way to keep your privacy on the go

Firstly, go to the folder you want to protect and click right. Now go to the property option and then click on security.

Three options will be shown there; click on the last one related to administrator. Go to edit; A dialog box will appear. Click on the administrator option as you have done earlier.

Now, here, you have to understand one thing: paying attention to the theme given below as permission for administrators. You will see the following options: Full control, modify, read & execute, list folder contents, and many more.

If you click and select deny for the first option, Full Control, you cannot edit anything further in the folder. That is, you will not be able to delete it again or rename it.

Similarly, any other party cannot see or do anything with the desired folder.

4. It will install in a few seconds in your system

5. Click on done option

6. Add to archive

7. Create a strong password and check the box before "Encrypt the names." This will help to save zipped files, and no one can open them through the option of archive

8. Press OK

This is how you can create a protected folder in Windows 10

Your password-protected folder is now ready.

How to create a password-protected folder in Windows 8

However, the solution to create a password-protected folder in Windows 8 is not so different from other Windows. We will discuss here How to create a password-protected folder in Windows 8

Click on the folder you want to secure, then go to the properties in the displayed options.

Move to the security tab and press the edit option. Check the box that says Deny. This will check all the other boxes given below automatically. Also, select the particular user if you want that user to stay away from the desired folder; this option of choosing the user will also appear while applying the password.

Can you put a password on a folder?

Yes, of course, we can put a password on a folder in the similar ways we discussed here from the beginning.

Let us talk about it; can you put a password in a folder?

Choose the folder or file you want to protect. Click right and select the properties option.

Go to the Advanced button.

Tick the box given just before "Encrypt contents to secure data." On both the windows, click OK.


How to create a password for a folder in Windows 10

You want to secure your files or folder if your system has Windows. Here is the way to create a password for a folder in Windows 10

One of the easiest ways to keep your data safe is to use an application called 7zip archives. If you don't have the application installed in your system, install it first by the installer.

Once this application has access to your PC, Navigate to the folder you want to encrypt that is present in your file explorer.

Please give it a right-click, move to the 7zip option, and choose the following option to add it to the archive. A setting window will pop up.

Here, select 7z as an archive format, and choose the level of compression in case you do not have enough storage in your system, but ignore the reduction option if you have much space available. Now, click on OK, and you have saved your uncompressed 7z file.

Click right, move e to 7-zip, and select add to the archive again.

Ensure the archive format is fixed to 7z and has the compression level to save.

Once the process is done, enter a password for the folder to be encrypted using the space field given for the password. Ensure that the method of encryption is set to 256. Now, click OK.

This is the way to create a password for a folder in Windows 10

 How to create a password-protected folder in Windows 11

   Protect the folder using property settings: Right-click the folder you want to preserve and then select properties from the drop-down menu

 Click Advanced, tick the box next to encrypt contents to secure your data, and click OK.

 After you click on apply, a pop-up will show up that asks if you want to back up your file; select the option, and the pop-up will close.

Here is a little process to create a password-protected folder in Windows 11

Conclusion: Here, we have discussed ways to protect a folder with a password in different windows. The primary methods of securing password protection in all windows are similar, but as we move gradually in technology, we also find some new techniques. Some of them are discussed here. In the primary way, the options to create | Change | Reset a password. They all display in between while you apply the folder password protection process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Simply go to start menu and then control panel. After that choose user accounts and family safety, Navigate to ‘’make changes to my accounts in PC settings’’. Move to options for sign in. Enter the password in the given field, re-enter it, use a hint, select next, and finish it.

To encrypt any folder, Click right and then choose properties, go to the advanced tab and check the box for encryption contents that helps to secure the data, back up your data by personal store and certificates. You can use folder hider program as well along with other third party apps and software.

Click on the start menu, go to settings and then control panel, click on display properties, choose the tab of screen saver, modify settings as you want and tick the ‘’password protected’’ option. Wait for a while. Click on Apply and then select OK. It will lead to the creation of your workstation screen saver, whenever u need to unlock it, just enter your password and get your desktop accessed.

If the content of the folder is added to the registry. Simply double-click on it and just accept the yes changes then click on OK and then press Now by clicking right on the folder. After this process, take ownership. Twitter will send a comment but it disappears after a while, and after double clicking the folder, it can be accessed again.

