How To Switch Off The Audio In Google Meet On A Laptop

How To Switch Off The Audio In Google Meet On A Laptop
  • Sep 1st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Laptop
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Google meet is a type of communication service accomplished with the help of video, audio, and chat technology together. It is developed by Google and is a combo of three google apps Google hangouts, google chats, and google duo.

Google meet gives the experience of high-quality video calls with high-quality audio in just some simple steps. It can connect up to 100 people at one time. Google meet is one of the best platforms for learning and teaching online through video calls or conference calls. We can also do chats during a video call on Google meet. Corona pandemic was one of the finer reasons for its growing popularity. In Covid, Google Meet is one of the free access apps available on PC or laptops through which we can communicate with the other person who is a mile away from us. During the lockdown, when everything was shattered then these social media apps and platforms helped us to connect with people, and place our talks or conversations, and ideas in front of society. When schools, colleges, and universities, offices are locked then platforms such as Google meet are introduced with their new features and helped a lot of students to learn online, teach online and work online.

Google meet provides a wide range of services to its users. Through Google meet, we can do an important video conference, and we can also share presentations and can share any information with the number of people we want.

So, google meet a lot of advantages, and knowing and learning about its features, and how it works is a basic need. Sometimes, in a google meet call, we don't know, "how to turn off audio"? And A lot of disturbances were created by us in the meeting without our knowing. So, it is important to learn to turn off the audio in Google meet.

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Here are the basic steps through which you can easily turn off the audio of Google meet-:

Step 1: Open your laptop or PC.

Step 2: Refresh the window.

Step 3: Open a web browser like Google Chrome on your laptop.

Step 4: Search for the play store.

Step 5: Search Google meet under the play store.

Step 6: Install Google meet on your laptop.

Step 7: Open Google meet app.

Step 8: log in to it.

Step 9: After login google meets, you will find the options to join a new meeting and join the meeting through a code. Since we're in the learning process, of "how to turn off audio in google meet"  just join a new meeting option and proceed further.

Step 10: After clicking on the new meeting option you will find the option of " Start an instant meeting".

Step11: In that meeting, your profile will show.

Step12: On the top of your laptop display screen in Google meet, There is a symbol or icon of the speaker viewed.

Step13: Click on that icon, and you will see three options in the pop-out tab "phone",  "speaker" and "turn off audio ".

Step 14: Select the third option " Turn off audio".

Step 15: After the turn-off, your audio will be disabled.

No one in the meet can hear your voice after you turn the audio off.

Step16: You can leave the meeting after this.

So, this is how you can turn off your audio or mute yourself in Google meet.

You can also turn on your audio by clicking on the audio mute icon. It will turn on and everyone in the meet will be able to hear your voice. You can also turn off and on your video also by following similar steps as above mentioned but to do this you have to click on the camera icon. You can also find other options like changing your camera style front or back, chatting, and a list of the people who are joined in meetings, etc.

Conclusion :-

This blog concludes with the method or technique through which you can turn off your audio in the Google meet. If you want to focus on other chores between and during the Google meet then turning off the audio in meet us is the best option for you because it doesn't turn off the background voice of your possibly becoming a disturbing factor in the meeting to other people and this affects your personality and affects other people. So, to avoid these kinds of situations Learn the steps that are above mentioned.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding this blog write them down in the comment box or comment section.

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