How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Screen In India

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Screen In India

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Screen In India?

Ok, you have tried everything, and nothing clicked. Unfortunately, it means that the problem lies in your laptop screen itself. Then there is no other choice but to replace the screen, which is your only option. Therefore, finally, you can see that the original answer to your question 'How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen in India' lies in this section answering 'How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen in India?'. Also, if the screen is broken, cracked, smashed, or damaged, Repair is the only way to fix it. Your question about how to fix a broken laptop screen or how to fix a broken HP laptop screen or maybe the query of what happens when the laptop screen is cracked can all be answered in this single section without searching through the whole topic on how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen in India. Because the screen is sensitive equipment, no local repair can sustain its continuity even on a small portion; even the smallest crack will wither into a bigger one day by day if not replaced on time. And yes, your query, "Can a laptop screen break on its own?" can be answered affirmatively. Sometimes, extreme weather or old age can do that on some tiny part of the screen. You may not notice it at first, but it grows, and eventually, you see the difference. But it's quite a rare case scenario. Before starting the DIY session, ensure the other laptop parts work perfectly and the device boots up properly. Most of the time, even when the customer is certain to replace the screen as they think the problem is only on the screen and not in any other parts, it may not be the reality. Hence, the answer mentioned in the free quote for how much it costs to fix a laptop screen changes after a professional diagnosis. Who knows, you may not have to shed that much money you are already prepared to do! Therefore, if you have a pinch of doubt, you should do a little thing and take some advice from us here. It's free to get the quote. Our expert in-house engineers will check the A-Z of your laptop to give you the lowest possible cost of laptop repair and will also be ready to deal with all kinds of screen problems if you ask for them. Ask for any brand of laptop; you'll get a relevant answer from us based on some factors. If it doesn't suit you, you can quit anytime before the service starts. Our services are also available in most of the cities in India. All you have to do is check our nearest store here and fill in the contact details, and we will call you back. Or you can call our center directly 7 days a week, and we will be available for you. But when you are sure in every way to replace your screen, you can still save yourself a little bit of fortune in the name of the labor charge. Surprised! As I promised before! I have covered the DIY tips to help you replace your screen. If you find it helpful, I deserve some likes and shares for saving you from asking how much it costs to fix a laptop screen in India. Ok, let's see what to do here. Properly check the model name and number for your laptop. Go to the 'settings menu and note down the serial number to find the LCD screen for that laptop online or in a store nearby. Well, now you know the answer to your question, 'How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen in India?'. It's the same as the price of the new laptop screen when you change it on your own. Now, what's the price of a new laptop screen? It depends on some factors:

  • Screen type
  • Resolution
  • Screen manufacturer
  • Required video cable and other hardware specs
  • Size of the display (The diagonal measurement of your screen)
  • Panel type
  • The specific laptop model number
  • The age of the model (Decides the availability of a new screen for that model)
  • Your location (Determines the availability of that screen there).

Currently, the primary screen types depend on the connected screws with them:

  • 30 pin display
  • 40 pin display

Modern laptops provide the new thin Paper LED screen model with 30 pins. This kind is also pricier than the others. Also, we have two other common types, LCD and LED. Different varieties include CCFL, VGA, XVGA, HD screen, Full HD, UHD, Touchscreen, etc. But all of these are based on the two basic kinds. The newer LED technology is also power-efficient compared to LCD, but they are primarily pricier than LCD screens. Again, touchscreens have more complex builds; fixing them costs more than the usual displays. Hence, if you are seeking how much it costs to fix a touch screen laptop, the answer will show you a slightly higher amount than you usually see when searching for how much it costs to fix a laptop screen in India—coming to the size.

Generally, smaller screens cost more than regular 15-inch displays. If you buy from the original laptop manufacturer, the average costs of both types of screens are below: LCD charges Rs. 4000–6000, LED charges Rs. 4500–7000, and Paper LED charges Rs. 7000-8000 or More. However, you can get your screen at a lower cost of Rs. 2k-4k in the local markets, but they are not so trustworthy in the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to buy it at least from an authorized laptop repair company so that they can find you a cheap but durable product. And please don't ask, "Can I replace my laptop screen with any screen?" anymore. The answer is a big No. Even if someone advises you, get professional advice, and you will know that your query about how much it costs to fix a laptop screen depends on your current display type.

Moreover, a unique screen attached to a high-definition laptop has complex structures that can be more pricey than regular displays. In that case, you should get a quote for that model before starting the Repair. The manufacturing brands can provide you with the most authentic product with the highest warranty, but they ask for a considerable price so that you can buy a new laptop on that. Some brands sell good-quality laptop parts and accessories at a comparably low cost, but selecting the best one among them can be messy without prior experience. Some expert advice can help you make a good deal under an affordable range. One more thing you need to remember while purchasing a new screen on your own.

Check out the video cable connected to the new one on the back of the net. It must match the one you have on your device. Besides, the new screen must be compatible with the hardware specs you have in your machine. Otherwise, focusing only on how much it costs to fix a laptop screen without noticing the little details may raise the answer to a more significant quantity in your case. Again, be cautious about the touchscreens. Now, if you ask me how much it costs to fix a touchscreen laptop in India, I would say it's a little more than the regular ones. Why? Because they are more complex and sensitive than traditional displays, it is recommended not to try replacing them with amateur experience. And the same applies to a laptop in which the screen frame contains physical damage. This is also a complex issue for you to handle yourself. If you are willing to take that leap, you can do it using the similar DIY process discussed above. After detaching the screws and removing the bezel from the screen:


  • Remove all the screws connecting the screen to the metal frame. Here, we aim to detach the screen from its frame behind.
  • Now, find out the ribbon-like video cable taped at the back of the screen. It can be at the bottom or the middle of the screen.
  • Peel the tape off to detach the connector, and carefully remove the cable from the screen.
  • Gently remove the power supply wire similarly to the other one.
  • You may have to remove some more screws attaching the screen firmly to the frame.
  • Now, carefully remove the old screen from the metal frame so that no broken parts get stuck in the device frame.
  • Sometimes, the screen doesn't want to come out. Wiggle it gently to both sides, and it will be accessible in your hands.
  • Place the new screen on the frame and ensure it fits properly, facing the right side.
  • Now, reconnect the video and power cables where they sat before and align them as much as possible.
  • Connect the screws attaching the screen to the frame and attach their covers or stickers as well.
  • Again, reconnect the bezel and properly snap it using the knife if needed.
  • Tighten the screws on it similarly.
  • Reinstall the battery.
  • Connect the power supply cord and power on the laptop.
  • It should work fine.
  • If not, try rechecking the process, and it should do.

If you are on a tight budget or interested in dealing with the whole process, you may not have to find the answer to 'how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen' anymore. If your laptop doesn't turn on, and you don't have any clue after checking everything, try our repair center to get a proper diagnostic at a reasonable price.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, it is always your decision about what to do with your laptop when the screen is not working. You can buy a new laptop or repair the old one. If you have read this long description until the end, it's not hard to comprehend that you belong to the second group of people. Again, our DIY tips may help you avoid any repair expert and may not cost you anything. If that's not the scenario, ask the same question: 'How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen?' to the local market and your favorite laptop service center nearby you. Do your research to get the best results for yourself. If nothing suffices, you can always have the option and an 'excuse' to buy a whole new laptop. Let us know your preference in the comment box below, and we may give you some advice free of cost. What do you say?

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