Difference Between Rom And Ram

Difference Between Rom And Ram
  • Sep 13th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Ram
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Do you know what is the difference between ROM and RAM in a laptop or Computer? If not then you can take help from this blog to know more about ROM and RAM.

What is memory in a computer?

Memory is the basic thing in the computer in the form of chips and cards that stores informational data, files, etc.

What are the types of memories?

Memory is of two types in the computer -:

· Primary memory and

· Secondary memory

There are two types of primary Memory, one is RAM( random access memory), and the other one is ROM (Read-Only Memory).

What is ROM?


Rom (read-only memory ) is a type of storage medium that stores the data permanently on your laptops and computers. Rom is a type of non-volatile storage in computers and laptops. ROM is used to store data that does not require any kind of correction, that's why it stands for ‘read-only memory.


1. PROM which stands for (Programmable read-only memory) is a type of memory that can be programmed by the user the data which is stored cannot be changed further.

2. EPROM which stands for (Erasable Programmable read-only memory) is a type of memory that can be reprogrammed by the user to change and delete the data which is stored previously.

3. EEPROM which stands for (Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) is a type of memory that can be deleted or erased by applying some electric field on the portion of the memory chips.

4. MROM which stands for (Masked read-only memory) is a type of memory that can be programmed are stored by the time of manufacturing.

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• It doesn't lose data if the computer or laptop is switched off or shut down.

• Comparatively ROM is faster than RAM (RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY ).

• It is cheaper than RAM.

• Data can exist permanently and none erasable.

• Data stored in binary form.


• ROM is capable to read data only.

• Once the information and data are stored they cannot be changed.

What is RAM?


RAM stands for random access memory. The information which is stored in this type of memory is lost when the laptop or computer power supply is turned off or shut down. It is also called volatile memory or temporary memory of the laptop or computers.


1. DRAM which stands for dynamic ram must be continuously refreshed otherwise all data are lost.

2. SRAM which stands for Static RAM. SRAM is faster, and needs less power but is more expensive. However, it does need to be refreshed again and again like DRAM.

3. Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM) – This type of RAM can run at very high clock speeds.

4. DDR – Double Data Rate provides synchronous Random Access Memory

Advantages of RAM

Here, are some important advantages of using (Random access memory) RAM -:

· RAM uses less power than hard disk drives.

· It helps you to reduce carbon emissions and extends your computer or laptop battery life.

Comparison between RAM and ROM



RAM allows the computer to read and write data quickly to run applications and files.

ROM stores all the application which is needed to boot the computer or laptop initially. It only allows for reading not writing.

RAM is volatile. So, all data are lost when the device is powered off or shut down.

It is non-volatile, i.e., its data are retained even if the device is powered off.

The information which is stored in the RAM is easily accessed by the system.

The processor of the laptop can’t directly access the information from ROM. To access ROM information first, the data is transferred into the RAM, and then it can be used by the processor of the laptop.


This blog is all about RAM and ROM differences or comparisons between them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, comparatively Rom is cheaper than Ram.

No, ROM cannot rewrite the data. It can read data only.

Yes, RAM lost all the data when the device switched or powered off.

Yes, RAM is upgradable.

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