Privacy is the main concern these days. We have to save our data as we save our other accessories & gadgets. Here, we will show you some privacy related necessary steps:

 How to create a password in Windows 7

If you have windows 7 in your Pc and you want to protect your data and maintain the privacy of your system by having a password on your important folders then yes, you are at the right place. Here is the way to keep your privacy on the go

Firstly, just go to the folder you want to protect and click right. Now go to property option and then click on security.

Three options will be shown there, click on the last one that is related to administrator. Go to edit, A dialog box will appear. Click on administrator option as you have done earlier.

Now here, you have to understand one thing that you have to pay attention to the theme given below as permission for administrators. You will see options namely- Full control, modify, read & execute, list folder contents and many more

If you click and select deny for the first option that named as Full control then you will not be able to edit anything in the folder further. That is, you will not be able to delete it again or rename it.

In the same manner, any other party will also be unable to see or do anything with the desired folder.

4. It will install in few seconds in your system

5. Click on done option

6. Add to archive

7. Create a strong password and check the box given in front of ''Encrypt the names''. This will help to save zipped files and it cannot be opened by anyone through the option of archive

8. Press OK

This is how you can create password protected folder in windows 10

Your password-protected folder is now ready.


How to create a password protected folder in windows 8

However, the solution to create a password-protected folder in windows 8 is not so different from other windows. We will discuss here that How to create a password protected folder in windows 8

Click right on the folder you want to secure then go the properties in the displayed options.

Move to the security tab and press edit option. Check the box that is saying Deny, This will check all the other boxes given below automatically. Also, select the particular user if you want that user to stay away from the desired folder, this option of selecting the user will also be appearing during the process of applying password.

Can you put a password on a folder?

Yes of course, we can put a password on a folder by the similar ways we are discussing here from the beginning.

Let us talk about it; can you put a password on a folder?

Choose the folder or file you want to protect. Click right and select the properties option.

Go to the Advanced button.

Tick the box given just before ‘’Encrypt contents to secure data’’. On both the windows, click OK.


How to create a password for a folder in windows 10

If your system is having windows 10 and you want to secure your files or folder. Here is the way to create a password for a folder in windows 10

One of the easiest way to keep your personal data safe is to use an application 7zip archives. If you don’t have the application installed in your system then just get it installed first by installer.

Once this application has an access to your pc, Navigate to the folder you want to encrypt that is present in your file explorer.

Give it a right-click, move to 7zip option, and choose the next option add to archive. A setting window will pop-up.

Here, select 7z as archive format, also choose the level of compression in case you do not have enough storage in your system but ignore the option of compression if you have much space available. Now, click on OK and you have saved your uncompressed 7z file.

Click right and move to 7-zip and again select add to archive.

Make sure that the archive format is fixed to 7z and it should have the compression level to save.

Once the whole process is done, enter a password for the folder that is to be encrypted using the space field given for the password. Ensure that the method of encryption is set to aes 256. Now, click OK.

This is the way to create a password for a folder in windows 10


 How to create a password protected folder in windows 11

   Protect the folder using property settings: Right click the folder you want to protect and then select properties from the drop down menu

 Now, Click on Advanced and then tick the box next to encrypt contents in order to secure your data, and then click on OK.

 After you click on apply a pop-up will show up that asks if you want to back up your file, select the option and the pop-up will close.

Here is a little process to create a password protected folder in windows 11


Conclusion: Here we have discussed some ways to protect a folder with a password in different windows. Basic method to have the protection with password in all the windows are quite similar but as we move gradually in technology, we find some new methods also. Some of them are discussed here. In the basic method the options to create | Change | Reset a password. They all display in between while you apply the process for the password protection for folder.