Navigate to control panel in your pc and click user accounts by going through the start menu, click on change your password option, enter a password, re-enter it and confirm. All is done.

Go the most right corner and select the icons for settings. Click on change PC settings at the bottom of the interface. Choose the user setup, you are now able to see sign-in section for password, create a new and strong password. In the upcoming dialog box just enter the computer log in password, enter it twice and click next and finally finish.

Go to Settings of your system, Click Accounts, move to the options of Sign-in, and choose the password option, Click on the button Add, Create a new password and add hint related to it click on the Next button then finish it. For future security, update your security options so that you can set up another way to reset it if you forget. Another way to create a local password on windows 10 is by using the management of the system: Start > Command prompt > Click right and go to run as administrator option > Enter a command named as ‘’net users’’ > Now add another command termed as net user ‘’Local Account’’ ‘’Password’’ > Enter a suitable password and get it done.

Move to the security page of Microsoft, sign in to your Microsoft account, you will get a code through the authenticator app for signing in. Click on more security options afterwards under app passwords. Create a new and strong password. Following are some apps given that need to have an app password if you are unable to go through two-step verification while getting your code on the first go; these apps are Zune desktop app, Xbox 360, windows essentials having photos, mail, and movie creator, Outlook desktop app for the pc or mac.

As we have discussed that how to create a strong password, now for the simple password you do not need to worry much. Simply, navigate to control panel and then user accounts, make changes there and you will have sign in options. In the space field for password just add any password that is easy to remember for you by using hints option given below and re-enter it in the next section, your simple password is created.

First of all, your password must have at least eight characters long, it should not have your own name or username or the name of any portal you work with but it must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numeric values and some of the symbols.

Go to the start button then settings and accounts and then choose other users, just next to it select Add account, add a user that does not have a Microsoft account. Now enter a username and then password. Choose password hints or other choices given for security purposes. Finally select Next.

o remove password from a folder in windows 10, we just have to reverse the process and decrypt them so that we can access the folder again, performing the similar functions from going to properties to general tab then advanced, decrypt the folder by unchecking the boxes, Click OK and it’s done.

It is as simple as we have discussed the primary method by going to control panel. Choose user accounts or family safety, enter the password in the given field, re-enter it and add a password hint. Choose Next and then Finish.

Direct yourself to the folder you want to protect. Click right, go to properties, and then advanced. Tick the boxes before encrypt contents to secure data. Click OK and then Apply.

Go to menu and then settings, choose accounts option, two methods are there to set a password on Windows 11. One of them is through local accounts and the other way is for those who have a Microsoft accounts. As we have discussed about the later one so now we will focus on the local one. In the settings, there is an option to add a picture password. Here, you have click on the section given for a picture and add a gesture on the picture and select any random image. You would be able to log in your computer using the pin and password created earlier.

The process is similar for windows 10 and windows 8 for creating a password: Simply go to the control panel and then move to user accounts, Choose user accounts, enter a strong password in the section that appears for the desired task, repeat the password and choose a hint for future reference. Hopefully, It helps many!

Checking the boxes beside encryption by right clicking on the folder.

Just go to start screen and navigate to sign-in. Under the password section, click on Add, Enter the password you want to create and fill the given information ad just make it finish.

Go to Properties < General>Tick the boxes given in front of Encrypt contents to secure data.

You can restore your locked files from an encrypted folder by few methods, which include restart the system, simply remove the access permission for your protected folder or by registry editor.

The password for windows account can be a password for local user account or it could be the same as you have set it for your Microsoft account but you can edit or change it from the settings by signing in with another password.

To maintain the privacy in your system, your windows must be password protected in case you concern a lot regarding privacy matters. The password for your window is also termed as user account password. There are two ways to create the account on windows, one of them is local account and another is Microsoft account. Local account has the access to maintain the data in it such as personal folders and settings of account, called as your local pc whereas a Microsoft account stores a major part of your account settings but not all of them. It stores your personal data in cloud that is, over the internet.

Although the windows are getting updates with time, still we do not have any specific feature in any of the windows to password-protect a folder. There is a need to have other third party applications and software to password-protect our folder.

Sometimes there are few registry values not settled in the system in a proper way that leads to the encryption button being greyed out.
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